Questions Rarely Asked–and Never Answered

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media  It Can’t Happen Here? What does it take to warn Americans about unchecked pension growth, socialized medicine, vast increases in entitlements, higher taxes, and steady expansion of government? In other words, what is it about Detroit, Italy, or Greece that we do not understand? In the last five years, the Obama administration has …

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ObamaCare and the Techocratic Abyss

by Bruce S. Thornton // FrontPage Magazine The continuing disaster of the Obamacare website, like the law itself, illustrates one of the biggest bad ideas of the Progressive movement, one that reflects a central assumption of modernity: that new knowledge is now available that will allow an elite of technicians to order society more justly …

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Obamacare Redefines the Shutdown

by Victor Davis Hanson // NRO’s The Corner  Democratic senators up for reelection in 13 months are now embracing, in their calls to delay Obamacare, the same themes as did the House Republicans and a few senators a few weeks ago—hoping to preempt mounting criticism. In this surreal landscape, three weeks ago Obamacare was unquestioned “settled” …

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Beware of Beautifully Misnamed Laws

Who would oppose “affordable care” and “farm security”? by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online  Washington has a bad habit of naming laws by what they are not. These euphemisms usually win temporary public support. After all, who wants to be against anything “affordable”? But on examination, such idealistically named legislation usually turns out to …

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New Coke Health Care?

by Victor Davis Hanson // NRO’s The Corner  The president has compared the rollout disaster of Obamacare to temporary tech glitches with a new-model iPhone. But a better comparison is the disastrous 1985 campaign to replace Coca-Cola with “New Coke,” a new sweeter formula that was supposed to stop Pepsi from gaining more market share. Despite …

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The Democratic Disasters to Come

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media  The defunding wars are over. The accusations are fading. We are back to reality. Of course, America’s long-term prospects, at least in comparison with other countries’ futures — whether in terms of demography, military power, food-production constitutional stability, energy sources, or higher education — are bright. But short term, …

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Where Now?

by Victor Davis Hanson // NRO’s The Corner  The government gridlock is, to use now politically incorrect metaphors, only one lost battle in a long campaign, and we are now back to the original proposition of watching the administration try to implement Obamacare. We know the president does exceedingly well when he can campaign against the …

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Our Postmodern Angst

In our unheroic age, victimhood has replaced valiant struggle. by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online In the globally connected and affluent world of the 21st century, we thankfully have evolved a long way from the elemental poverty, hunger, and ethnic, religious, and racial hatred that were mostly the norm of the world until the …

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Supreme Court Hypocrisies

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Until last week, Chief Justice John Roberts was vilified as the leader of a conservative judicial cabal poised to destroy the Obama presidency by overturning the federal takeover of healthcare. But with his unexpected affirmation, Roberts suddenly was lauded as the new Earl Warren — an “evolving” conservative …

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Class Warfare the Last Refuge of a Failed Presidency

by Bruce S. Thornton FrontPage Media Now that Mitt Romney will be Obama’s opponent in November, the Democrats are rolling out the false narrative they will use to demonize Romney and obscure four years of failed economic policies that have created the worst recovery from a recession since the Great Depression. Share This

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