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  1. Dear Mr. Hanson,
    I want you to know that I found your podcast during the darkest days of 2020. It seemed that our country was lost. I had no experience with fearing the government and so felt like the rug had been pulled from beneath my feet in one quick Marxist movement. I simply could not, and still cannot, believe that the country I grew up in had flipped so suddenly and completely. There was a point when I walked my neighborhood near Olympia, WA and talked with men about the possible need to defend our neighborhood. It felt surreal and, frankly, I felt a little foolish. But it seemed wise to have a plan in place. If it had not been for your perspective and your knowledge of history I would have sank into despair. But slowly I began to see that others felt like me and I began to renew my faith. I fear we have more dark days ahead of us; but, I believe the old America, the America full of strong, responsible men and women will prevail. You’re right – this woke movement will crumble under it’s own weight. Hopefully we are witnessing the demise of progressivism and pseudo Marxism as we watch these people drown in their own madness.
    Thank you for being the voice of reason when I needed it most.
    Scott Walker

  2. Hi Dr Hanson,
    I recall some years ago you drawing a comparison between the collapse of empires, Rome and Constantinople. It went something like this. If you lived in Rome in such-in-such year it doesn’t exist anymore, you just don’t know it yet and you went on to describe Constantinople in a similar way.
    I think I must have heard this particular talk around the start of Obama’s Presidency.
    Shelby Steele, in an interview with Peter Robinson around the time A Bound Man was published, commented that “…too many horses have been let out of the barn” as a way of describing America’s decline.
    So, I’ve been wondering for the longest, if you’re ready to describe the U.S. in the way you did with Rome and Constantinople? If you lived in America in 2021, it doesn’t exist any more you just don’t know it yet.


    1. Hi Eric,
      I agree with the collapse of empires, Rome and Constantinople. The world I lived in 2000 in the bay area somehow died. I moved to Maui to get away from the traffic, politics, regulations (building contractor) taxes all the California requirements.
      I ended up in Alaska for 6 winters and there were no regulations. I could build any structure I so desired up to a 4 plex. Then some basic electrical and mechanical permits were required. The contrast was amazing. It slowly became like California an when I returned to California in 2013, and renewed my ID as required, I was hit with a tax levy for some gas from 97 of all things. Welcome home. California is not the place to be, hope to move to Mexico to live out my retirement and leave my grandchildren behind. Just not the same place..
      Thanks just my rant,

  3. Dr. Hanson,

    Thank you providing such a great resource. Your research is so accurate, extensive, and first-rate. It has provided me with the facts, perspectives, and intellectual firepower to navigate through the sea of troubles we find ourselves in.

    As a teacher I’m sure you are aware of the following three different learning styles: (1) Cognitive: (2) Psychomotor; and (3) Affected. I would say that I am definitely a cognitive learner. I love reading and self-study, but I don’t do well with my hands and I can’t fix much, as much as this pains me to admit. You seemed to have mastered both worlds. What do you think are the reasons for this? I sense from everything you have said and written about in the past that growing up on a farm required a lot of practical knowledge in order to survive. It also sounds as if you had a stable family structure which is essential to a child’s growth and development. You have mentioned that your mother was a Stanford Law School grad and an appellate court judge. She must have been a very bright person. Perhaps the dichotomy between nature and nurture is what ultimately defines us?

    N.B. Was your mother at Stanford Law School at the same time as Justice Sandra Day O’Connor? I read O’Connor say she had a difficult time finding a job despite her impressive credentials. I hope your mother didn’t suffer the same sort of discrimination. BTW, my great, great grandmother, Julia Waldrip Kerr, was the first female judge in Washington state.

  4. Correction: My great, great grandmother was Julia Waldrip Ker (one R) and was the first female magistrate/police court judge in Thurston county and the city of Olympia’s first female lawyer.

    I was writing previously from memory and got a few details wrong.

  5. In 2021 Atlas not only stumbled, he fell on his face and may have incurred a hernia.

    Victor, you have provided him with full resolve. Thanks to your clarity of thought, comprehensive selection of topics, and cogent expression, although his face is still in the mud, he is now showing motion and emotion.

    Let’s all hope for a better 2022 for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

    Auld Lang Syne!
    Fred Biolchini

  6. Dear Mr. Hanson, I love your work and I agree with you 95% of the time. However, as Prof. John Mearsheimer points out (here:, Putin is not Hitler or Stalln, he does not want to recreate the USSR, and his invasion of Ukraine is not a dominoes-style 1939 attack which will lead to further aggression, but an attempt by Putin to recreate his sphere of influence. Just like the US would not allow Chinese or Russian missiles in Mexico (Monroe Doctrine), Putin won’t allow US missiles in Ukraine. You seem to ignore this legitimate concern of his. Putin had 20 years, for example, to “take the Baltics,” but did nothing. Also, Zelensky is not a great democrat. He is funded by an oligarch and is more like the Trudeau of Ukraine. And he is good at PR and playing Americans.


      If you read and believe anything in The New Yorker, you are a sucker, subject to Leftist propaganda. Putin is the equivalent of Stalin, whose armies shelled and destroyed all of Berlin in 1945, not a building left standing. Compare that to the artillery and missile damage in Ukraine.

    2. Shirley Gohner

      Thanks for an excellent summary of what’s going on. The US is mucking up everything and will pay dearly.

  7. Hi Professor. We love your podcasts and are happy subscribers. I have trained my wonderful 14-year-old daughter to be a great reader and a good student. We have started her on classics like Antigone based on your most recent podcast. My daughter is going to be a sophomore in high school but has a reading level of a senior in college. She wishes to be a lawyer someday. Could you give me a reading list for her and me to grow to love the classics? We can read these during the summer and discuss them. I know you referenced that you cannot read everything but a good starting list of classics to be a reference point is appreciated. Personally, I have an engineering and business background with a great love of history. So, everything you recommend I will read as well, unless we already read it. Thank you kindly for your time.

    Mark from Marco Island Florida.

  8. Yes Sir. I am 55 I went to Clement Jr. High . Remember the Explore Scouts , Remember the Hitch hiker who lost her Arms .If God was going to Cleanse the world he would stick the hose in San Bernardino.


    Dr. Hanson,
    I’d like to read your opinion on renaming the Fresno State Library. Do you believe that
    the recent revelations of this person’s pro-Nazi positions is sufficient to make the current name an embarrassment to the university (and the state of California)?

  10. Dr. Hanson,

    I have been an admirer of yours for over 20 years. I have fond memories of hearing you speak in libraries in California as well as at events like Restoration weekend. I could go on forever from the books, the two decades at National Review, the Peter Robinson interviews however I want to respect your time so I will get to my point.
    You have enlightened, educated, forewarned, & provided direction to myself & so many others for decades. This weeks podcast The Turning Tide episode brought me to tears. When you talked about “your 40 year quest” to remodel & renovate your treasured family homestead I could hear the love in your voice for that place. As you detailed all the renovations, upgrades, & improvements that were needed to resurrect your 150+ year old family home I just pictured your Mother & great great Grandfather looking down at you with such pride. Decades after your mothers passing you allayed her greatest fears & saved her beloved home.
    You have often spoken of your uncle Victor that was tragically killed in WW2. Make no mistake Mr. Hanson you have in every possible way honored his name & his legacy. You have lived up to the lofty demands & expectations that were laid at your feet. Lastly, you mentioned casually, almost off the cuff how a future generation will probably just sell the farm. I hope & pray that you are wrong. I do know if you can impart even 5% of your love for that place to your descendants it will remain the Hanson farm forever.

  11. Donald Gehrig MD

    I don’t agree with your recurrently stated optimism for a Repub landslide outcome for this Nov, in the US House and Senate…I fear that our elections and their tabulated results are not secure in the 6-7 swing states that seem to matter most every 2 yrs…
    It’s become ‘who counts the votes’ as far more important than who was intended to be voted for…the 2020 results are emblematic of the actual end tabulation and legal validation problem that exists in our dark and unrepresentative electoral processes in these key swing states.
    Since 2016, Dems and their “Soros funded DAs”, have become despotically dangerous, desperate adversaries of free and open elections. They now cannot afford to be otherwise as they would likely forfeit their own freedoms – indicted, convicted and jailed – for their many and obvious crimes committed the last 6 yrs!

  12. Michael Roarke

    Hi Dr. Hanson,

    I have enjoyed your opinions for many years going back to Thursday nights on the John Batchelor Show. Since then, I have been listening to your podcasts through Just the News and then directly from your website. All of what you share is relatable common sense and you always come up with these enlightening and unique details that I never seem to find anywhere else. There is always a dictionary tab open for when you break out the big words! I also wanted to write you to tell how much I enjoy your remodeling updates before the serious analysis of national and world affairs. I have been a remodeling carpenter (with six employees) since 1986. Thank you for spreading the truth from from Selma CA! Diesel just hit $6.49 in spots today near Albany NY. I filled up every diesel canister and vehicle I had last Sunday at $5.29 as it was clear the price was going to spike. 87 Octane is very near $4.50 today. If this surge continues, that will lock the economy down faster than Powell’s timid half point measures. So much of the construction economy runs on diesel! My company is up 69% YTD for fuel.

    Anyway thank you for your gifted perspective and I look forward to catching up on this week’s podcasts over the weekend!


    Mr. Hanson.
    In my pantheon of heroes who might be called “thought leaders” or “public intellectuals”, two elicited in me what I would refer to as epiphanies. The first was Charles Krauthammer, specifically his written response to the 9/11 attacks (in Time magazine, I think–back when it was sane), and the second was VDH’s syndicated column which ran in our AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) in the early aughts.
    I became an instant devotee and remain so to this day.

    I was trained in science and had little interest in history until more recent years. VDH is to blame for most of this.

    On a side note, you mentioned Richard Boone (“have gun, will travel”) in your last podcast. My father was an anesthesiologist in Orlando, Fl who treated Mr. Boone late in his life. He said Boone was an alcoholic bum living on a Florida beach by this time–tragic.

    Lastly, I cast my vote for you for President in the 2016 election as I knew Hillary would be disastrous and didn’t believe Trump would advance any conservative, small (er) government policies. At the time I said: “I will enjoy 15 minutes of schadenfreude and then drink poison”. That went better than anyone could have known (Trump, not the poison part).

    It is a great blessing that fate called you into this career, from which we all learn and benefit. Thanks for everything,
    Russ Bozeman

    1. Shirley Gohner

      Hey Russ,

      Did building the wall, energy independence, $3.2 trillion in tax relief and a massive amount of deregulation slip by you? Trump campaigned on all four.

  14. Dr. Hanson,
    Are you familiar with the memoirs of Ralph Moody collected in a series called Little Britches? There’s also a wonderful audiobook edition — must be about 50 CDs all told, and I bet they’d get you through quite a few drives to Stanford. The books were published in the 1950s, and Moody himself lived 1898-1982.

    I’ve just discovered Moody’s memoirs with my own children, and think of your works and the life experiences you share in your podcast while I read. I think you and Mr. Moody would have been great friends with so many remarkable, poignant stories between you and a shared appreciation of hard work and gratitude.

    We’ve followed Ralph Moody from 8 years old through to his early 20s and have laughed and wept along the way. Just in case you haven’t encountered these works, I think they’d be balm for your spirit. Thank you for everything you do.

  15. Leland Cheney

    Dear Mr. Hanson,
    Just finished listening to the recent podcast about your favorite movies and books. I’m about your age (70 in November) and my wife and I are also lovers of movies, TV, and books. I wanted to give you a heads up about two westerns that we thought were excellent. The first is only available on blu-ray as a french edition (but has an english soundtrack option). You can find it on eBay or Amazon. Don’t get the DVD as the picture quality is lacking. It is Open Range (2003) with Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall. It may be my favorite Western. The second is Hostiles (2018) with Rosamund Pike, Wes Studi, and Christian Bale. It is also terrific. If you can handle the horrific profanity Deadwood (2004) is the best TV Western series ever. If you ever find yourself in Utah we would love to treat you to dinner and a movie at our home theater. It is known as the Sparta Theater; we even have a little neon sign above the door entering the ten seat theater. Long story as to the name. Thanks for your podcasts and website, don’t know what we would do without them. Lee and Cindy Cheney

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