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VDH UltraFrom Angry Readers:

From an Angry Reader: Cannot wait for all women to close there legs, and tell you degenerates to go fuck yourself or your Republican male buddies. Dear Anonymous Quite Angry Reader, In just one sentence, you managed to achieve a high Angry Reader score: no subject to your verb in your first independent clause, there/their …

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VDH UltraAngry Reader 04-29-22

Victor Davis HansonFrom An Angry Reader: MLK-liberal Victor Davis Hanson admits once again that he facilitated the second-class citizen treatment of his white classics students while helping minorities leap over them. In earlier podcasts he has complained that the Hispanics he helped then turned on him, adopting Spanish surnames and Woke values, as well as …

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VDH UltraAngry Reader 04-27-22

From An Angry Reader: Prof. Hanson, Your idiotic take on the left’s nihilism left me incredibly surprised. A completely new low, even for you. How about you do one on the right’s nihilism? According to you right wing nut jobs: scientists telling us the planet is becoming inhospitable don’t know anything, investing in infrastructure is …

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VDH UltraThe Angry Reader: Part One

Angry Reader #1 It’s so wonderful to see you continuing to suck on the ass of your fellow gutless pussy-trump. You are exactly like the pantheon of blowhard right-wing pussies (carlson, hannity, limbaugh, coulter, ingraham, malkin, huckabee, pence, o’reilly etc.) who never served a fucking day, but sit on your fucking ass waving the flag …

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VDH UltraThe Return of the Angry Readers

Dear VDH, First, thank you for the high-quality output relentlessly streaming from your keyboard and microphone. I’m constantly struck by how much you produce and how good it all is. Our ancient Greek forebears would be proud to see how well you’ve mastered and employ daily the paradigms for thought, evaluation and expression they laid …

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VDH UltraAngry Reader 10-15-21

From An Angry Reader: You are a shit eating nazi. Trump eats my shit. The u.s. is a degenerate nation born of genocide and slavery. That’s the real history, not the lies you trot out. The “founding fathers” were mass murderers. SMASH THE U.S. EMPIRE From Mary Your six sentences say it all, proud Mary: …

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