Class Warfare, An American Tradition

We are no more partisan today than we were at the nation’s founding. by Bruce S. Thornton // Defining Ideas  Are we more “polarized” and “partisan” than we were in the past? Political commentators think so. In a recentAtlantic profile, conservative pollster Frank Luntz attributed his cynicism about American politics to the unprecedented polarization of the American …

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The Inequality Smokescreen

by Bruce S. Thornton // FrontPage Magazine  Desperate for a diversion from the disasters of Obamacare, the president has conjured up the old leftist “income inequality” cliché. His court-pundits complain that “the richest nation on earth is starting to resemble a banana republic,” according toThe New Republic, while Berkeley Professor Robert Reich has thundered against “casino …

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Nuclear Gangbangers

Hostile countries with nuclear capabilities have the upper hand on the global police. by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online  The gangster state of North Korea became a nuclear power in 2006–07, despite lots of foreign aid aimed at precluding just such proliferation — help usually not otherwise accorded such a loony dictatorship. Apparently the …

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Vote for Me Or Else: Patterns between Egypt and Pakistan

by Raymond Ibrahim // Gatestone Institute  In what seems to be a pattern in many Muslim nations of finding new pretexts to justify anti-Christian—and “anti-Other”—behavior, Egypt’s Christians and their churches are under attack, ostensibly because Christians joined the June 30 Revolution, which led to the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood. Lesser known is that, even before …

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Democracy’s Dog Days

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media We all want democracy to thrive and flourish, but can it? The Obama administration was quite pleased that the anti-democratic Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood had come to power through a single plebiscite. That confidence required a great deal of moral blindness, both of the present and past. …

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Lies Subvert Demovracy

Obama and his team have subverted the government they pledged to serve. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Truth is the lifeblood of democracy. Without honesty, the foundations of consensual government crumble. Share This

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Hope for Change in Syria

Once again, Obama has proven more of an idealist than an implementer. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Remember when President Obama used to warn Syria’s Bashar al-Assad to stop his mass killing and step down? Share This

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Democracy Promotion or Islamist Promotion?

by Bruce Thronton Frontpage Magazine The hope that democracy would bloom in Egypt following our collusion in removing Hosni Mubarak looks more and more delusional every day. Even our foreign policy wishful thinkers are no longer peddling the canard that the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood is “secular” and “moderate,” thus proving that Muslims devoted to the …

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Explaining the Democrats’ Success

by Bruce Thornton Frontpage Magazine The election postmortem has identified all manner of causes for the Republicans’ defeat, from the “woman problem” and the “Hispanic problem,” as Peggy Noonan put it, to Romney’s fatcat persona and his inept campaign. But there’s a simpler reason, one consistent with the critics of democracy starting in ancient Athens …

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