The Republican Debate and Elections

VDH’s Friday News Roundup with cohost Sami Winc is all about the Wednesday night debate and our elections: debate performance, who wasn’t there, Democratic hopeful RFK Jr. finds large crowds in Iowa, and the Left’s general disdain for elections.

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11 thoughts on “The Republican Debate and Elections”

  1. My God Victor America needs you desperately in a government position that can stop this madness. Your brain is worth it weight in gold 10 times!
    God bless you.
    Keep talking I’m listening and praying for America.

  2. RFK, when asked by Piers Morgan about his voice, said, “I feel sorry for my audience who has to listen to me talk.” It reminded me of Lincoln who said, “If I had another face . . . ”

    Well RFK is the only candidate who has talked about the PATRIOT ACT and antecedent anthrax attacks against U.S. Senators who had been blocking its passage, in a Tucker Carlson interview. Coincidentally the anthrax was manufactured at bioweapons lab Ft. Detrick where Baric worked on the spike protein under the orders of Fauci and the CCP.

    For whatever reasons Trump couldn’t get control of his government and the buck has to stop with him. Perhaps the secret space program and deep state had worse in mind, such as smallpox, anthrax, nuclear war with Russia, etc. It could have been worse. It still disturbs me that Trump has not yet denounced the “vaccines” which were disseminated worldwide at warp speed.

    Regardless if Biden runs again (I think he will and will be installed once again for four more years) we can be certain there will be no Kennedy – Biden debates. The technocrats despise open debate and honest elections because their agenda requires force to be implemented against the free will of the people. It was regime change and the CIA and deep state did it against President Trump, now they want to jail Citizen Trump for good.

    If Trump were imprisoned, and re-elected, we’d have serious secession and coup talk from the Left.

  3. Oh boy, I wonder who Victor supports? Can he make it anymore obvious? HAHA

    I am beginning to have no respect for anyone. Our president is being prosecuted, and everyone with a voice and so called empirical is pretending that’s his problem alone. I am sorry. It is not just his problem. If you don’t start to acknowledge this travesty and support our president, you won’t have an audience.

    1. Yeah, its pathetic at this point. DeSantis ate it big time at the debate, and his creepy forced smile and non answers on Trump and Ukraine were a joke. We’re also to forget that Hanson is great pals with Pompeo and McMaster, both of which are traitors by every previous definition, with the Professor even endorsing a Pompeo presidency. Where are they now? I am sent footage daily of the real scenario in Ukraine, and they’re toast…yet on these podcasts the Uniparty narrative that Russia is losing just keeps on keepin’ on. The Right should be unified behind Trump, screaming at the top of their lungs, aware of the fall of the republic. But no, parsing and excuses and fecklessness reigns. Endless recital of what’s wrong, but not taking the actions that could correct it. Definitely losing all faith.

  4. Your reflective, analytical acumen is always much appreciated, Sir Farmer Hanson, mentor of the mentally stable.
    Question: If the democratic base knew how “cruel and mean-spirited” the Biden ‘Klueless-Klucking clan IS would they still vote for him?
    There must be some old tapes, somewhere, of him and Strom Thurmond using game-changing expletives. The ideal time-period would be right after Strom’s last child could toddler. He’d have to show off his progeny to Joe, and invite him down for a southern visit. Roll the tape$! Who ha$ the tape$! Maybe Strom screamed and scared off the would be taper, when he threw out his back bending down, to pick up the kid…ruining the moment made for paid posterity.
    Or is Biden only the tangible paycheck that speaks to “the voters have spoken;
    Yall’s Reality check$ in the mail..”

    P.S. hope to hear your Almond-meat was well sheltered; I know your California trees aren’t drinking arsenic for water.

  5. The republican debates were a joke. Two candidates there were put there by soros and the dems. Ramaswamy and DeSantis. The only reason they are there is to break up Trumps incredible base. Its not going to work. Everyone who does not get behind our front runner needs to be voted the hell out of office. And the other idiots like pence, christie and hutchinson need to get the hell out of the race. What a waste of resources on these idiots. There is only one reason the left wants trump in jail or not being able to run. That is they know what is about to happen to all of their corrupt evil ways when he gets in office. He needs to have legislation passed to insure these huge donors are not allowed to run our country because of their money. Swift and honest elections, no more of this mail in bullshit with no ID’S REQUIRED. One person one vote. All these congress people tied in with China helping them buy land, farms and companies in this country is treasonous. Trump knows abd will do something about it. I also hope that his administration does something about all the illegal immigrants in this country. Most are young men not seeking asylum but here for the cartels. They need to be rounded up and removed before we become like Mexico.

  6. In regards to Victor’s closing comments on Megan Rapinoe,
    it is well worth remembering that the United States Women’s National Soccer Team lost
    to a group of 15 year old boys from Dallas in 2017, convincingly, 5-2.


    1. The women’s team does not have the skill of 15 year old boys from Dallas.
    2. The disparity between the wages between men and women soccer players may be due to the skill level of the players and not the gender.
    3. Megan Rapinoe may want to increase her skill in kicking penalty quicks by practicing more against 15 year old boys.

  7. Hello to Victor and Sami,

    Thank you for another informative broadcast. Your presentations are helpful in understanding our times. Be encouraged to use your personalities in your broadcasts and don’t let the critics take away your enthusiasm for your work. Continue to strive for excellence and have joy in what you do.

  8. Victor – Your brief presentation of Governor Glenn Youngkin makes him sound like he has some principles and policies that America-first voters would like. If he does have a sunny personality and true biblical convictions then he may have a mix of traits that would make him a winning candidate for president. Is he similar to Ron DeSantis but with a more attractive personality? And if he is, then what is holding him back from entering the race?

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