The Coup We Never Knew

Did someone or something seize control of the United States?

What happened to the U.S. border? Where did it go? Who erased it? Why and how did 5 million people enter our country illegally? Did Congress secretly repeal our immigration laws? Did Joe Biden issue an executive order allowing foreign nationals to walk across the border and reside in the United States as they pleased?

Since when did money not have to be paid back? Who insisted that the more dollars the federal government printed, the more prosperity would follow? When did America embrace zero interest? Why do we believe $30 trillion in debt is no big deal?

When did clean-burning, cheap, and abundant natural gas become the equivalent to dirty coal? How did prized natural gas that had granted America’s wishes of energy self-sufficiency, reduced pollution, and inexpensive electricity become almost overnight a pariah fuel whose extraction was a war against nature? Which lawmakers, which laws, which votes of the people declared natural gas development and pipelines near criminal?

Was it not against federal law to swarm the homes of Supreme Court justices, to picket and to intimidate their households in efforts to affect their rulings? How then with impunity did bullies surround the homes of Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, John Roberts, and Clarence Thomas—furious over a court decision on abortion? How could these mobs so easily throng our justices’ homes, with placards declaring “Off with their d—s”?

Since when did Americans create a government Ministry of Truth? And on whose orders did the FBI contract private news organizations to censor stories it did not like and writers whom it feared?

How did we wake up one morning to new customs of impeaching a president over a phone call? Of the speaker of the House tearing up the State of the Union address on national television? Of barring congressional members from serving on their assigned congressional committees?

When did we assume the FBI had the right to subvert the campaign of a candidate it disliked? Was it legal suddenly for one presidential candidate to hire a foreign ex-spy to subvert the campaign of her rival?

Was some state or federal law passed that allowed biological males to compete in female sports? Did Congress enact such a law? Did the Supreme Court guarantee that biological male students could shower in gym locker rooms with biological women? Were women ever asked to redefine the very sports they had championed?

When did the government pass a law depriving Americans of their freedom during a pandemic? In America can health officials simply cancel rental contracts or declare loan payments in suspension? How could it become illegal for mom-and-pop stores to sell flowers or shoes during a quarantine but not so for Walmart or Target?

Since when did the people decide that 70 percent of voters would not cast their ballots on Election Day? Was this revolutionary change the subject of a national debate, a heated congressional session, or the votes of dozens of state legislatures?

What happened to Election Night returns? Did the fact that Americans created more electronic ballots and computerized tallies make it take so much longer to tabulate the votes?

When did the nation abruptly decide that theft is not a crime, assault not a felony? How can thieves walk out with bags of stolen goods, without the wrath of angry shoppers, much less fear of the law?

Was there ever a national debate about the terrified flight from Afghanistan?  Who planned it and why?

What happened to the once trusted FBI? Why almost overnight did its directors decide to mislead Congress, to deceive judges with concocted tales from fake dossiers and with doctored writs? Did Congress pass a law that our federal leaders in the FBI or CIA could lie with impunity under oath?

Who redefined our military and with whose consent? Who proclaimed that our chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff could call his Chinese Communist counterpart to warn him that America’s president was supposedly unstable? Was it always true that retired generals routinely libeled their commander-in-chief as a near Nazi, a Mussolini, an adherent of the tools of Auschwitz?

Were Americans ever asked whether their universities could discriminate against their sons and daughters based on their race? How did it become physically dangerous to speak the truth on a campus? Whose idea was it to reboot racial segregation and bias as “theme houses,” “safe spaces,” and “diversity”? How did that happen in America?

How did a virus cancel the Constitution? Did the lockdowns rob of us of our sanity? Or was it the woke hysteria that ignited our collective madness?

We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize, and from a coup we never knew.


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103 thoughts on “The Coup We Never Knew”

    1. Every single Republican elect for the House of Representatives ought to read this together, in conference, prior to the for Speaker.

      If this isn’t enough to pull them together, re-center themselves on what is needed right now in this country, then we are doomed.

      1. We Republicans have allowed this to happen! We, in our complacency , have been sitting on our fat a… sooo comfortable in our positions going about our daily routines wearing our blinders, while the Democrats day by day destroy everything we have worked for and for which we cherish. The Democrats have blatantly told us what they want to happen and it is happening before our eyes. We elect do nothing politicians who talk and talk and talk……..
        It’s time we get off our butts and put our words into action. It is the 9th hour. We need that leader, who will provide the leadership necessary to get us back on track again, who loves our country and not himself, who can bring us to the free country that was intended.
        Let us pray and act in good faith and TRUTH.

        1. Completely AGREE with Joe here. In my “mostly Republican County”, only 52% actually voted in this November’s election. 52% !! (which led to several Democrat wins here). The Apathy of the 30-something generation, is leading them to the nightmare described by Hanson. I only hope & pray that the “don’t-cares” wake up soon, before there is no return from this.

          1. 52% were counted is what I would say. With the machines supposedly so messed up I would think that a lot of Republicans voted. I called to make sure I was registered to vote and they said thank you for your mail in ballot I never voted by mail. I raised he’ll and was able to cast my vote. We’ll I was able to fill it out. Who knows if it was counted

          2. So do you 2 think a candidate better than the one who was railroaded out of office only 3yrs ago is going to suddenly emerge for you?

            One that will laugh in the face of dishonesty, shrug his shoulders when sneered at and undeteringly continue to drain the swamp?

            Who stood for such a president when they ravaged him and told tall tales, ran witch hunts and impeachment precedings, eventually muting him as he actively held the highest office? Sadly “our side” tucked tail and accepted this defeated and again began dreaming of another, with more stamina, wisdom, and intestinal fortitude than the last.

            Keep on dreaming. Keep on praying if you please.

            Look, I pray too, but prayer doesn’t change things, your faith does! Your actions do, your upholding of truth and protecting what is right keeps justice alive. Where was that action when a man was unjustly found guilty of actions which have since been laid bare before the American public.

            Time to wake up and stand against the tide. Time to speak out, let them number you, spit on you, and take away your freedoms. Let them see who’s who, what’s what, let the battle lines be drawn. We did not ask for this, THEY thought to change times and seasons.

            Make them know who stands for Truth so in that day the Lord might spare the righteous.

            Please everyone, awake to righteousness, read your scripture, and understand what it means to keep the way of Truth.

        2. The entire democratic party should be placed on a bus and head strait for Guantanamo Bay. I also think that Obama had a lot to do with this. It’s time we the patriots take back what’s rightfully ours. The USA

          1. nice image, of a bus driving off of the tip of Florida, toward Cuba. I HAVE A DREAM

        3. Lucinda Schuler

          Well said!! Who can we trust to do what is right for the MAJORITY of hard working Americans.
          Who is not won over by $$, power & greed? Unfortunately, we are running out of time ….💔

          1. I know that many, many people don’t approve of President Trump because of his “mouth”, however, I’d prefer to have a President that loves our country, observes our Constitution, enforces our laws, makes our nation completely energy independent, and brings manufacturers back to our country, improves our economy, than a President that leaves our borders wide open, allows criminals to run our streets and terrorize our neighborhoods, let’s our military fall behind that of our adversaries, and forces our country to become energy dependent on unfriendly sources, and helps other nations before taking care of his own people.

        4. Very powerful comment. I totally agree and have thought much the same myself many times. VDH has wisely and truthfully given us the blueprint of what has happened to our country. And, you, Mr. DiMarco, have stated what “we the people” need to do to correct our course! It is time to get off our butts! Every time the U. S. goes off to war, the people at home say: “freedom isn’t free,” but we all need to do more than send our young men and women off to fight and die for our freedom! As you have pointed out, we all need to participate in the fight for freedom!

        5. Right on! I’ve been saying this to others for years. There are too many who want to be liked. When enlisting in the US Navy I made a vow o support the Constitution of the USA against all others, both foreign and domestic—-their is no expiration date to that promise!

      2. We need one person to read this – Ron DeSantis. These are hundreds of small battles that the left is winning that may or may not be coordinated from the top, and if so, then from a small group aligned with Barack Obama and a few others. Either way, America needs a focused leader who gather, identify, prioritize, organize, and then mobilize conservatives to start pushing back.

        Trump has the focus and energy, but leaks credibility every time he opens his mouth on matters far beneath a national leader, which is daily.

          1. Daniel Donoghue

            With respect, I strongly disagree with Missy, and have to say Kirk is absolutely on the mark. DJT is not electable, but we need somebody “like him” but without the uncontrollable narcissism. I say this as one who voted for him, but now it is clear he is an obstacle to getting the country righted.

    2. Prof. Hanson, you forgot to mention the fact that President Biden is a bold-faced liar. He is on record saying that he knew nothing about his son’s dealings with China when in fact he flew his son Hunter to China twice while he was Vice President on Air Force two.

    3. No it doesn’t. There are a few major left-outs. Too hot. For details you might want to ask Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer (crime-stats) Ron Unz (George Floyd) and Ivor Cummins,icahel Levitt and Alex Washburne (covid).

    4. cor.
      No it doesn’t. There are a few major left-outs. Too hot. For details you might want to ask Jared Taylor, Steve Sailer (crime stats) Ron Unz (George Floyd) and – – Ivor Cummins, Michel Levitt and Alex Washburne (Covid).

    5. This is an extremely inciteful blog. The Universities and Far Left are pushing and forcing indoctrination thru the Democrats. In addition Big Money is being made as communism can in the short term guarantee that the rich stay rich. While anyone trying to do better has to pay enormous taxes and suffer due to inflation.

      1. You are totally correct and also why higher education is suffering now. #BLEXIT is the movement to deliver oppressed minorities from the evils of the original party of slavery and the KKK, the democrat party. #BLEXIT for the people now !

    6. Almost. Professor Hanson forgot to mention the Democrat’s mob violence in 2020 and, probably the worst event of all – dozens of Americans with no criminal records being held in jail on misdemeanors with no right to bail or speedy trial or even, in many cases, effective counsel. As I always say to myself after reading the conservative pundits – “And it’s even worse than that.”

  1. I’ve heard you can boil frogs using this very same technique but I think even a frog would jump out of this pot.

  2. Thank you Prof. Hanson. Thank goodness someone is keeping track of the endless string of questionable developments of the past few years. The questions just keep piling up day by day, so much so that having answers seems to become an ever more remote aspiration. It’s harder to espouse optimism. The feeling in my gut is resembling an onset of despair.
    Your underlying question to all these examples is the most worrisome: We have two centuries of laws and statutes and mores and rules of conduct on the books, so how was every part of our government and society allowed in chorus, practically overnight, to totally ignore the wisdom of our very foundations?

  3. Andrea Bundy, MDiv

    THANK YOU for a concise summary of the State of the Union: I’m printing it to send to every member of my family. The only response I have as a Christian who eventually recovered from a 1969 abortion (took years) is to suggest that perhaps we are experiencing the judgement of God? The Bible has strong warnings connected to “the taking of innocent lives” — check it out: it’s bad…

  4. Sadly, only the choir hears the sermon. Half the country will scoff and ignore. Many folks will not believe anything they do not find on their usual left leaning blogs or Yahoo News. I am often hopeless.

    1. I agree with you. It’s happening in my own family… my adult daughters won’t read and thus discus anything I ask them to. Very sad. I didn’t think I raised such closed minded children.

    1. many have been out buying “wireless hole punchers” in either 9mm or .357 of an inch in diameter. THOSE are the smart ones

  5. Put it in the file labeled “Why Am I Not Surprised?”. We pay a great price for our collective stupidity and ignorance. When we, as a society, stop believing in a higher spiritual power then we fall prey to our own infallibility and hubris. As Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and they are us.”

  6. Unless the perpetrators of this mess are identified and then punished harshly and publicly, this sorry-ass procession will continue, unabated. There is no other practical way out.

    Preaching to the choir does not help. Name-calling does not help. Pointing out obvious lies does not help. Totally logical and rational discourse does not help because the ones who need to change do not recognize the existence of orderly, unbiassed and history-based thought processes.

    Unfortunately, we have a fox-guarding-the-hen-house situation. That never ends well for the non-foxes.

    Kinda looks like we are doomed.

    So much for “practical” methods.

    And now, back to football (American).

    The ball IS being moved down the field. Unfortunately, the enemy passed the 50 yard line a long time ago and are certainly within field goal range now. What will it take to stop this?

  7. VDH is the lighthouse at the tip of a finger of rocks that points out toward the shoals. One burning pixel on a 4k screen imported for Walmart from Shenzhen. No moon. No stars. No sky.

    Below it the dangerous whitewater and boiling sea create their own pale light, insufficient as it is. All of us need the VDH lighthouse and horn to survive.

    And we, on the horizon, crash forward on ocean craft doing 30 knots, the captain and 1st mate asleep in each others arms, high on rum and weed, never realizing the danger to ship and county, the sickening close proximity of that danger, floating upwards as threads of smoke from a smoldering cigarette, pinched between the drunken fingers of its owner, the painful burning, two seconds too late.

    Pull up! All Stop! Hard right to starboard! Nay hard left to port! Aye! God help us.

    1. This beautifully written comment wins the internet for today. Well done sir! I am going to rethink how I compose my comments in the future!

  8. fletcher darquea

    Did something or someone seize control of the United States?

    Consider what Prince Charles said during his COP26 speech: “The scale and the scope of the threat we face call for a global systems-level solution based on radically transforming our current fossil fuel based economy to one that is genuinely renewable and sustainable. So, ladies and gentlemen, my plea today is for countries to come together to create the environment that enables every sector of industry to take the action required. We know this will take trillions, not billions of dollars. We also know that countries, many of whom are burdened by growing levels of debt, simply cannot afford to go green. Here we need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector. With trillions at “his” disposal, far beyond global GDP, and with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world’s leaders, it offers the only real prospect of offering fundamental economic transition.” (note: “with trillions at ‘his’ disposal”)…is the ‘his’ the ‘who’?

    So where’s the ‘what’?
    Maybe Prince Charles of Whales’ heraldic achievement (coat of arms) can say…

  9. Adding to your list…
    Who voted to force me out of my Internal combustion automobile and demonize oil and all things derived therefrom. The “choice” to openly and purposely shut down the oil and gas industry has as prophesized (Obama 2012 ?) raised the cost of energy (and all 4000 related products produced from oil and used daily) for all Americans. How is it one man and a pen can trash the jobs of 10.3 + million Americans and 8% of GDP, without a national debate?

  10. Donald E Gehrig MD

    we are in Civil War, and in the 4th year of WW III, post the Wuhan virus bio-assault on the EU and USA, Jan 2020, that’s now penetrated all nations, killing millions; it was particularly aimed at stopping the Trump American resurgence which was anti-Great Reset and anti-CCP

  11. Victor, could you follow up this piece with answers on how we can stop these blatant violations of our Constitution and our laws? Are we helpless because the main steam media covers for all the institutions and individuals that are allowing these violations to happen with impunity? I feel like we are losing our Constitutional Republic and there is nothing we can do. The other side is prepared to make “voting rights” their top issue, as if the “voting rights” they’ve expanded during the pandemic aren’t enough. How is it over 70% of the population wants voter IDs checked for all ballots, but the other side can accept ballots for any reason and disregard laws meant to prevent ballot harvesting and other “voting rights”. It used to be we said if we didn’t like something/someone in the government we’d vote them out. But our votes don’t count when elections are not fair and when the government agencies are writing their own laws/regulations and we have no means of stopping those unelected bureaucrats or Presidents can make their own laws with a “pen and a phone” or disregard their constitutional duties to protect the borders and the safety of actual citizens. It’s overwhelming as your piece succinctly points out. How do we fix this mess we’re in? Can we be this ignorant of what is happening?

  12. “The coup that thousands of people warned you about but you ignored them, called them racist, and directed the government to silence them”

    CCP sponsored by UK intel

    Russians sponsored by UK intel

    Saudis sponsored by UK intel

    Al-Qaeda sponsored by UK intel

    Do you need a map?

    All of these operations were ultimately run by Qatar and Russia. The UK latched onto them to identify and destroy American resistance.

    As it turns out, you really should care about ethics in video game journalism.

  13. Sadly, this is exactly thy what has happened to us. It didn’t begin in 2016. It won’t end until we no longer have any real freedoms.

    1. in 1865, the republic was destroyed, 660 000 citizens dead, the rest enslaved to the Den of Corruption. Then the insurrection of Nov. 22 1963 that made Amerika an oligarchy, “those with the gold (corps.) make the rules”

  14. Imagine someone who lived through the Great Depression advocating for spending $6.3 trillion dollars in two years – more than doubling Obama’s record spending of $2.8 trillion.

    Imagine an “Okie” from the Dust Bowl migrating to California in the ’30’s advocating for letting 5 million illegally enter through the southern border, many en-route to the same destination.

    Imagine the FBI turning from a premier national law enforcement agency to becoming the chief spy on American citizenry in a style reminiscent of the East German Stasi police.

    Imagine an already hostile IRS hiring 87,000 new agents to harass American citizens over any and all transactions amounting to more than $600.

    Imagine Martin Luther King advocating that the only cure for racism was more racism.

    Sounds like insanity to me – just my thoughts.

  15. Don’t forget Mayors desecrating civil war graves to create cryptocurrency NFT’s and sell to the highest bidder, and west point erasing it’s own proud history of Southern military service which will decimate recruiting efforts for a war.

  16. Excellent summary of our ills.
    It is so sad and frustrating.
    The Founders would be shocked were they able to see our current state.
    Then, after recovering in a few moments, some of them might say, “We warned you ….”.

  17. Stormy G. Weatherbee

    A compilation of some words of wisdom that I’ve come across: End each day with the satisfaction of not having given up, for never yet have “they” become established. Remain undisturbed and trustful.

  18. Seamus Mulrooney

    Pogo was right but understates it. Heaven and hell lie within us….confronting wrong is a moral imperative and can’t be ignored. For evil to prosper requires only the indifference of “men”. I deliberately highlight the gender because it is the cowardice of men refusing to confront wrong for fear of the consequences that is mostly at fault…it’s our job!!!!! What man, no matter the consequences, stands back and allows men to use atheist sane toilet/dressing room etc. as his daughter…..instead we have men wilting in the face of a Karen culture or afraid of the law hitherto their recourse in the face of adversity

  19. Federal debt 2012 = $11 Trillion.
    Federal debt = $31 Trillion.
    Compound inflation 22/19 = 19.77%.

    Paraphrasing Pogo:
    “We’ve met enemy. It’s us.”

  20. I believe that Trump unwittingly set all of this in motion. They would never have tried any of it with a seasoned politician, a veteran of The Swamp. But because Trump was a political neophyte with few, if any, allies in the Deep State, and had not fostered any goodwill, they felt emboldened to institute their radical Leftist agenda. Much as we needed Trump at that moment in our history, I regret his election because it opened the floodgates because he was totally unprepared for the office and he also projected an irreverence for “Beltway politics as usual” that gave the Democrats/Left the green light to upend America as we knew it.

    1. You’re either crazy, stupid or an extreme left supporter. I believe all three. I am truly ashamed of your comment. Ashamed to be an American.

    2. Uhmmm… no. The left exploded exactly because they were being exposed suddenly, so it had to act and attack violently to stop the hand that started shining the light upon the left’s ongoing, silent subversion. With a business-as-usual, do-nothing GOP administration – which is what you call “seasoned politician” – there would have been no problem, only this time it was different. The left saw it as a “revolutionary moment” – yes, it is in their vocabulary – so they unveiled their own cultural revolution, not that it was that that veiled anyway. Like any respectable revolution, it succeeds because it is imposed on a complacent, leave-me-alone, largely ignorant but hopeful society, only there is nothing good that the left can bring. And here we are.

    3. So you’re okay with the slow boiling?
      IMO Thank goodness Trump opened our eyes to what was slowly being done to the nation.
      Indoctrination of our children in colleges has been going on for decades and more recently to our K-12 public schools.
      Climate change began with fervor by AlGore.
      DACA was an Obama issue which he at first stated he did not have the Constitutional authority to grant but did it in his second term anyway.

      No these problems have been gradually inflicting out country, thank goodness our eyes are now opened to what the Left is pushing. Well at least many more of us have become unblinded!

  21. Incredible irony. Though he shares a much different message, VDH seems to channel Walt Whitman. “I Feel America Stinging” works as a subtitle.

  22. THANK YOU for a concise list of very valid questions. Each one should be answered by this horrid government. Best wishes to us all.

  23. Great summary of our country’s current demise. Rome took centuries to collapse, the US may only take years. Unfortunately I see your list only growing. Who will we find that can put a stop to this and correct the situation?

    1. “Who will we find that can put a stop to this and correct the situation?”

      There is no one but the people. Better get used to that idea. The rich think they will escape globalism, so they wont help. Most of the herd is clueless, so they wont help. Well the politicians and govvernments think the great reset is a great idea.

  24. This beautifully written comment wins the internet for today. Well done sir! I am going to rethink how I compose my comments in the future!

  25. Victor,
    I have read volumes of your work. This quite simply is your best!
    As others have commented, “these are questions that I have asked repeatedly”…sadly with a sense that we are being swept over by a wave of progressivism from everywhere. Yet, when I speak with people, they are vehemently opposed to these measures.
    Thus, it leads me to believe that it is a MINORITY of people, forcing their will upon us without elections. That is at the core of my indignation.

  26. Well, I knew full well what was going on when they did “911 was certainly an inside job, cause science says”… The laws they made, will soon be used to put Americans in jail absent cause.

  27. When you find out let us know. Be specific about how all of this could happen in under 18 months or since Biden became president. Please help us understand the turmoil the previous president created. You get the point of my comment without me elaborating further.

    1. What don’t you understand Elie? You are one of the clueless sheep. You’re a Trump hater which is very clear. If Biden runs in 2024, you will surely vote for more blatant lies, corruption and the total demise of the United States of America. If there is a USA as we once new it. I am hopeless to believe there will ever be a change.

    2. Actually, the previous president did NOT create turmoil. In fact, the turmoil was created by years and years of lies and fabrication by our own spy agencies, media, leader of that opposition party; all at taxpayer expense. Canceling our border has created turmoil. Canceling American generated energy has created turmoil. Canceling real science in response to the so-called c19 pandemic created turmoil.

  28. Love Victor Davis Hanson -He lays things out so plainly so that anyone can understand what he
    is bringing to light.

  29. Creeping normalcy, frogs-in-the-pot…Only too late do we realize the water’s too hot and most of us have become too lethargic from the warmth to do anything. The process began with a constitution which guaranteed certain rights but did nothing about maintaining economic fairness, preventing excessive wealth-power gaps from developing. This omission was the fire under the pot. Now, it looks like it’s too late to rectify the fundamental problem without a revolution. The alternative? Just be happy and compliant sheep, trusting in the plutocrats and technocrats to make the best decisions for all…Follow the WEF’s Great Reset, OR will it be “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!” Does the typical modern American citizen have the stomach for the latter, or have they been too tamed and domesticated under the helping hand of technological “progress”?

  30. Michael Nielson Lyman

    Covid believers. Maskers. Vaxxers. Never thought I would live to witness the dumbest generation of humans to ever walk on planet earth. Will truly go down in history as an epic cultural failure and an embarrassment to mankind. America is collapsing under a tsunami of apathy, ignorance, and immortality, along with the most corrupt government and media the likes of which we have never heretofore seen. Unprecedented in our nations young history.

    1. Michael…you nailed what’s wrong with America! APATHY, IGNORANCE, IMMORALITY, CORRUPT GOVT, AND MEDIA…
      Our country has deteriorated dramaticly in last several years, laws changed, borders opened to all, education abused and degraded, fake news, biggest tax burden on Americans ever!, acceptance of horrible crimes, insane crimes against our children, our most innocent, and the list is never-ending! Enough.. we are all preaching to the choir…

  31. Nailed it. I do wish you’d mentioned the J6 political prisoners. Two years of pre-trial detention without bail for a misdemeanor? Not my America.

  32. Wow Dr Hanson strikes again! Fab stuff. Share on as many platforms as you can! Send this to your congressman and senator! Oooops……Congress “person” my bad pfft!

  33. The power of peer pressure and the threat of ostracism continues.

    Last summer we took a 3-week road trip across America. Almost no masks to be seen and close to zero homeless through 20 states.

    Took an overnight trip to the Bay Area this week (San Mateo). Was surprised at the number of mask-wearers, virtually all of them walking outside or driving IN THEIR CARS. There is a powerful groupthink happening there. Logic and practicality is totally out the window.

    On the way home we passed through the Oakland area. Here we were presented with hundreds of homeless encampments and graffiti as far as the eye can see. All drenched by the recent downpours. It did not just LOOK like a Third World scenario — it WAS a Third World scenario. We are living it now. Get used to it.

    They say that everything happens in California first. This does not portend well for the rest of the country. Clearly, one-party woke rule cannot effectively deal with these problems. The sh*t show will not go away, just get worse.

    Any suggestions?

  34. Coup d’etat. I have been saying this for two years. When one of two major political parties work in cohort with the media and the national security state to disrupt, sow chaos and ultimately overthrow a duly elected president, it’s a coup!!! If this isn’t the beginning of a revolution in this company all hope may be lost.

  35. A compilation of very good questions, the answer to most of them being along the lines of “a complacent and timid populace failed to stand on their hind legs and speak out against these insidious attacks on American culture.” Good men do nothing, then wonder how Marxists have taken control.

  36. Dr. Hanson, I’m sure you’re aware of Garet Garrett’s 1938 “The Revolution Was” but it seems appropriate to mention it here.

  37. Assuming that the forces allied against Constitutional government don’t quit and go home today, how might they escalate their coup?

  38. Professor Hanson, the million dollar question is what can be done to change such a massive machine moving forward that is so powerful it’s not even trying to hide in the shadows anymore? So powerful, a Government and the election of officials is a show played out on a stage, that even Hollywood would be envious of. A Nation and World no longer in its citizens control? Professor Hanson you realize in Revelation Bible Prophecy speaks of a coming World Global System: World Government, World Economic System, and World Currency where every person in the World will be completely controlled by “The Antichrist” and no one will buy or sell without the Mark. Everything you mentioned is the precursor in setting up the System that is mentioned. I honestly believe this cannot be reversed, but the task at hand is to look to Jesus Christ for our Salvation that is spoke in the book of Romans, and know that little do they know, He is in full control of the outcome in all of this.

  39. This is not political. Politics is of this world. It’s always been spiritual but we’ve (Christians/conservatives) forgotten that. We don’t even know our absolute truths anymore (Bible/God’s Holy Word) to know how to be in this world but not of it. And, for all the madness that is going on, read Matthew 24 amongst many other passages. But, Jesus Christ clearly lays out the end of the human story. But, then read Ephesians 6:10-20 on how we deal with these times Jesus speaks of. We need to spiritually prepare ourselves for what is happening and what is to come and not politically. Politics are of this world and if we think a politician, who is an entity of the government, is going to somehow solve this human mess we’re embroiled in, think again. I can’t reiterate enough that this “coup” is just one chapter ending the human story. If we don’t spiritually wrap our hearts and minds around this fact and don’t listen to the Holy Spirit as to the right way to navigate these times, well then, we will be swept away. We must stand in our faith and listen and obey the Father, regardless of how dark it will most definitely get, because after all God already won and we are victorious in Christ. And, this God, who is “FOR” us, WHO, then, can be against us? Translation, the God of all creation and the perfecter of our souls, has our backs. Trust in Him, Love Him with all your heart, soul, and mind, pray to Him without ceasing,and believe upon Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. God’s blessings t

  40. What ever happened to holding all public office holders to their oath to protect and defend the Constitution? The Dems continue to abuse the oath and should be prosecuted to the full extent of law as traitors!

  41. A wise friend says, “Dem circle their wagons, Rep fight each other”. We need to stop fighting each other! I think we need to support our candidates and our brave elected officials on our side. We need to fill the seats on boards and councils at every level from local to state to federal because that is the farm team. That is where experience is gained, and some battles are won. We need to pray for those on our side who are currently in office. We need to write to elected officials on our side with our opinions concisely and respectfully. Make your point in the first sentence if possible. Remember a thesis sentence is in the first paragraph, preferable in the first line.

  42. VDH is one of the last wise men of our time. Common sense, logic and truth with revealing clarity.

  43. All true, and – sadly – that’s really the root of ALL of this: there is an all-out WAR against truth, which has the effect of gaslighting ANYONE whose world view remains connected to truth, on just about any topic one might choose. And the list above is a pretty good collection, though not exhaustive. To fit these incongruities into one’s view of reality can be a mind warp even for the most stable among us, and as that group is but a small one these days, the daily exhibitions of outright insanity are not surprising.
    So how did we get here? Well, the simplest answer is that we who value truth have ALWAYS been at odds with the father of lies and our worst enemy. But more specific to our country and its lofty ideals, the sad (and too fabulous to accept for LOTS of good people out there) truth is that those ideals are diametrically opposed to the very real (and most insidious) long-game agenda of the – VATICAN! Sorry if this steps on some toes, but before you shrug it off, PLEASE give it due diligence! An honest study of their own READILY AVAILABLE documents and supporting history should easily reveal just how contrary their ideas are to those of our founding fathers – most of whom most definitely DID recognize the divergence back in their time! So it’s not just a little disconcerting that we now have a SCOTUS absolutely stacked with RCC loyalists, and a jesuit pope can be invited to address a joint session of congress, and all living PsOTUS kiss up!

  44. Let me start with these facts;
    1. I am a registered Republican and have been for over 35 years.
    2. I am an honorably discharged US Army Infantryman.
    3. I believe that I am still beholden to the oath I took when I joined the Army to defend the Constitution, the rights guaranteed therein, this country, and its citizens against ALL threats, foreign AND domestic.

    My opinion is this; The majority of points and opinions stated in this article and the subsequent comments are true and accurate, specifically about the stacking of the courts at all levels, legislation proposed and/or passed at all levels that are blatantly contrary to the Constitution, and the Democrats’ policies and beliefs that are also contrary to the Constitution.

    What is either NOT being said and/or is NOT true OR accurate is the belief that the Republican party is not guilty of the same damn things. This grand experiment of a Constitutional Republic was never intended to be a “Party-based” system, let alone just a 2-party system. Both organizations have worked together in almost lock-step synchronicity to circumvent, ignore or blatantly violate the Constitution and the oath they took to uphold it when they assumed their respective positions for at least the last 100 years. They silence and quash any voice that is not from either party, as seen in the fact that no third party candidates are represented in any of the Presidential debates.
    Our Gov’t needs to be purged of this corruption before we fail.

  45. The main reason no one does anything but talk is most of the congress, Senate and House are guilty as the Democrats. It is long past time to stand up and speak out for the truth which is long overdue. Most of the Republican Senators are Rhino’s and if you checked their income and financial status before they were elected and after they have been in office you would be certainly surprised. They don’t want Trump in this time because he knows where the bodies are buried and who is on the take, i don’t think he will be re-elected but i surly wish he would be.
    David Hughes

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