Clueless on Cario

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media My Three-week Victory, Your Seven-year Mess It is difficult trying to figure out what the left’s position is on democracy and the Middle East. Here’s a brief effort. Share This

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Why the Egyptian Revolution Can Be the Best or Worst Thing to Happen

by Raymond Ibrahim NRO’s The Corner It is clear that the media and its host of analysts are split in two camps on the Egyptian revolution: one that sees it as a wonderful expression of “people-power” that, left alone, will naturally culminate into some sort of pluralistic democracy, and another that sees only the Muslim Brotherhood, …

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Free Men Have Free Tongues

by Bruce S. Thornton Every time a crazy person perpetrates irrational mayhem, we immediately start demanding explanations that gratify our ideological assumptions. For liberals, something in the environment drives people to such acts. Share This

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On Reminding the Politicians Who’s the Boss

by Bruce S. Thornton The Democrats and their tribunes in the mainstream media weren’t too happy about the House of Representatives reading aloud the Constitution. Share This

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The Dangers of Democracy

by Bruce S. Thornton FrontPage Magazine The parliamentary elections that have begun in Egypt will impress only the most starry-eyed of democracy champions. Share This

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