Election Integrity: A Conversation with Cleta Mitchell

In this interview, Victor Davis Hanson talks with Cleta Mitchell about her profession and career devoted to election integrity and ballot transparency especially in the context of the 2020 election and looking forward to 2024.

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14 thoughts on “Election Integrity: A Conversation with Cleta Mitchell”

  1. If I were a California millionaire frustrated by the worthlessness of my vote since everyone but Victor will be voting just like me, I’d move to a swing state. Or, I’d simply approach an employee of one of those companies gobbling up real estate in swing states for their database and move into several of their vacant houses. I’d populate each house with my virtual wife and 10 virtual kids of voting age, request the ballots and vote 12 times per residence for my preferred candidate. Sure, it would cost some money, but I wouldn’t be limited by campaign finance laws. It’s not as if I’d have to leave California. I wouldn’t be wasting a million bucks on some PAC that’ll just use my money for airing a 30 second ad on the nightly news that no one watches..

    One way to do vote-by-mail securely is to require the person to go to their local registrar, request a ballot, show ID or whatever is required on voting day, sign the envelope that is then photographed and stored in the State’s cloud for comparison on election day. The ballot and envelope should be watermarked so that the ballot can be matched with 1000 envelopes (a virtual precinct). On election day, the envelope should be scanned for comparison with the photo. Assuming it matches, the ballot should be removed and scanned. The entire process should be video taped. Any reject should be tossed in a bin for manual processing should its inclusion potentially affect results.

    Do that and I might bother voting again.

    1. That’s a great idea. Except ballots already have a China customer so the watermark really technically shouldn’t be necessary.

  2. I enjoyed this podcast and happy to hear that there is a boots on the ground effort to ensure key counties in key swing states don’t cheat. It is sad that we sit here in this great country and talk about the need to overcome the margin of litigation. I am encouraged that exposure about elections in 2020 and 2022 along with folks like Cleta will try to make this right and don’t need the help of RINO blowhards like McConnell, Romney and Graham. I hope all three of these guys get seriously challenged by real GOP candidates and loose

  3. I would have liked to have heard Ms. Mitchell’s view on Harmeet Dhillon’s challenge to run the RNC. I suspect Dhillion would have been far more favorable to the election process approach that Mitchell advocates.

    Still, Trump did initially endorse Ronna McDaniel (don’t know if that changed), and I believe has her ear. So, in light of the failure in 2020, McDaniel should be more receptive to Mitchell’s approach. I would think, anyway???

  4. Victor, thank you for having Cleta as a guest. Over the years I suspected that there have been behind the scenes forces at work to cause a decay in our elections. Fascinating analysis of how the left has effectively changed the laws for their benefit. If the right tries to challenge or reverse these rules/laws, then they are accused of being “unfair” or racist. The left has gained the system in many places, and some of our states and counties may be permanently lost to the left. Cleta provided encouragement for us to continue to oppose these tactics in whatever way we can. I enjoyed your podcast and thank you.

  5. Very interesting for sure.
    Also, a bit depressing at our prospects in light of the left’s tactics and skill.

  6. “Whenever people tell me candidate matters, I look at Joe Biden….do candidates matter that much?” – Mitchell

    “Unless we put some real resources and some real effort into figuring out and fixing a few counties in the United States…otherwise it is going to be very difficult for whoever we nominate to win…” -Mitchell

    1. Arizona – Maricopa county
    2. Nevada – Clark county
    3. Georgia – Fulton, Cape county
    4. Wisconsin – 5 cities???

    (Whole North Carolina, Alaska rank voting)

  7. So, as Tolstoy said, What is to be done? Ms. Mitchell correctly explained that leftist billionaires are funding hundreds, probably thousands, of radical leftist groups to attack everything America stands for. So what is the answer?

    Here is my suggestion–
    1, Congress must legislatively prohibit these massive financial intrusions into our election system. E.g., what Zuckerberg did in 2020 was completely illegal. Why was it not stopped?
    2, Leftist billionaires should be declared *persona non grata*, expelled from the US forever, and all their assets seized and expropriated.
    3, BEST solution–all voting, at every level, done on Election Day only, with valid photo ID, with properly regulated digital machines, and the vote counted and reported by the end of that day. No more weeks and months “counting votes.” With digital technology, there is no reason why we can’t do this–if we want to.


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