Talking Over the 2024 Elections

Victor Davis Hanson with cohost Sami Winc discuss who might run in 2024 for both the Democrats and the Republicans. VDH also discusses some of the 2022 Senate races.

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14 thoughts on “Talking Over the 2024 Elections”

    1. Big Mike would work as the dem candidate but for this fact: she is an angry, racist, condescending, elitist mediocrity whose hate for others literally seeps from every pore and every orifice. A month of campaigning would leave a bad taste in the mouths of even dems.

  1. In my opinion, there is still too much faith in the GOP being displayed. All this talk of Trump shouldn’t run/DeSantis should run is moot, as the Uniparty is giving Trump 2 choices: run for president or run from the “dirty, rotten, stinking, corrupt DOJ” ( Mark Steyn attribution). Also, what makes you think DeSantis will run with Trump still out there? DeSantis is smart enough to know that will split the base ala Ross Perot, and to do so would insure dem victory. What’s missing here is the reality of a complicit and chinese-bought GOP, as well as a corrupt and chinese-bought DNC. Its like talking about what you’re going to do with your 1st place race winnings when you don’t have a car that runs. Or a car that’s out-of-gas, if you prefer a more timely analogy.

    1. Michael Pettit

      You hit the nail squarely on the head on all counts. Complicity/corruption of both parties with the Chinese is the 800 lb gorilla that both groups prefer to not talk about.

    2. I don’t see anyone other than possibly Pence running as an Independent in the general in Nov 2024.
      I would like to see DeSantis, Pompeo, Cotton and others run in a primary against Trump. IMO it would give Trump a warm-up for the general as well as present an interview process for Trump’s VP choice, especially Pompeo and Cotton.
      DeSantis will be POTUS in either 4 years or 12 at which point he will only be in his mid 50’s.

  2. Theodore Branin

    I have lived in PA for the last 50 years and am a very conservative Republican. I have observed Fetterman for his whole time in Harrisburg. The only initiative he is known for is scouring the state county by county to hold public fact-finding
    groups on legalizing marijuana. The man has atrial fibrillation which he did not treat for five years after diagnosis and consequently reaped what sowed which is stroke and possible heart damage. I have had afib for the last 15 years and know from experience about afib. The man is stupid and will be easy to caricature. His father goes to the church I used to attend in York here.

  3. I (almost) wish I were still in school so j could have VDH as a professor. So intelligent, educated, humble and elegant. So knowledgeable and well spoken, he stands head and shoulders above so many. Wild thought I know but his affect is so calm, he’d perfect to be on the mainstream shows (it’d never happen) for the daytime know-nothings to get a taste of reality. But it’s beneath his dignity. I can dream that more people would listen.

    1. Michelle Obama has no experience, no qualifications, only name recognition. It would be insanity to elect such a person to the presidency.

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