The Unnaturals: Fauci, Lightfoot, and Newsom

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler for the top stories: China’s military build up, Fauci backpedals, Lori Lightfoot loses, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Gavin Newsom as possible presidential candidates in the Democratic Party.

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11 thoughts on “The Unnaturals: Fauci, Lightfoot, and Newsom”

  1. I have listened to the first 10 minutes or so about Fauci. You talk about Fauci now fessing up to facts about the vaccine. Here’s what his actions and words and rules about covid have done:

    Myself and probably many thousands of other people, men and women, are now alone without their spouse because he said seniors should get the vaccine. We did. My husband had his second dose in February, 2021 and he died July 10, 2021. Collapsed in front of our condo.

    That’s the true measure of what these so-called experts did.

  2. In Nevada, we too have politicians that have over-reaching agendas. Our state legislature has started to meet. Many of the proposed bills will continue to erode our freedoms. A substantial number of liberal legislators come from the Las Vegas area, though a growing number have been elected in the north. I fear we are also turning into a California. As for the weather, here in northern Nevada the snow has been overwhelming. Many a morning and weekend have been spent shoveling. It’s now raining and the worry is flooding. Thank you Victor and Jack for an excellent podcast.

  3. Mr Hanson and Sami,

    I am anxiously awaiting Saturday’s Podcast to see if VDH has any news about his cabin. How are you fairing in the central valley under our Pinapple Express?
    I see Tulare is hit pretty hard.
    I don’t myself know where to put anymore water. The only happy campers around my farm are the ducks.
    Prayers for you VDH and I so hope I have a chance to meet you in person very soon.
    Always welcome at my farm up here in the far east bay of Knightsen.
    Thanks for all your knowledge. I spread it everywhere I can.
    The CA water project is very interesting to me.
    Rose Fisk

  4. Dear Professor: as always, thank you for your thoughtful insights.

    And about your being “totally unqualified,” don’t let that stop you. It hasn’t stopped anyone else!

  5. Erik Vestville

    I agree with the Dr. Hanson’s post and the posted responces. How many president Trumps or potential President De Santises would it take to right this sinking wreck of a ship? This all happened in my short life time. I fear for my 10 year old niece and her generation. Let’s not stop fighting the leftist wrecking balls. Some of my erstwhile “friends” in Los Angeles and Santa Monica are among them. No more of their poison. Where the hell did this infection come from ? ?


      “Where the hell did this infection come from ? ?”

      To America in the 1880s and 1890s, via Germany, but going back to the Jacobin phase of the French Revolution. It didn’t happen overnight; the infection has been brewing away ever since.

      Sometimes it worked faster and harder, as under Wilson, FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Obama, and Biden.

      Sometimes it worked slower, as under Clinton, but also under Hoover, Nixon, Bush 2.

      Sometimes it was halted for a time, as under Reagan.

      But it hasn’t been completely stopped and eradicated.

  6. I lived in CA at the height of its beauty and power and had the opportunity to visit it one or two times a year over the past decade and a half. It is a wonderful and mysterious place. I always love to visit, but the devastation has been beyond belief. Even at its height, though, I’d still (were the choice wholly mine) give the shirt off my back and bury a statue of Saint Joseph upside down in my backyard to be in Jack’s Connecticut. It is the great monument of the sea lords of the West. At least my ashes will rest there some day. I love not the arrow for its swiftness, nor the sword because it is keen, nor the warrior for his pride, but I love that which they defend: the White Tower of Hartford. Qui Transtulit Sustinet.

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