Capitol Videos and Punic Wars

For the weekend edition, Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc on the Mexican border kidnapping, WalMart closing stores due to historic theft in Portland, and Tucker Carlson’s video montage on Jan. 6. VDH continues his series on war with analysis of the Punic Wars.

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10 thoughts on “Capitol Videos and Punic Wars”

  1. Sami, appreciate your providing a well deserved devils advocate perspective to what TC presented, since I am sure many people maintain, and clearly the tact of the liberal press critique. VDH, nice point by point obliteration of this stance. Wonderful question by Sami to get these points out.

    1. James the Curmudgeon

      Hurray for Sami on the push back! I like the way she organizes these podcasts. The Punic Wars had some points I had missed even after a period of intense study a couple years ago. On Tucker: I think the emails that expressed what he really thought of Trump and the election scandal have set off a new wave of distaste with TC that his presentation of the capital tapes is fueling. He’s as much a creature of Big Media as the rest of them (see Megyn Kelly’s podcast for an even take on all that?).

  2. Victor and Sami, thank you for another excellent weekend podcast. The Punic Wars history lesson was really interesting. I look forward to these weekend segments. Your analysis is spot on of the left-leaning media coverage and how it skews the reality of events. I was reading over the weekend about the treatment of Judge Kyle Duncan during a speaking event at Stanford. When this happens, there can be no civil debate or discussion about opposing view points. Hard to believe that Stanford allowed this to happen. It’s fun to hear the updates on your ACDs. Mine (I only have one ACD) gets two heated blankets located in different areas of the house. What we do for our dogs ….

  3. It isn’t unfortunate enough for the progressive liberals to dismiss jurisprudence for those acting on their ideological behalf. The projection extends beyond reason in melodramatic fashion toward those demonstrating in opposition amid a multitude of election irregularities. The real and actually more likely threat to the US constitutional republic.

  4. Victor I am wondering about the crime statistics relative to Hispanic vs others. Where I live in WASHINGTON state the news reports are filled with murder reports of Hispanics by Hispanic perpetrators. Consider the deaths from fentanyl I wonder about seeming lack of attention to Hispanic crime? Love your work!

  5. There’s not much difference between walking in and taking something and then either going to the fully robotic, computerized self-checkout, or putting it under your shirt and skipping the line. Those stores in Portland had a flawed business model that assumed a high-trust, high-functioning society, and the protection of that society’s enforcement of the rule of law. When one or both of those failed, the cost of rearrangement exceeded the price of business as usual, and the market corrected. They can’t lock everything up in cases so they locked the entire store instead — permanently. This is the least confrontational outcome which accommodates the decline of civilization while punishment for those responsible remains absent: they shift to a new market, suburbs, or build a new consumer base in line with “demography is destiny” somewhere other than Portland.

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