Will the 2020 Madness Last?

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

The COVID-19 pandemic is ending with mass vaccinations. So is the national quarantine. The riots, arson, and looting of the 2020 summer are sputtering out—leaving violent crime in their wake.

The acrimony over the 2020 election fades. Trump Derangement Syndrome became abstract when Donald Trump left office and was ostracized from social media. 

In other words, the American people are slowly regaining their senses after the epidemic of mass hysteria and insanity that gripped the nation in 2020. 

But Americans will wonder whether what Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the hard Left wrought last year will last when the nation is no longer gripped by 2020 madness. 

Teachers and academics are notorious for furious opposition to administrative bloat. For the last 50 years, administrations have proliferated, while the ratio of non-teachers to teachers has skyrocketed—to the chagrin of teacher unions. 

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4 thoughts on “Will the 2020 Madness Last?”

  1. “Such hatred (Ben Philippe, Damon Young and Elie Mystal) has never been condemned by Black Lives Matter or other civil rights groups. When the country returns to life after COVID will such 2020 venom still be tolerable?”
    Or will such anti-white hatred be understood as the true driving force and goal of the black revolution, with MLK functioning as a kind of “boob-bait for the bubbas” from 1965 on?

  2. VDH, you are one of my favorites, as well. I actually live in the Central Valley so I am hoping that our paths cross someday, though I was not able to attend the dinner at the Vineyards two weeks ago.
    One caveat — this article does not mention the transgender madness that has swept Western society. I think that it is the greatest madness of all — it is an outright war on our genetic makeup. I will always believe that same-sex marriage was the gateway drug.

  3. i read this… thank you.
    im really writing to thank you for being. i cant read all that you write because i dont have the time. im reading a case for trump. im over half way… just delving into steady state and the names… incestuousnes… i have much to say.
    but mostly, as im sure youve heard and know, how you recall, access, synthesize all that Stuff, as you do, constantly… how you make sense of it in your head, as you tattle and gossip about your subjects, so beautifully, wisely, shrewdly. all with a candid, who me? attitude…
    i just want to thank you. youre a fox. …as for the trump book, he becomes more remarkable with every page. how he survives. you tell it so well, and seemingly objective. i watch trump. he is a representation of the life force. he is. he believes bimself to be. and he is. what you write mirrors who he is, who he says he is. like him or not, hes a phenomenon. remarkable. like um, midas mulligan, in “atlas shrugged.”
    you, however, have written such a telling, insightful, factual piece—behind the scenes. for me, it was a meld of 2 yuugely remarkable men. yes, thanks for being. be well, be safe…

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