The Traditionalist – The Halls of Congress and Cultural Decadence

Victor Davis Hanson and Jack Fowler // Private Papers

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6 thoughts on “The Traditionalist - The Halls of Congress and Cultural Decadence”

  1. Charles Romer

    Jack Fowler is a pleasure to listen to as a host. He complements Hanson’s talk and is properly respectful to note Hanson’s website and books. A nice contrast to other hosts who are not helpful at least not to this listener.

  2. Vince Karlewicz

    Happy to hear this new Podcast.. .The Traditionalist will be a success. A bright light shining on these illusions and trickery.

  3. Steve Van Lier Ribbink

    I no longer see Victor Davis Hanson as an author listed on the National Review’s webpage. Has his relationship with NR as a contributing writer changed? If yes, what happened?
    (Planning to terminate my subscription with NR if VDH is no longer one of its regular contributing writers.)

  4. You, Sir: Victor Davis Hanson are of the highest rank – as a resource for truth and reason – in our country!
    We, speaking for the “many” out here really appreciate your efforts and look forward to each of your podcasts.
    And, your books; I’m buying The Dying Citizen – when it appears @ Barnes & Noble; have The Second World
    Wars on the table by me; also bought and enjoyed Trump; had several from our local public library, and God wiling – may get to read them all! Yes, your works are a Library in themselves… “Many thanks – for that, too!”
    Also, long a “city dweller” – I , too have roots from, in the country; there is nothing that can replace “life on a
    Farm…” as an educational or life experience; it makes everything you say and do very credible – to us!

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