Victor Davis Hanson on America’s Roundtable

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1 thought on “Victor Davis Hanson on America's Roundtable”

  1. :John-Finn: Kavanagh

    For the move from the independence-individualism to cohesion. Please read ‘Britannica’ for the definition. For the Cohesion is being pushed worldwide from the Catholic and apostate-Protestantism to name a few under the title ‘for the common good’.
    But who defines what is the ‘common-good’?
    For the individual conscience is being increasingly bypassed.
    For the Catholic Magisterium which means to conform to their dictates or else!
    Read the Papal Bulls and encyclicals. For they are not hiding there claims.
    For the article in the U.K. ‘Independent.
    ‘No jab-~No entry-~No NHS access = cohesion
    The Jesuit pope and his magesterium has declared war on individualism.
    He has declared it as the new virus.
    Read the article in the New York Times Jan~09~2021.
    or the the German ‘Okumenischer Rat Der Kitchen’
    Refer the UCANEWS [Union of Catholic Asian News].
    Have you Victor: actually read the Nohide laws? Do you understand what they actually say?
    and the death penaltys involved and for their newly defined crime-claims.
    Do you not understand what persecution-~death and: terror this will cause?
    For the chaos these laws will create!
    For the constitution will have to be set aside to enact them.
    Who is the actual author of these laws which are on the books?
    For the signing into law under Bush awaiting enacting:
    within these UNITED-States.
    Wake up the Nohide laws will help cement-join Church and State together to regulate conscience.
    They violate the 10 commandments and the Constitution.
    It takes away your freedom of choice. You’re freedom to dissent from the cohesion.
    For you have-erred badly here.
    Whereby the state by cohesion regulates conscience and removes the individual freedom to decide for oneself choice = Church and territory Joiner. For the State is a courthouse in dry dock.
    This will not end well.
    Wake up
    :John-Finn: Kavanagh.

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