What About It, VDH?

In this weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson takes on questions from his readers: he explains his optimism in US, takes a look at China today, assesses the decline of the ancient Athenian empire, gives a short on the Suez Crisis of 1955-56, and analyzes the long view of progressive control in US politics.

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22 thoughts on “What About It, VDH?”

  1. I am concerned about:
    1. cheating in the 2024 election. We know the the left will cheat, and nothing they won’t do to win. Can the GOP oh game the Democrats in the mail in voting, ETAL.

    2. IMO trump could lose the general election and DeSantis could win. However, the GOP electors are an unknown. Will they nominate DeSantis or will Trump money and Maga win the nomination.?

  2. Terry Chodosh

    Victor, The Dems control Pa, Wis, Mi, and stole the election in Az, states that the GOP needs to win in 2024. Zuck just hired a CIA operative to run “ election policy” many states are continuing to use electronic voting machines, Dominion got a 800 million plus award from Fox News intimidating news networks from questioning their machines, the corrupt Justice dept has indicted Trump and along with the draconian prosecutions of J6 people have intimidated the population, MSM, is in the tank for the Dems , the Chi coms will use any means to prevent a Republican from winning the White House , the trust fund pretty boy gov of Ca will be anointed as the Dem candidate for POTUS. How can we win? Is a secession of red states inevitable?

  3. R Michael Murphy

    Exceptional interview and thoughts by Professor Victor. Would like to access a printed copy to provide my family.
    Thank you for your continued excellence and love of America.
    All the best,
    RM Murphy

  4. What I don’t understand is Victor is talking about how we have to win this next election. I don’t understand why people are talking about elections. That election is already rigged and in the bag, and won for them already. It’s really over isn’t it… it’s over for this country…it’s too late…it’s already lost

    1. Winning the election buys conservatives time to address the underlying causes of our country’s demise. It is not a foregone conclusion that everything is rigged and it is not too late to make a difference. We are striving for our country’s future on behalf of our children and grandchildren. We may not experiencer the America that we want but by God’s grace, we may be laying a foundation for those who come after us.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly with you and challenge the rest of the public to get on the bandwagon that says – You Want Change? Be the Change you want to happen! –
        Vote your convictions, remind your neighbors what they do and how they vote, matters. And talk about the change you hope for with others.

        1. I have a sister and brother-in-law that are wealthy, mostly via investments in the stock market but also by buying and growing a business. Their two adult children are steeped and completely brainwashed in woke culture. Although the parents are conservative in nature, they consistently vote democrat (as they say) to “support their children”. Any attempt at discussing anything political results in an immediate furious response, therefore no discussion is possible. I suspect this is typical of many in the US – parents blindly “supporting” their children’s brainwashed and ignorant political positions without regard to the consequences. The left’s “revolution” is fueled by anger; that’s why they won’t discuss anything – they have no way to defend it, so they respond with anger to anything.

          Then there’s the “well, I like this, but I don’t like that” people who vote straight democrat. They’re ignorant that a democrat vote means they support ALL the democrat positions on EVERYTHING.

          I will do my part and support conservative Republican candidates, but there are so many in the US that are blind to what they are bringing about (particularly for the young) by voting democrat that I fear we’re toast.

  5. Pasquale Gelardi

    When I was 8 my teacher said we couldn’t say a prayer anymore in my class because someone might be offended
    When I was 12 I would get on the bus in Mill Valley with my 22 target rifle and cross the GG Bridge to Presidio for shooting competitions and also in the evening to College of Marin in Kentfield under the basketball court for practices but one night the coach told us not to shoot until the players above started running so we would not be heard . He said someone might be offended .
    Are our Unalienable rights dependent on whether or not someone is offended?
    Reagan fired David Stockman. Why?
    Yuri Bezmenov lectured about the destabilization techniques used by the Soviet Union. Were his theories correct and is Biden/ Obama a result of these techniques decades ago that seem similar to the Saul Alinsky radicals?
    I was born in 1946 in Mill Valley Kalifornia and experienced freedom of speech expanded to cover “ expression “ and found all this very confusing.
    Thanks for being available as I am not blessed with your brain.

  6. Michael winter

    haven’t missed a podcast in years Thank You Victor with Tucker gone(for now) you are a light in the Darkness and my family appreciates the talks from Nonno Victor Molte Bene

    1. It helps if you have a photographic memory. It’s ironic though because he has a monotone and a tendency to use shorthand, concatenation, and obfuscation of his thoughts.  It makes it hard for someone who doesn’t follow him to understand his talks. Trump, on the other hand, is excellent at using shorthands to communicate complex ideas to the masses. 

      1. Thomas O'Brien

        Not sure if Victor has a photographic memory or not. He might answer that in a future podcast.

        But one thing that helps for sure, is years of teaching. By so doing, one reinforces, and reinforces, and reinforces what they have previously learned.

        Of course being very smart, a voracious reader, and a highly prolific author does not hurt at all.

        I too find him amazing.

      2. thebaron@enter.net

        The accent throws us listeners a curve or two, every now and again. Things like “mericratic” for “meritocratic”, “commiserate” for “comensurate”. “Zookerburg”, for “zuh-ker” in “Zuckerberg”. But I think we pick it up quickly.

  7. Colonel Gerry

    I’m a retired Marine Corps officer. IIn February 2003, a bunch of officers got together at my house for a colleague’s birthday. We all agreed that Sadam was contained, and it was insane to invade. We thought Dick Cheney’s, “We will be welcomed as Liberator’s,” comment was nuts.
    I served all 2006 in Iraq on a Joint Command and had access to the highest levels of command, including Casey and Dempsey. As stated, I was dismayed with the war before receiving orders. My apprehensions were exacerbated during the year there and when I returned in 2007. I believe Smedley Butler’s quote, “War is a racket,” truly applied.

    My question: Did you support the Iraq war? If you did (or did not), has your opinion changed over time?

  8. I always associate the song used for the VDH/Sami Winc shows with the old Miller High Life Girl in the Moon commercial. I guess I don’t watch enough movies.

  9. James (the smart a**)

    Ah, Uictor! You are a Classacist of your generation. The Late Classical Period and the Hellenistic Era always get short shrift. Weren’t the Greek federated leagues of the Hellenistic Era free? Weren’t they and Thrasybulus’ Athens better structured and better run than Classical Athens? Don’t write off everything between the fall of Athens and the refounding of Byzantium as Greek subjugation and decay! You’re getting better and better on the Byzantines, but your portrait of (and tendency to flat out skip) the Middle Ages needs real updating too. Maybe Jack can introduce you to a few Catholic Medeivalists. Oh, and the Renaissance has been debunked as a misnomer for over 20 years. 😉

    1. Thomas O'Brien

      Yes, how about the role of Ireland’s medieval monasteries in preserving Christianity and learning that the Germanic tribes (supposedly?) had little interest in?

      How about the role played of these later Catholic missionaries that “rebirth” the once lost knowledge on continental Europe?

      1. Yes! And the consequent flowering of culture among the Christianized Anglo-Saxons (can’t use that word anymore either!) that was so fruitful that when Charlemagne wanted to promote learning, he turned to the Bishop of York, Alcuin. Fun stuff!

  10. You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run…

    In all seriousness: have good teachers, write a lot, read a lot, travel a lot, live a lot, and hang out with people who do the same for a few decades. No different from mastering any other skill.

  11. thebaron@enter.net

    “Haunting music”? The lead-in or bumper music for the Sami podcasts sounds like it’s from a kid’s show. “Professor Smartbrain’s Science Hour.” Polar opposite of “Gary Owen”, used for the podcasts Jack Fowler hosts.

    1. I think he should use “It’s The End of the World As We Know IT” by R.E.M. It’s even got Donald Trump in it!

  12. Robert Sprekelmeyer

    On Interstate 90 between Billings, Montana and Sheridan, Wyoming we drive through Gary Owen, and as we do I think of your program with Jack Fowler which brings on my smile.

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