Donald J. Trump: An Unusual Political History

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss both how Trump became president and then was indicted — a comprehensive discussion.

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28 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump: An Unusual Political History”

  1. Victor,

    Trump did try to sue over changes in voter laws. Guilianni spoke to it. They court said the injury hadn’t happened yet. “Case is not ripe” So its wrong to say that Trump didn’t try to fight the changes in election laws. Thanks Sami for such a wonderful podccast topic. I’m really enjoying this episode.

    1. You are right; The Donald did try to make changes in voter laws, but, I believe, the courts ruled against him. Justice was not served. I’d like to add that mail-in votes should NEVER be allowed.

    2. “If laws indicate imminent foreseeable probable results to cause harm or known to cause harm, it should be considered ‘ripe’ to assert cases. Sometimes ‘catch-22’ snafus deny justice and give unfair advantage to those who weaponize the law for vengeance rather than justice.” DBL JD

    1. There have been several patriots as heroic, but no one more heroic than Donald Trump. He is an amazing man who really doesn’t have to do this. He’s got my vote, as well as my full support.

    2. Thomas O'Brien

      Maybe a George Washington? Maybe?

      My, my what fine company to be associated with. God Bless, Donald Trump.

    3. It appears one trait T had was unprecedented, unparalleled, and unnoticed by the media:
      he reportedly gifted each of his Prez ‘paychecks’ to a real charity. Further, unlike ‘others’, T lost wealth for serving as Prez. Otoh, Clinton, Obama, and Biden each gained substantial wealth. What person that earns their keep making speeches would not wonder at Mr. Clinton’s $500k gig for that twenty-minute read of the teleprompter? It brings to mind Hunter’s sale of his “art”.

      Unlike the Clinton Global Foundation’s audit that was quietly called off for an apparent political reason; and unlike Biden arguably whose heart is the ethic nadir of the patriot Trump’s charity.

      With the left, ‘the flogging will continue until morale improves.’

  2. Marilyn J. Rymniak

    What a perceptive, insightful analysis of Donald Trump, correctly attaching him to the long forgotten “lone hero” of the American Western of the Gary Cooper/Alan Ladd vintage. It had particular resonance for me as I never thought I’d encounter another person in my life who understood so clearly and conveyed so simply that special connection. My father (1910 vintage) understood that connection in precisely the same way and conveyed it to me as we enjoyed watching the Paladin’s, Lone Ranger’s, Virginian’s and Maverick’s of 1950’s television together. It made me understand Trump a bit more as I sometimes get frustrated with some of his seemingly self-destructive ways. Thank you for your wisdom. You give us all hope for America’s future.

  3. One thing you said, VDH, is that in 2019 “Covid came along”. Covid did not come along. It was bought and paid for from China by Biden and the democrat party. The irony is that, we the American consumers, are the ones paying for it. You even said, they knew Trump was going to be re-elected and they were scared and would do anything. They did and no one will ever convince me otherwise. My husband is dead because of it.
    As to your other view that Trump supporters will get Trump fatigue and abandon him. My fatigue rests with the Biden Crime Family, dirty tricks by democrats, lies of democrats, etc. I am not just fatigued, I am sick of all of them.

    1. Thomas O'Brien

      I owe too much to the personal sacrifices that Trump has made for our country to ever get “Trump Fatigue”.

      Only those who are unaware of the existential threat we are truly facing from the traitorous left would succumb to such “fatigue”.

  4. The alleged charges against Donald Trump are miniscule compared with the real charged against the Biden Crime Family, & there are several. Look at the changes that have occurred since Sleazy Joe got into office; wokeism, CRT, the pull-out in Afghanistan, war in Ukraine, trillions of more $$ added to the debt {Build Back Better hasn’t fixed anything}, 87,000 new IRS agents yet Hunter is still free to cheat the government out of millions more $$, the border is wide open & drug cartels are killing our nations youth with fentanyl, kids are 2+ yrs behind in school, inflation is about 30% (not single digit like the media reports), weakening our military with LGBTQ+ policies, angering former allies such as Saudi Arabia, mishandling the COVID epidemic & forcing unconstitutional vaccine on government employees, using the FBI & Justice Dept. to bully his political opponents… AND I CAN GO ON & ON, because I didn’t even touch on the physical well-being of the man, his racism & lack of character in himself & in his son, as well as all of the very serious crimes he has committed.. Whenever I watch Donald Trump give a speech, I’m seeing the Genuine Article; a man importuned by a constant barrage of false criminal charges that would force a lesser man to throw in the towel and fade off into the sunset. Donald Trump is a fighter like this country has never seen before. If Donald Trump were a race horse, he’d be Man O War; a Thoroughbred who lost only 1 race, and that race was fixed.

    1. Robert Cleary

      Exactly, very good points. That is why Elections have consequences. We need Election integrity.

  5. John L Jordan

    Doc, the day after you did this podcast, Donald Trump held a rally in Pickens, South Carolina, population 3000. Close to 100,000 showed up to support Trump. The vituperation against Trump is manufactured by global interests whose plans for global oligarchy are threatened by Trump’s nationalist movement. Trillions of dollars are at stake. They are dogging Trump for a whole lot more than mean tweets and callous speech.–trump-rally-live-president-donald-j.-trump-holds-save-america-rally-in-pic.html

  6. joe holzgrefe

    So Trump can’t pull back from his negative media posts. He doesn’t have the support of enough white suburban women to win. I will vote De Santis.

    1. You may want to take notice of Trump rallies where a large portion of the attendees are ‘white suburban women’. If Trump wins the primay, which he likely will I trust you won’t be voting for the corrupt democrat, whoever that may be!

  7. Susan Kennedy

    Thoroughly enjoyable! Also, all but one comment was spot on. All must judge Trump on his accomplishments. He delivered much more than anyone thought possible. He has our vote because he kept his promises and brought more to the Presidency than any in my lifetime and he loves America. Courage and conviction are two qualities he has that our GOP could gain by watching him. Forget the personality quirks, that’s all they are, and many actually love them.

  8. Susan Kennedy

    Not that he can’t, he should not. He needs to remain authentic and himself. I once watched one of his speeches at a friends home. There were about 15 people watching and when I cringed at something he said the majority cheered and clapped. I realized then that the cringe factor some of us have does not matter. It never did and never will. Accomplishments should always override cringe when our country is at stake. As for those suburban housewives we keep hearing about…..of which I’m one, “Fuhgeddaboudit” as they say in Brooklyn. DeSantis isn’t ready.

    1. It’s like the opening numbers at a rock concert: light up, drink a few, and get into the mood. Without Jack and Sami’s warm up, I’d never be smashed enough to throw my lacy red bra at Uictor when he finishes shredding that 20 minute solo.

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