Week In Review: Happy Fourth of July

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4 thoughts on “Week In Review: Happy Fourth of July”

  1. Professor Hanson. Thank you for a wonderful summary of the past 16 months-it’s good to reflect on the past 16 months on the 4th of July. Your discussion of energy in CA got my attention-It looks like a foreshadowing of what is coming to the entire country. The “Green New Deal” scares me. It feels like a manufactured “crisis” to continue the Democrat power grab after Covid has been totally milked. I read several books: Marc Murano’s “Green Fraud” and especially Michael Shellenberger’s “Apocalypse Never”. The latter is a long time environmentalist who has done honest research. “renewables” will never be –both–reliable and cost effective. We will always need fossil fuels. So will emerging countries. And finally, nuclear is (1)safe) (2) efficient (3) cost effective. The big question behind the Green New Deal is which of the “coastal elites” have invested in renewables and stand to make a lot of money. Don’t exclude Bill Gates in that group.
    So –anyone reading this — please consider reading the books I mentioned. They truly will clearly explain the entire energy situation.

  2. Enjoy, very much, your careful analysis and commentary on critical current issues;
    I share the views and suggest friends, family and associates access your current
    On-line presence at every opportunity. I am looking forward to the new book:
    The Dying Citizen. Your efforts resonate very well with me; I was a kid on a farm…
    And, then – I support Hillsdale College, too – “from way back..”

  3. I learned of VDH roughly a year ago. I have been amazed with him every since. A strong voice of reason in an increasingly insane world!
    I drive a lot & I listen to educational & current event Podcasts almost daily. I am slightly overwhelmed with how to best keep up with VDH’s recordings & written material. Thanks to Jack Fowler’s recommendations, I now visit http://www.victorhanson.com, but I am still uncertain if I am keeping up with all the options.

    Jack mentioned a Weekly Email Summary. I just spent 20 minutes searching for that & webpage above is the closest item I found. Is there an email option I am missing. I’d love it if there is!

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