The Genesis of our American Collective Meltdown

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

This Fourth of July holiday we might pause for a moment from our festivities to ask how we collectively lost our minds over the last 15 months—and are we yet regaining any semblance of our sanity? 

A pandemic caused by the leak of a Chinese-engineered virus and its coverup was cause enough for nationwide madness. But the spread of COVID-19 was followed by a nationalized and often politicized “flatten-the-curve” quarantine that soon ensured a stir-crazy nation. Tens of millions saw no people, and heard nothing human other than what was fed to them through television and computers. No wonder they grew paranoid, conspiratorial, and angry, and soon forgot the therapeutic nature of personal interaction and the shared humanity of being in the physical presence of others.


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4 thoughts on “The Genesis of our American Collective Meltdown”

  1. But think about you’re inferring about Trump: you know he’s not moral— rather, he is the new normal of rightwing amorality. And when things don’t work out, blame the ‘Left’.
    One day you’ll accuse the Left of being aggressive; then you’ll say they’re peaceniks.
    If someone in Hollywood doesn’t drive a fancy car or live in a fancy house, you’ll say they’re losers. If they are ostentatious, you’ll accuse them of being hypocrites.

  2. Excellent review of where we appear to be headed. Very scary. However we must keep the faith freedom will prevail.

  3. Peter Campbell

    Afternoon VDH ! I’m thankful that I discovered your unparalleled common sense and historical reasoning many years ago. I often turn to your opinions and analysis to help me try to understand and explain our collective meltdown in what is the greatest Country in the World. I only hope that somehow , some way we can experience a “New Great Awakening ” and we all again can appreciate this wonderful experiment in humanity we Call the USA!

  4. Judith Walker Pastel

    I’m so glad at we have Victor Davis Hansen to read. He is always so clear and right on the mark!

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