War, Scores and the Last Tragedian

In this weekend episode, Victor Davis Hanson talks with cohost Sami Winc about the Ukraine War two years later, Trump settlement and the NY business community, S.A.T. scores return to university admissions, new non-science in CDC and Health Department decisions, and the last tragedian Euripides.

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4 thoughts on “War, Scores and the Last Tragedian”

  1. I’ve been a longtime listener to your podcast and it’s my favorite. You mentioned the Cuban misile crisis in this episode. I think it’s important to remember that President Eisenhower called in both presidential candidates for a briefing about Soviet nuclear power. He told them that Russia didn’t have any nuclear capability. Kennedy ingnored the facts and ran on a campaign to build up a nuclear arsenal against the Soviets. He proceeded, after he was elected to surround the Soviet Union with nuclear s. They responded by sending nukes to Cuba. In effect Kennedy was responsible for the missile crisis.

  2. Richard Borgquist

    “Rep. Elise Stefanik files complaint against New York attorney general over Trump case
    Stefanik, who is seen as a potential VP pick for Trump,
    has filed other complaints against judges overseeing cases related to the former president or the Jan. 6 riot.” NBC News
    Q: Who reviews her complaints: NY Legal Bar, NY Courts, Federal Courts?
    Will they give a fair review or part of the problem?

    1. A wild guess: a really fair review of almost any legal issue in NY pertaining to Trump or Maga, e.g., J6 demonstrators & rioters, has a nearly zero probability. Lady Justice there wears Zuckerberg’s virtual googles.

  3. PLease let me know, why I can no longer receive your prodcast on Truth Social. I have been listening to it three times a week.

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