Russia! Russia! Forever: An Anatomy of a Left-wing Obsession

Collusion about Collusion

The more candidate Trump in 2016 trolled the Clinton campaign (e.g., “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press”), the more the irate left bought into hysterical conspiracy theories.

Finally, the left became completely unhinged after the 2016 victory. An Obama-era Pentagon lawyer published an essay exploring the chance for a military coup. Retired lieutenant colonels called for a Pentagon intervention. Retired four-stars could not decide whether he was Hitler-like, Mussolini, or the architect of Auschwitz. Celebrities competed to find the most savage image of eliminating Trump—whether by combustion, incineration, decapitation, lethal shooting, or stabbing.

Since then, the press has run with lurid stories about Trump, from having syphilis sores on his hands to “proof” of him beating up Melania. But amid the unhinged hatred, nothing has quite reached the absurdity of the Russia! Russia! obsessions.

In 2016, the country went through crackpot leftist charges of Russian collusion that helped to destroy the lives of innocents like Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, Carter Page, and George Papadopoulos. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s lawyers (gushed over by pundits as the “dream team/all-stars/hunter-killer team”), despite all the pre-investigational hype and hagiography, spent 22 months and $40 million to find no evidence that the Russians swung the election to Trump.

But in that sordid process, we learned the following: that a felonious FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith was convicted of doctoring a court document to mislead a FISA court in efforts to surveille an innocent man; that the FBI director James Comey recorded and leaked via a third party to the New York Times a private, confidential, and likely classified conversation with the President and lied to the president that he was not the subject of a federal investigation; and that he preposterously claimed amnesia or ignorance on 245 occasions under oath to a congressional committee about the various skullduggery of the FBI under his watch.

Comey was outdone by special counsel Robert Mueller. He claimed under oath that he knew almost nothing about Fusion GPS or the Steele dossier, the twin catalysts that had led to his very appointment.

We learned in addition that Christopher Steele was hired by Hillary Clinton (whose campaign was fined $113,000 for federal campaign finance violations), albeit behind three stealthy paywalls (the DNC, Perkins Coie law firm, and Fusion GPS) to disguise her role.

The British ex-spy Steele’s mission was to find dirt on her presidential opponent, Trump. He did so by compiling a “dossier” of fakery and smears. Ironically, many of the most scurrilous charges might have reached Steele through Russian sources.

Yet the left and cable anchors cited as gospel the dossier chapter and verse—until they didn’t, once the weight of its ridiculousness finally crushed their assertions. Steele, remember, was at one time a paid FBI informant, and as a foreign national, was supposed to be barred by statute from being hired by a presidential campaign.

In one of the notable political scandals in recent history, the present National Security Advisor and former Clintonite campaign operative, Jake Sullivan, used various surrogates to promote the lie that there was some sort of secret “backchannel” electronic “ping” communications between the Russian Alfa Bank and the Trump campaign and Trump Organization. The concocted myth was considered useful in advancing the “collusion” lie throughout the media, until even MSNBC and CNN quietly dropped the accusation.

Note “Russian collusion” destroyed the careers of three former FBI chiefs and a host of others. The amnesiac Mueller was discredited to the point of embarrassment in his congressional testimony. James Comey’s machinations finally entrapped him in a web of deceit and partisanship. Andrew McCabe committed career suicide by lying on at least three occasions to federal officials and allegedly co-dreaming up the ridiculous “wire” caper with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to secretly tape the President of the United States in efforts to prove him unhinged and thus to remove him via the 25th Amendment.

FBI counsel James Baker was instrumental in trying to seed the fake dossier with the media before resigning and being hired by Twitter for a multimillion-dollar salary as deputy general counsel. Twitter, remember, was contracted in 2020 by the FBI to help suppress news accounts deemed unfavorable to the Biden project. Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee’s “minority report” on collusion is now regarded as one of utter fantasy, despite being treated at its release as the final word on collusion.

Disinformation about Disinformation

Given the sordid Russia! Russia! conduct of 2016, one would have thought the left would have dropped the “collusion” caper. But instead, like an addict, they resumed their fixation again in 2020—as “collusion” now transmogrified into “disinformation.” When Hunter Biden abandoned his Biden-incriminating laptop at a repair shop and its contents reached the media, despite the best efforts of the FBI to suppress it, the administrative state went into action with another Russia! Russia! hoax.

Another member of the current Biden national security team (is there a pattern here?), current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, called up former acting CIA Director Michael Morrell to round up more than 50 former senior intelligence officials and “authorities” to sign and release on October 19—just three days before the final Biden-Trump debate and less than three weeks before Election Day—a collective letter. In it, the signed “experts” claimed that the released emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop (it was then currently in FBI possession and the agency knew it was genuine) had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Only it had none.

That was a demonstrable lie and soon proved to be—but only conveniently after the election. Note that no one in the FBI challenged that accusation despite, again, being in possession of the contents of the laptop. The laptop farce enabled Joe Biden three days later to assert in the debate:

“There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s accusing me of is a Russian plant. They have said that this has all the … five former heads of the CIA, both parties, say what he’s saying is a bunch of garbage. Nobody believes it except him and his good friend, Rudy Giuliani.”

Biden failed to remind Trump that his own campaign flack, Blinken, had helped to cook up the entire scheme to arm Biden in the debate.

Two years later, in August 2022, the Technometrica Institute of Policy and Politics polled 1,335 adults and found that almost four out of five Americans who reported that they followed the elected felt that an honest reporting of the laptop scandal would have altered the result of the 2020 presidential election.

Seventy-four percent of those polled felt that the FBI had deliberately misled the public when it falsely claimed that the laptop was part of Russian “disinformation.” Note that the FBI went further still, enlisting Twitter and other social media platforms before the election to censor any news account that accurately stated the laptop was authentic.

Note also that Hunter and his lawyers, in surreal fashion, are currently suing the repairman for “invasion of privacy” violations—without admitting that Hunter’s laptop is Hunter’s laptop. Hunter, in interviews, has not denied it was his, only that he was unsure. Yet he would never deny his ownership under oath, since he knows it is demonstrably his laptop, along with the contents inside it. So exposing his own abandoned laptop is an “invasion of privacy,” but Hunter does not claim the laptop is or is not his?

No “authority” who signed the letter—not John Brennan, not James Clapper, not Leon Panetta—has ever apologized for spreading disinformation on the eve of a debate and election to alter the results.

For a party that lectures ad nauseam about saving democracy and “election interference,” it is hard to imagine greater interference than a campaign rounding up sympathetic intelligence authorities to mislead the country to warp an election, even as the FBI and social media were doing the same work through censoring news accounts.

What was Russian Reset?

But who exactly did go soft on Putin’s dictatorship?

On March 6, 2009, in Geneva, to great fanfare, Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State, gave Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a red plastic button with the word “reset” in English and, sort of, in Russian, to mark a supposed new partnership. The Obama administration subtext was that the prior militarist, President George W. Bush, had reacted too strongly to the 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia over territorial disputes in Ossetia. Indeed, for years after, Hillary Clinton characterized the appeasement of Putin that followed as a “brilliant stroke.”

Yet the story of reset for the next five years was serial U.S. concessions to Putin coupled with naïve expectations of Russian reform. Five years later, Vice President Joe Biden admitted that ‘reset’ was an utter failure, given the 2014 Russian invasions of the Donbass and the Crimea, serial Russian hacking of American institutions, and Russian buzzing of American planes and ships. Vladimir Putin had adjudicated the Obama/Biden naivete as frailty to be manipulated rather than an olive branch to be reciprocated.

Or, as Biden put it:

“All of us, we all invested in a type of Russia we hoped—and still hope—will emerge one day: a Russia integrated into the world economy; more prosperous, more invested in the international order.”

Recall the now-infamous Obama hot mic exchange in Seoul, South Korea, in March 2012, an election year, with then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. The latter is now known mostly in the West as Putin’s obsequious megaphone, who routinely threatens Ukraine, Europe, and the United States with nuclear retaliation. Obama, in his message to Putin, seemed to assume reset still constituted quid pro quo understandings, as the transcript of the hoc mic exchange demonstrates:

Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space.”Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

Obama: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Despite all the “fact checker” denials, what is often missed is that the proposed bargain was more than met: Obama continued to dismantle plans for Eastern European-American cooperation to protect from long- and short-range missiles, and so was more than “flexible” on killing a project that might well have given the Europeans some peace of mind after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In exchange, Putin cooperated by giving Obama “space” during his “last election” by not humiliating his foreign policy failures by invading yet another one of Russia’s neighbors. But after Obama was reelected and after missile defense was cancelled, Putin felt unbound again and invaded both Crimea and the Donbass in 2014, correctly expecting no retaliation at all.

Obama-Biden versus Trump on Russia

Amid all the narratives of Trump’s “collusion” and collaboration with Putin, there remains one truth that not even the postmodern media can erase. Putin invaded his neighbors in 2008, 2014, and 2022, or in three out of the last four administrations, but, notably, not during the Trump years of 2017-21.

Trump had killed more Russian combatants—perhaps 300 of the Wagner group mercenaries in Syria—than at any time during the Cold War. In August 2019, Trump withdrew American participation from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty on grounds—supported by the Europeans—that Russians had repeatedly violated the agreements without serious American objections.

Trump sanctioned the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and warned the Germans that their dependency on Russian natural gas was self-defeating and undermined NATO solidarity. Such sanctions were overturned quickly once Biden entered office.

Trump sold offensive weapons—javelins included—to Ukraine, weapons systems previously tabled by Obama. In 2021, Biden froze $100 million in military aid to Ukraine, including offensive weaponry, after falling for Putin’s feints and lies that he was drawing down Russian troops from the Ukrainian border.

Biden, remember, asked Putin not to hack American humanitarian institutions. He said his reaction to a Putin invasion would hinge on whether it was a major or minor one, and offered to fly Ukrainian President Zelensky out of Kyiv when the Russians attacked.

Trump’s ‘drill baby, drill’ policy of flooding markets with cheap petroleum crashed the world price and cut deeply into Russian export income. In 2018, Trump hit more Russian officials, oligarchs, and companies with new sanctions.

One might conclude that Putin enjoys trash-talking and sermonizing American presidents who are careful never to confront him, while he is more wary of unpredictable presidents who say occasional nice things about him, even while they make his agendas impossible to implement.


As this year’s election nears, expect the Russia! Russia! fantasies to heat up again to mask a failing administration and its indefensible record of a lethally open border, inflation, crime waves, foreign policy implosions, crackpot energy agendas, the weaponization of our institutions, and deteriorating race relations.


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36 thoughts on “Russia! Russia! Forever: An Anatomy of a Left-wing Obsession”

  1. And yet, all of these awful, lying, conceited people remain Scott free, while Trump faces 91 charges and now over a half a billion in fines/penalties.
    These people are ruthless and will continue their evil ways until an opposition party has the willpower to initiate the legal prosecution to crush them and put the fear of God in them. I am waiting and so are millions of my fellow Americans…

    1. God gave dominion over the earth to his one-time favorite angel, Lucifer.

      It was part of His plan of redemption.

      Surely we are getting close to the end.

  2. The leadership of the USG bureaucracy and the myrmidon around and below Biden, are expeiencing the hard lessons of real politik from both Russia and China. The US is being outplayed on the international scene as well as having no clue how to counter, or simply keep pace with a well planned and executed covert action/subversion program mounted against us. The simple, subtle and direct sabotage phases of the Chinese and Russian program is visible and working. Coupled to this, the disinformation and covert influence phase of the destabilization of America has matured, is effective and well underway. In a phrase, we are loosing, on all fronts. We have yet to recognize and accept what is occurring inside the nation. The chaos at our borders, and the increasing external pressurization efforts that are taking American lives in small numbers will continue to occur and increase in lethality. This lethal, offensive program against American citizens and our strategic infrastructure inside the country is especially dangerous because we remain largely unaware of its size and scope, and are unprepared to address it. We have the most deadly combination of arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence at the command level I have ever seen in my lifetime. I was a career senior intelligence service case officer in CIA for much of my adult life. I turned 70 in December. We are in for a period of extreme internal and external turbulence and are unprepared to face it.

    1. John, I believe you.

      I vacillate between thinking that we are just incompetent, or is it that there are forces within the government that are trying their best to destroy us. The Afghanistan debacle points to incompetence. The porous border cries out “inside job”.

      Does it make any difference? We are screwed either way.

      1. I told my dad, over 20 years ago, that “IF our country’s destruction was not intentional, then the law of averages would dictate that occassionally they’d F’up & sign a treat or do something good for the country. Instead, EVERYTHING that has been done in my lifetime has been detrimental to OUR well being!!”

  3. Obama has done more Marxist Damage to America, than Any other POTUS. It’s just a shame, his Mentor Bill Ayers – Weatherman Anarchists, got an FBI Plea Deal to expose International Terrorists planning to hit America, or so it was believed at the time. All he did was outwit the FBI. Consequently a Vicious Anti-American Marxist Bill Ayers was successfully able to mentor Barak Obama. My friend Larry Grathwohl tried to warn America about Obama’s Nefarious Mentor, however it all went unheeded. Obama and Ayers should be in Orange Jumpsuits in Guantanamo

  4. Yes. And all that will be ignored, repressed/suppressed, or manipulatively recast by self-righteous ideologues who are disgracing the profession of journalism. The danger is that their “journalism” will influence too many busy, negligently trusting voters.

  5. I never thought in my 80 years as an American citizen, that I would see this country devolve into the corrupt left wing mess it has become. The level of stupidity, corruption, criminality and incompetence boggles the mind.

  6. Dear Mr. Hansen,

    This message/writing continues your excellent recollection of the outright “CHEATING” at a “Revolutionary” level by members of the Democrat party and their hires in government to win not only a presidential election but also to secure the election of down-ballot Democratic politicians.

    By proxy, it allowed the appointments of 1000s of Democrat “black boots/foot soldiers” to important authority roles at federal and state agencies, not to forget ALL the other elected positions of power at state, county, and city levels throughout the country.

    The consequences of Donald Trump being elected President brought forth, a crime(s) of such magnitude, that it should/must be considered the greatest CRIME(s) in history, as to stealing a country’s electoral process to control all levels of government, controlling all facets of life within that country,…… EVER!

    When they say something is “Biblical”…that may be an understatement as to how many humans, as well as the planet, have been affected.

    The “warping of reality” as to how Americans can evaluate the integrity of their government, government processes, and its officials “running the show” has been shit on to a point where one might just forever be disenfranchised and relieved of any sense of morality and ethical honor.

    The stench of deceit by “trusted” officials may never go away. People in America will abandon all concepts of personal accountability & responsibility for their behaviors.

  7. All I can say at this point is that VDH and so many other other courageous and brave patriots like him will go down in history much like our Founding Fathers and those who fought alongside them. We have entered a period in our history where we must unite behind these patriots, support them and pass along their wisdom to as many as we can to reclaim our traditions, liberties and hold on to the freedoms that made America great.
    G-d bless Victor Davis Hanson and his compatriots and G-d Bless the Unites States of America.

  8. Sadly, we all know that those who need to know things like this will never see it in their own daily readings. Not likely to appear on the MSN clicks or Yahoo.

  9. All true, and I might add that most Americans are tired of hearing about Black victimization post-George Floyd who was hardly a role model. Thanks to Obama, the racial divide is now palpable, unless more Black leaders come forward to discredit the liberal Democrat strategy, both politically & in the media. We’ve reached a tipping point, where the majority of Americans are fighting back against this destructive, woke culture nonsense, be it about race, gender, sexuality or other fabricated cause.

  10. It is easy to convince people of obvious lies when that is what they believe already.

    Cognitive dissonance is unpleasant.

    But cheering for your side is always enjoyable. Focusing on a scapegoat, like Trump, makes it even easier.

    However, the only way to jumpstart a brain is to rattle it first with painful cognitive dissonance.

    That’s why the Left has safe spaces. The masterminds understand how influence and propaganda work.

    To them, it doesn’t matter if something is true or not. That is the least of their concerns.

    So, yes, they will do all of this one more time. This is all they have to work with, which is nothing.

    They will just make some crap up and run with it, full bore, all media pistons driving at once, as if part of a massive, fine-tuned V8 engine.

    We need to figure out a way to make them drive that machine off a cliff.

  11. No matter how many vote for DJT, I fear a probable return to the election of 2020. Namely rioting & violence, and voting malfeasance as outlined with honor & pride by Time magazine columnist Molly Ball, who on 02/04/21, attempted to explain how Democrats won.

    In her piece “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” she & others write about:

    -A partnership between the left, & nonpartisan & conservative actors.
    -A multi state change to election law & voting systems.
    -Expansion of mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, & ballot healing, and more.
    -New funding for liberal activist groups from both private & public partnerships, in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
    -The metaphorical “handshake between business & labor”.

    She doesn’t cover the BLM/Antifa violence movement but to me that threat of serious violence can be quickly summoned to act THIS YEAR.

    She also writes about the phalanx of lawyers employed to litigate voter ID law, election questioners with SMASHING SUCCESS.

    If by chance DJT can win, what awaits his new administration? Leaked phone calls with heads of state? A CIA, NSA, & FBI full court press upon he and his administration? Timid Republicans afraid of their shadow? What work will he be able to do & make permanent?

    I. Fear. The. Worst.

    -The creation of a partnership

    1. What we need is a few more, maybe several thousand more, Kyle Rittenhouse like defenders willing to stand up and protect businesses against the rioters. I say this knowing the trouble Kyle went through later on was not of his making, resulting in defending his own life.

    2. 2020 will not be allowed to happen again without serious consequences. Look on X sometime to see that eyes are opened. As for BLM/Antifa, let them attempt the burning looting rioting again. People are angry and prepared to defend their own.

  12. When left wing democrats use the expression “our democracy,” it is important to note that the first word in the phrase is actually more important than the second. Using the possessive “our” hides their differentiating themselves from those of us with whom they disagree, if not despise, deceptively implying that the their proprietary definition of democracy still connects with the one popularly connected to its historic roots. These observations spark two thoughts for me:
    1. The “us vs them” dichotomy stealthily buried in “our” dishonestly suggests that all Americans are actually and ultimately on the same team and, if not allies, at least we’re all co-belligerents ready live and, if necessary, die to sustain the nation. Instead, they harbor a Maoist understanding of group identity where “The People” includes only those who agree with the party’s position and excludes those who don’t. The excluded won’t count as people but as targets or as not so collateral damage.
    2. Democracy is a word whose meaning can change when expediency demands it. We should take seriously James Lindsay’s cautionary observation. We can share the same vocabulary without realizing that we don’t share the same dictionary. See C.S. Lewis’ brilliant treatment of Democracy in Screwtape Proposes a Toast from The Screwtape Letters. Catch John Cleese’s audiobook rendering of it, if you can find it. Lewis’ 1962 supplement to the original 1942 edition was stunningly prescient.

  13. One more thing…
    Questions of currently being in a Civil War have been bandied about. I haven’t come to my own conclusion about that yet, but I am persuaded that enough people have concluded that we’re close enough that they feel a War Ethic is allowed if not demanded. While we wouldn’t consider fire bombing Tokyo or Dresden or dropping nuclear weapons on Hiroshima or Nagasaki today, we once decided those actions were warranted. I don’t know if Democratic Party ideologues are terrified that our once universally shared notions of democracy are under existential threat from anyone to their right or if democracy for them has been incoherently reduced to merely their own holding of all power until all opposition is neutralized. Whether it’s PoliSci majors from 1968 still shouting “By any means necessary” or current day “How I am a Victim Studies” majors now also bleating “By any means necessary,” it seems that perpetual revolution is the preferred mode of existence over perpetual, incremental and SUBSTANTIVE improvement. To adapt an expression from 50 years ago, people feeling the need to destroy the Constitution in order to save it give themselves free rein (and perhaps free reign) to consign many of us to not much freedom at all. As the number of people who think that their power grip is in existential peril might increase, antics explained away by their War Ethic will make it very hard on a lot of people.

    1. I would never advocate civil war.

      However, a conflict on this scale would require sizable, well-organized, state-run militias. I believe the second amendment talks about this.

      Interesting that several states have sent troops to Texas to help defend the border.

      Is this a trend or a blip?

      Whatever they did in Texas, it seemed to work. Now the illegals are flooding my state (CA).

  14. I know Trump say’s becoming President again is revenge enough but he surely cant leave these traitors to get off scott free? The damage they have wrought on the U.S. and the world more broadly must be punished. I hope he does wreak havoc on these liars and traitors. To set an example for future leaders it is a must!

  15. A timely reminder of all the abuses the democrats pushed since 2016 and the failures before that.

    The word is getting out but will it reach the masses to prevent another rigged election?
    I cannot see any leftist rag posting this summary, not even the WSJ would allow it to be printed.

    Any chance the Professor would be willing to enter the devil’s den of CNN or MSNBC?

  16. The imminent drone-train wreck is speeding down the tracks, controlled by Democrat operatives and their proxies swarming the media in the 2024 Presidential race just 9 months ahead. If all fails, the injustice department will take up the slack to ensure their power base remains at the helm. Is it any wonder the Dems have swamped the country with indigents all over the world who would gladly cast a ballot for a hot cup of coffee, let alone a free ride on the good-ship America.

    Ignorance is bliss when every vote counts the same, and that’s what propels a party (Democrats) to survive. They indoctrinate stupidity through education, ergo lack thereof. The playbook has “worked” thus far, turning the absurd as VDH points out to revelations that are impossible to ignore if sensibility is the driving force. Conservatives are not blindfolded by this new reality any longer as evil lurks. However, what giveth from social media and alt-media can also taketh; mainstream media reluctance is beholden to the tail that wags the dog. Not that the left won’t exasperate themselves with other “disinformation” campaigns, we have a duty as patriotic Americans to make it hard — very hard to make us what we are not.

  17. The fact that all of Obama’s men – eg. Lerner, Comey, Brennan, etc.. – have gotten off scott free only emboldens other corrupt actors. If Trump isn’t elected the rot in our once hallowed institutions will not only remain but continue to grow.

    We’re living in a truly Orwellian age where the surveillance technology on our phones can record your written opinions and the NSA can store them for future identification and cataloging. We’ve seen how the corrupt DOJ has gone after concerned parents protesting CRT at school board meetings or what can happen to journalists such as Matt Taibbi when they refuse to name sources and get a subsequent knock on the door from the IRS or how the FBI can send a SWAT team to humiliate and intimidate a law abiding father who had protected his young son from physical harm during a lawful protest outside of an abortion clinic.

    The Nazis infiltrated the German security apparatus to form the Gestapo in order to target individual citizens, not just their political enemies. Are we on the same path to totalitarianism?

  18. I have two friends from high school who are mentally ill in their hatred of Trump. Both have multiple post graduate degrees. Both are experts in there fields, but they do things like assert who is the owner of boat repair shop with an unbelievable tone of authority. It was such a minor thing, but they smarter than God and they demanded that so and so was the owner who is not. I can see them literally crumble and their eyes roll like confused old person. It is gross to see them squirm like some crazy from Doestoyesky But, he believed in God. His tortured sole had a path to redemption. I don’t think these people have a path to redemption. Tom

  19. I wonder if the weakness of Putin will trigger China’s annexation of Siberia. I also wonder why Iran has not rescued the Moslems who disappeared in China. Echoes of Russian, Chinese, and Iron Empires are still with us.

  20. You want Truth? Can you handle the Truth?
    Once communists get power they Cannot be voted out. Are you listening? You cannot vote them out. Do you believe that the German People could have voted Adolf Hitler out of office? The Same is true of Democrats. You will Never VOTE them out of office. Never You are Fools if you believe that. Bathing in Salt water will not cure cancer. It must be physically cut out. Facts are facts people. You can whine until He’ll freezes over but nothing will change. ACTION is needed. You have no right to whine if you do not ACT.

  21. I been holding back because, as a 62 year old American, I’ve been conditioned by terms like ‘trademark’ and ‘copyright’ to protect my intellectual property. I’ve been ‘brainwashed’ by my own free existence to protect what is mine and often want credit for my ideas. Selfish, huh? In other words, I’ve been Americanized. But now, whether I get credit or not, I’m putting this out there in the hope that a patriot like VDH, my favorite historian, will see it and place it in his repetoire of brillliant ideas. It concerns the acronym MAGA, Make America Great Again, one of my alltime favorites. Liberals don’t like MAGA. They’re trying to make it a dirty word. They’re jealous, because they can’t come with one as impressive themselves (see that lame slogan Build Back Better). Also, some on their side (primarily blacks) like to argue that America can’t be made great AGAIN since it was never great for them. Now, MAGA is too choice a phrase to do away with entirely…but it could be changed in a subtle way that Trump could still vocalize it on the campaign trail, and at the same time quell some of the left’s aversion to it. He’d also be showing his willingness to adapt, if it would help heal a divide. So here’s my idea: Change MAGA slightly. Change, Make America Great Again (into) Make America Great ANYWAY. That’s STILL Maga. MAKE AMERICA GREAT ANYWAY! This is my contribution to the political discourse. I HOPE TO HEAR TRUMP USE IT ON THE TRAIL.
    Bobby Whitman from Fitzgerald, Georgia.

  22. Superb analysis until you reach the Ukraine issue. The Hillary/Obama reset was NOT a naïve hope for Russian change — it was a delay tactic — backed by the Minsk accord in 2015 — to have time to arm and train Ukraine for the future balkanization of Russia. And it was also a set-up to persuade Russia to massively enrich the Clintons through the Uranium One transaction. Russia’s “aggressions” were all in response to attempted NATO nuclear encirclement — especially Ukraine where a massive military buildup to retake the Donbass (never covered by the corrupt western media) triggered the Russian SMO.

  23. Pepe Sobreruedas (Miami, FL)

    I love it how Victor takes old arguments and refashions them anew with every edition…Sharper and more crystallized each time, never repetitious nor boring…A little more attention to editing would make them perfect…But hey…when you write over 3k words weekly…you’ve got to give a little to get a little…I already feel the vacuum left behind after Victor is gone…

  24. Amos Fleetwood

    You can count on them killing Trump or federally kicking him off the ballot. Something they started the ball rolling on, today.

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