Being Left: All Things Trump and Their Insensible Insensitivities

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson talk with cohost Sami Winc about all things Trump, more anti-Semitism at Harvard, NATO should pay up, and trans-players injuring women.

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5 thoughts on “Being Left: All Things Trump and Their Insensible Insensitivities”

  1. Sami and Victor the democrats don’t have contempt for the people they have contempt for the Republicans in Washington, Including Mccarthy.
    Remember when they shot Steve Scalise? The Republicans did nothing. They did nothing!!! Wait they did, Remember they apologized.
    Now how can you respect peoplike that????

  2. Dear Hanson,
    A resounding yes to your rhetorical questions on payback to the democrats. Scorched earth then salt land. These lunatics are trying to hurt us, whether ideology or stupidity doesn’t matter. They’ve stated their goals, we should take them at their word. WRT McCarthy, he’s lucky to have you as friend. I would point out he sabotaged his colleagues when he raised the debt ceiling past the election, removing any leverage against the administration. An unforced error in my opinion. He also double dealt with the democrats, lest we forget. Pelosi threw him under the bus. Ironic, no?
    Sincerely, Eric Koehler

  3. Dr. Hanson recurrently asks, “Do they think that the American people are stupid?”
    What does it matter whether the American people are stupid or not if they are unwilling or unable to act on their intelligence? I believe that that is the source of the Democrats’ contempt — and actions.

  4. I know several people who served on juries in Baltimore City. Most juries are black as are those charged with a crime. Jury nullification for theft and drug selling charges is the norm using two conditions. The jurors just want to go home and the charged individuals “were just feeding their family”. The drug and crime stats ten years ago stated 10% of the city’s population were drug addicts (about 50,000) and 40% of all black males were in the justice system, either out on bail, in jail or on parole and this was under a series of black mayors.

  5. The key here is the Dems are not only pushing these destructive pro Chinese polices to see what they can get but also to bait Republicans to react in kind. Then the government falls, society falls and they believe they will be in power over the ashes that remain. Somehow we need to win the independents, take back our schools, corporations and law enforcement while isolating these extreme traitors

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