The Latest from Elon to China and Ukraine

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss Elon Musk and the Left, China protests, Arizona the purple state and the Ukraine.

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9 thoughts on “The Latest from Elon to China and Ukraine”

  1. No mention of the Hudson reports’ findings on corruption in Ukraine? No mention of EU governments seizing Russian energy assets? No mention of French efforts to squeeze out more nuclear power? No mention of attempts to push for a negotiated settlement? No mention that everything you admire in Trump you fret about in Zelenskyy? No mention that the Ukrainians will keep fighting whether we find them or not? No mention that Biden continues to be tepid on Ukraine as well as the squad? No mention of strong bipartisan support for the war? No mention of McMaster or Kotkin or anyone’s possitive strategic assessments of the war? It seems like you want to see Putin’s War turn into a disaster for Ukraine just to vindicate Trump and stick it to Biden. This is just intellectual laundering for unpalatable Trumpism and incohate national populism. And btw, it’s “Ukraine,” not “the Ukraine”. How many of them have to suffer and die to stick it to the Progressives?

      1. Yeah, I got stuck on that when I was looking at ye olde spellcheck. Teh interwebs say “Inchoate”, so I guessed wrong. Me talk big words from my own mouth but no can spell ’em.

  2. I agree with Victor Hanson on most subjects but not so much Ukraine. John J. Mearsheimer had Ukraine figured out long before the war broke out. The U.S. policy of meddling around the world is what created the war. Worse than that are the career State Department deep state operatives like Vindman, Yovanovich and Fiona Hill who ran their own foreign policy agendas against the will and policy of their CIC, President Trump. These people act like they own the world and utilize powerful U.S. influence to further their own petty world views and self-interests. Putin does not suffer fools gladly. Nor should he have to. The sole purpose of NATO is to contain and provoke Russia. The cold war ended many years ago. In our tri-polar world, Russia is a potential friend. China is a permanent competitor and the CCP will never be a friend. Biden has business dealings through Hunter with all 3 countries. That makes everything reported about Ukraine and Russia a litany of lies. Victor repeats the NATO party line that Putin badly miscalculated at the start of the war. That is just a way of taunting Putin. No one can read his mind. The woeful track record of our military and intelligence ‘experts’ speaks for itself from Afghanistan to Ukraine. Our own Presidents have all launched cruise missile attacks that killed some innocent people. Those are war crimes too. Sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines are acts of war. Our own President is corrupt to the core. Glass houses.

  3. I think it’s clear now why the Left is so distraught at their vehicle being taken over by someone who is outside their suffocating circle.

    If only somebody like Musk would take over Facebook now!!

  4. You can oppose helping Ukraine in the war with Russia but doing so does not require one to justify putin’s invasion of Ukraine. If NATO is designed to provoke Russia, what did NATO provoke from 1949-1991? The North Korean invasion of the ROK? North Vietnam’s invasion of south Vietnam? The wars of terrorism against Mozambique Ethiopia Guinea Bassou, Angola, Granada, Nicaragua, El Salvador Colombia Afghanistan and myriad other countries in which Soviet arms money and training terrorized entire countries? The invasion of Czechoslovakia or hungry? Or the thousands of terorist attacks by the red brigades and black September and the bader meinhof gang? Or using Iraq Syria Cuba North Korea and Nicaragua as state sponsors of terrorism? Or Moldova and Georgia? Peter Huessy

  5. I continue to be amused and perplexed by Dr. Hanson’s affectation with mispronouncing the word “Parler.” I’ve heard Dan Bongino, one of the original founders (and funders) of the social media site pronounce it simply, like the family room in an old house, but somehow Dr. Hanson gets “leer” or “leur” in that second syllable. The word probably comes from the French verb “to talk” but the French drop the last “r” and pronounce it “par-lay.”

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