Tearing Down the Silicon Valley Wall

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

Elon Musk has finally managed to buy Twitter. And the moment he did, the enraged Left flipped out.

Abruptly leftists began trashing their favorite electronic communications platform as the domain of the nation’s elite, professional classes. Had they just discovered that they had been racists and privileged users all this time?

And what happened to the Left’s former worship of Musk as the man who revolutionized the clean, green automobile industry with his Tesla electric car company?

Or Musk the space revolutionary and hip star trekker, who with his own money helped ensure the United States remains preeminent in space exploration?

Or Musk, the patriot who is providing free next-generation internet service to the underdog Ukrainians fighting Russians for their lives?

No matter. The Left reviles Musk because he has announced that Twitter will be the one social-media platform whose business is not to censor or massage free speech in an otherwise monopolist, intolerant, and hard-Left Silicon Valley.

Who knows, Musk might even allow former president Donald Trump to communicate on Twitter—in the fashion that the terrorist Taliban, Iranian theocrats, and violent Antifa protesters all take for granted in their daily access to Twitter.

But how did the once free-speech, anti-trust, let-it-all-hang out Left become a Victorian busybody, a censorious Soviet, and an old-fashioned robber-baron monopoly?

When it discovered that few Americans wanted left-wing, socialist politics it turned elsewhere. It found power instead through control of American institutions, from academia and Wall Street to traditional and social media.

When Musk merely talked about buying Twitter, the Left shrieked that an outlier multibillionaire owning a media—and especially a social media—venue was unfair. The buyout was supposedly “dangerous” and “a threat to democracy.”

But the more the Left screamed, the less people listened.

After all, left-wing Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has roughly 15 times more market capitalization than Twitter. It has an audience of 2 billion users—over seven times larger than Twitter’s 271 million.

Zuckerberg’s monopoly on global social media and his enormous wealth were stealthily put in service to the Democratic Party in the 2020 election. He reportedly infused nearly $420 million of his media money into warping the vote in key precincts, by augmenting and absorbing the work of state registrars to empower likely left-wing voters.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the second wealthiest man in the world, owns the influential Washington Post. It has moved markedly to the activist Left under his patronage.

Multibillionaire Lisa Jobs, widow of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, owns The Atlantic. It has become an increasingly hard-Left political magazine.

So in Orwellian fashion, apparently most media-owning, left-wing billionaires are good? But one social media-owning, non-left-wing billionaire is bad?

How exactly might a Musk-owned Twitter alter an election?

By emulating the former directors of Twitter and the rest of Silicon Valley social media who canceled not just conservatives, but any new communication they felt harmful to the 2020 Biden campaign?

From the outset, it was clear that Hunter Biden’s lost laptop incriminated his dad, Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Joe Biden was referenced by his own quid pro quo, grifting son variously as “the Big Guy” and “Mr. Ten Percent”—a full partner in peddling Beltway influence to rich foreign actors.

Yet in lockstep, social media banned most coverage of the pre-election laptop story.

It instead spread its standby false narrative of “Russian disinformation.” We now know the laptop was always authentic. The crude efforts to suppress mention of it were classic politicized news suppression.

Still, the Left may well have some reason to be terrified of Elon Musk. Should he liberate Twitter from left-wing scolds and groupthinkers, would other renegade new companies and old standbys follow his lead?

Is Musk’s $46-billion acquisition the internet equivalent of Germans in November 1989 with sledgehammers smashing down the Berlin Wall?

Does Musk sense that the looming November midterm elections may result in one of the rare landslide verdicts in American history?

Does he assume the public prefers a muckraker who demands free speech rather than corporate insider cronies censoring expression they don’t find useful?

Polls show that the American people have had their fill of 14 months of self-inflicted, ideology-driven disasters. And why not, given the nonexistent border, spiking crime, inflation, unaffordable gasoline, and neo-Confederate racial fixations?

Are the recent Netflix implosion, the CNN+ disaster, the Disney debacle, the Virginia statewide and San Francisco school board elections, the polls showing massive defections of Latinos from the Left, and the grass-roots pushback against government-imposed mask wearing, and explicit transgender education in the k-3 grades—also symptoms of a reckoning on the horizon?

The country is ready for a revolution. And Musk believes he can lead it with his Silicon-Valley sledgehammer.

So, as the Left says, “Bring it on.”

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8 thoughts on “Tearing Down the Silicon Valley Wall”

  1. Eileen Marotto

    Spot on! Born (1950) and raised in a Communist American home with regular visits by the FBI and a father who appeared and testified in the huac hearings, I found my own way to sanity in my early 20’s. But the years of brainwashing left me ever vigilant of what I was told would always be ready to strike again, when they felt the time was right. As they are now. But Musk appears with the ability, clarity, money and desire to even out the playing field. And I can take a breath again.

    1. Looks like you were wrong about most of that. The rest is embarrassingly irrelevant. I don’t think you got it.

  2. That was so orderly ⚔️🇺🇸⚔️…& ordered, no doubt. It’s pathetic when you can see time move. Thank you for a guod guod read.
    💋⚔️🇺🇸⚔️🕊, Rhonda
    Ps. Bad eyes but guod listen⚔️💋

  3. I think it’s a bit of a fool’s game to try to crawl in Elon Musk’s mind. Who knows what he intends? He may not be fully sure yet himself. Presumably some people who’ve been banned will be allowed back on, and that’ll make a few heads explode. So, good. But is Musk, a master at convincing politicians to allow him to feed at the public trough, going to lead a libertarian revolution?

    I don’t use Twitter, and so perhaps don’t full appreciate its significance. But aren’t tweets limited to 280 characters? Basically, enough to broadcast your own bumper sticker?

    I do wonder how long Silicon Valley, whose executives once tended to be quite Republican, will continue to support a left wing that would prefer to see them taxed and regulated out of business and which just hates the fact that a successful start up can make its founders extraordinarily wealthy.

    It is also a bit amusing to see the left, which successfully argued that flag burning was a form of free speech, is now arguing for limits on speech. Essentially, a return of heresy laws, presumably with an updated version of the Inquisition to enforce them.

  4. I am currently reading The Dying Citizen
    and will be in the Selma area on
    Sunday and would really appreciate
    your signing my book .my name is John Phares. I am a retired coach from Louisiana.
    My ph number is 225-620-7241 if you want to connect I will try to find your ranch so I don’t inconvenience you .look forward to shaking your hand.

  5. I am skeptical that there will be.a massive GOP landslide because the mid-term elections can be stolen from them. By the way, the left should be more afraid of Elon Musk if his goal is to make money. If Elon makes money with this Twitter takeover, another billionaire who wants to make money will be incentivized to takeover another platform. I think that social media platforms that restrict freedom of speech, can’t be as profitable as those that do, because those that do, limit the user’s ability to communicate and to acquire knowledge..

  6. Justine Amado

    The left believes that they have the control and power to continue to manipulate the American people (every move they make is no longer hidden from us). Many of them have forgotten that it was America who gave them the opportunity to grow and pursue their dreams – they would be nothing without America. They have abused their power (spit in Liberty’s face) and they should be in jail for the crimes they have committed against our country. They are traitors to the United States, and it will be the American people who destroy them (a new wave of American spirit is awake, we will not rest, and we are coming after you).

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