A Man of Iron

Victor Davis Hanson talks with Troy Senik about his new book, A Man of Iron, a biography of President Grover Cleveland.

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2 thoughts on “A Man of Iron”

  1. I think that it would have been helpful for Mr. Senik to have spelled out the name of his media company. I thought it was two words like “Keiton Key” until I looked him up on Byte.

    I didn’t think that having an older man marry a young woman was all that unusual in the Victorian Age when the man was prominent. In fact, it appears to be typical from books and movies I have encountered.

    I question the image of Jimmy Carter being personally favorable; from the utter hypocrisy of carrying his empty suitcase to make a point to the Secret Service dislike of both him and Rosalind (the one who poured the wine back into bottles after White House dinners to reserve it later).

  2. krpedm17@gmail.com

    After reading a glowing review of this book in the Wall Street Journal I purchased the book and, after starting to read it, couldn’t put it down. Excellent book; Cleveland’s meteoric rose to the presidency appears to be an electorates’ response to perceived corruption in all levels of government…almond with the South voting as a block for Democrats.
    Highly recommend the book.

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