The Indictment Revealed and Other Current Affairs

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler for a look at the Trump indictment, comparable Biden family acts, Tucker Carlson’s return, can Putin be forced out of the Ukraine, Saudi sentiments, and China in Cuba.

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10 thoughts on “The Indictment Revealed and Other Current Affairs”


    I have no pity or sympathy for Biden, or Merrick Garland.
    Biden is and always was a despicable person, as you have pointed out frequently. He is right where he wants to be. Senility has just ripped away the veneer.
    And if Garland is broken by having been denied nomination to the Supreme Court, he can grow up and be a man.
    No, I have pity and sympathy for our country, because enough people are foolish enough, childish enough, to support the worldview that those two espouse and that supports them.
    And it’s only going to get worse.

    “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

  2. Trump 6/13 –
    “They want to silent me because I will never let them silent you. They want you silent. And I am the only one who can save this nation because you know that they are not coming after me. They are coming after you. And I just happened to be standing in their way.  And I will never be moved.”

    Worth remembering.  

    1. Marge Desiderio

      Thank you for your comment. We need to stand behind Trump for the good of the country. If I was
      brave enough I would stand in front of him, as it is he has my prayers.

  3. Richard Borgquist

    [Biden Bribes from China]
    Chinese Strategy
    Elite Capture & “big help with a little bad mouth,”

  4. Is there a security risk at Mar-A-Lago? This was back in 2019 long before Trump had classified documents at Mar-A-Lago.
    “When she was arrested in March, there was speculation Zhang might be a foreign spy. She was found carrying two passports, four mobile phones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and a thumb drive. Investigators found more electronics in her hotel room along with about $8,000 in cash, according to the complaint filed against her. But Zhang was never charged with espionage.”

    Trump resisted repeated attempts by National Archives to retrieve classified documents: read the indictment — page 4.

    1. Dear Mr. Cline,

      Could you check to see if your browser has any updates available? Or, failing that, try watching the podcast using a different browser. If you are using Safari or Edge, try using Chrome or Firefox and see if the audio will play for you.

  5. What do we do when the rule of law has been destroyed by the organizations responsible for maintaining the rule of law? How do we investigate the investigators at the FBI and DoJ? Do we have to go to state law enforcement organizations to prosecute the criminals in the Federal law enforcement agencies? Can the US reconstitute the rule of law from the disaster that is the FBI and the DoJ?

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