VDH Interview with Telegraph on Tucker Carlson

Listen to VDH explain the trouble for Fox News after pulling Tucker Carlson from his prime time news hour.

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4 thoughts on “VDH Interview with Telegraph on Tucker Carlson”

  1. James O’Keefe’s undercover reporter got a guy from FOX to say Tucker was fired as a part of the settlement with Dominion. ??

  2. nojtspam@otfresno.com

    What’s interesting to me is the possibility that the Fox News *brand* has sufferred. The Left hates it and will hate it until it is dead. But I saw a lot of negativity kicked up at Fox on the Right after Carlson was fired. It looks like some gloss has come off Fox News that it *can’t* get back without an apology and would have to work to get back after one.

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