From the Nova Kakhovka Dam to the 2024 Race

In this news roundup, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss Christopher Wray‘s fears, the Nord Stream pipeline, the Nova Kakhovka dam, Saudi oil production, CNN’s Chris Licht, and the recently announced Republican candidates for president.

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12 thoughts on “From the Nova Kakhovka Dam to the 2024 Race”

  1. Can we really be neutral in this election when they’ve ignored the constitution. People held without trial, persecution of Christian first amendment while exaggerating minority delusional beliefs, weaponization of governmental powers, totalitarian medical institutions, blatant representative corruption and perjury, and a total war against truth. For those of us who knew the Patriot Act, NSA, UN, IMF and the ideology of terrorism, would be used against us. It’s now or never!


      Roger Tom, confirmed (in my not so humble opinion) and you Sir are eminently qualified to say so. Essayons USA 70-93’

  2. If you can fill the unforgiving moment
    With sixty seconds worth of distance run,

    Yours is the Earth and everything in it,

    And – which is more – you’ll be a man, my son!

    – Rudyard Kipling –

    Was Gen. George Patton a fan of Kipling’s?

    Victor, could Gen. George Patton have saved more lives during the Anzio campaign if he had been in command? I believe he was replaced by the inferior commander Gen. Mark Clark.

    You’ve said that Patton was the finest officer the U.S. has ever produced, and I believe you. Could you talk more about him, and other great military commanders through out history in future podcasts?

    I’ve read Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Patton. I don’t know how scholarly the book is, as it seems a bit sensational. However, the it does detail the strange circumstances surrounding Patton’s untimely and tragic death. i would be interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions.

    N.B.: I know in the past I have been critical of Patton with respect to the slapping incidents. However, I know there was much more to him than those unfortunate incidents and trust your scholarly expertise and judgment.

  3. My thoughts about world issues align with VDH. I appreciate his views and am glad he’s telling it like it is.

  4. Another very interesting discussion. Thank you.

    In particular, it was encouraging to learn of VDH’s very recent conversation with the unnamed conservative influencer regarding his interest in a plan. Much must be done on Day One, including firing each and every one of the Biden/Obama doj lawyers along with Mayorkas and Garland. The real frosting on the cake would be Milley in a court martial with his rank & pension reduced significantly. Actually, not a few of those sophomores merit much more than a mere firing including Mr. 10%.

  5. Easily could have been a natural failure which no side deliberately caused, except original unsound Russian engineering, natural erosion, time and lack of maintenance at least since the Russian seizure and probably before exacerbated by the winter swollen reservoir and the lack of experienced operational personnel at the dam.
    Looking at a series of aerial photos over a few days, I believe the BBC posted, it appears the failure was very gradual, growing from a small ignored or likely ignored leakage which was steadily increased over days. If it was initiated by a blast it was a very small one.

    1. Hmm, it was the natural failure of metal that is stressed and ripped apart by an attached high explosive device that generated tremendous shock waves. Nuland said it must go. President Biden promised it would be taken out, he PROMISED, P.R.O.M.I.S.E.D. The ONLY way Ukraine forces may have accomplished the feat was to have the US CIA do all the work, i.e., all the heavy lifting, except presenting as others. Either way, Biden KEPT his promise. Nearby nations investigated then went silent suggesting they received word from the biggest financier of NATO, i.e., psst, shhh.

  6. MaryLou Arkfeld

    Certainly do enjoy your humor and candor Victor! Agree, CNN should have
    fired everyone and started over. I too have no preferred presidential candidate,
    but am always conservative. So appreciate ALL the topics you cover. Thank you!

  7. Time to have a chat with either MacMaster or Hodges regarding whose interest was it to blow up the dam.
    Truly insulting to accuse Ukraine.
    The US also signed the Budapest Memorandum or is this another Afghan debacle.

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