The Democrats’ Waterloo

Their refusal to acknowledge the administration’s failures did not make them go away.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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16 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Waterloo”

  1. The Democrats lost.

    The Republicans are currently dependent on the Democrats being stupid, just as the Democrats are dependent on the Republicans being stupid.

    Unfortunately, there’s enough to go around.

  2. It has taken unique incompetence to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq in the manner of Obama Biden. I hope they enjoyed the momentary blip in their popularity. The cascading events will cost American blood and treasure and set back Shia Sunni middle eastern stability a generation or more.

  3. Yes, the demagogic press is aghast that their demagogic politicians lost to RINOs who simply said “BEHOLD what demagoguery hath wrought!”

    The 114 year rebellion against the U.S. Constition, sound money, limited government still appears largely and irreversibly won.

    A century of five generations of acquiescing to big government propaganda isn’t easy to undo.

  4. No victory is complete without thanking the people who helped bring it about— The racist, revolting La Raza and rabid Luis Gutierrez deserve special thanks. The democrats and the President could hide from their past somewhat, but there was no hiding from the border invasion and those who loudly supported it. It’s killed and is killing Americans and they could care less…..

  5. If they build a fence and make strong, transparent moves to stop crony capitalism and the funnel of money going from Washington D.C. to Wall Street, then I will believe they are for real.
    Two small things that can be easily accomplished with a minor amount of will.

  6. I enjoy all of the intellectual comments on this site. The fact is the D’ bags got their cans kicked is because the people who pay attention and vote are sick of the D’bag BS.

  7. the country vomited out the race baiters,the phony war on women,democrats in general[especially Obama]and the far left programs they stood for. now the light of day is on the president, with the loss of the senate. the republicans must send a common sense [conservative] bill on a regular basis to the presidents desk and put the spotlight on him.obama. is going to do outrageous and possibly illegal acts to try to goad impeachment talk,which would be suicide for the republicans..some left wing pundits are talking impeachment,hoping the republicans take the Obama once said ‘elections have consequences.lets hope they do

  8. I applaud your efforts at concisely stating the facts, although it must be frustrating when the facts diverge so completely from observable rhetoric on the left. You omitted from your analysis the big successes of not a smidgen of corruption, the healthcare reform is a big success, Obama has a new adopted son named Travon, and Tahmooressi who? I approach this from a functional religious standpoint.
    The purpose of the high priest of the religious of secular Utopia (guess who) is to create as many willing or unwilling, witting or unwitting, martyrs to the cause as possible in order to prove how important the creation of secular Utopia is. The religious rhetoric works and gains its power precisely by contradicting fact and logic. No one wants to be a prophet of troubles ahead.

  9. marco ungarelli

    Based on some very disappointing comments that President Obama made after his amazing defeat, it looks like that he will force on U.S. “more of the same”. For example on the huge immigrants issue, on (lack of) reduction of big government or on the energy issue (stop the super expensive renewable and favor horizontal drilling and nuclear). Marco

  10. marco ungarelli

    I would like to understand why my comments show lack of moderation. Why ? It would be more constructive to explain if I am right or wrong.

  11. I agree with JT; the Democrats Lost. Now we’ll see if the Republicans can “grow a pair” and start undoing all the damage.

    One thing is certain, however. The Obama legacy will read something like, “How did America twice elect a man to the highest office in the land who was so obviously and painfully under-equipped to do the job? What were they thinking?!”

    The answer is, of course, 51% of those voters were not.

  12. Waterloo? I don’t think so. Waterloo put the stake in the heart of a monster who had been thoroughly beaten before. Rather, let us hope that this is the Battle of Midway in the war against leftists. An important victory; and one which we hope will mark a turning point; but far from the end. There’s a lot of fight left in the enemy even now.

  13. Bill R.
    The only reason Obama won the second time is that Republicans and the Tea Party couldn’t bring them selfs to support Romney and with their absents at the voting booth in turn voted for Obama.

  14. The answer of course is that the Democrats lost due to their cravenly stupid policies, and the only other lever available to pull is red. Not a lesser of the evils vote, a lesser of the stupids vote.

  15. Gregori Rasputin is the historical figure that is a parallel to Valerie Jewett.
    Rasputin gained the ear of the Czar and Czarina, against all advisors, seeding chaos, death, and the transformation of Russia. How is Valerie Jewett not a similar shadow influence with POTUS and FLOTUS, influencing and directing their steps while lacking accountability to the nation because she only speaks to the POTUS/FLOTUS, and they only listen to her.
    This historical parallel has been evident for years, her presence and role until now ignored. It is at this time I raise my point, as some in the Fourth Estate media are trying to paint the Obamas-Jewett as a Bush-Cheney relationship. Though pre-revolution czarist Russia has no place in the fabric of the USA, yet there in the Oval Office it has been on display and destroying for six years.
    A successful linking of the parallels of Jewett-Rasputin will permit much fodder and steer this developing Bush-Cheney confabulated meme back onto the threesome of Jewett, POTUS, and FLOTUS. The threesome is sick to its core, and an understanding of the weakness of the Czar and Czarina for Grigori Rasputin’s advice and direction gives great understanding to the Jewett-Obamas relationship, and makes it assailable. It permits the crucible of history to examine and expose. A hundred years later and another egomanic troika rides again, in our presidency.
    Dredging up the rich history and parallels of Rasputin comes at an unfortunate time in USA-Russia relationships. Putin might well chuckle as he views the Obamas as the Czar and Czarina with Jewett as their Rasputin.

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