Victor Davis Hanson Show

The Culturalist: The Deep State

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 and Just the News

Join Victor Davis Hanson and Sami Winc for thoughts initially on the “deep” airlines but mostly on the deep state. Are there answers for the inertia and crime?

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3 thoughts on “The Culturalist: The Deep State”

  1. Richard Borgquist

    I think you should be nominated to the CA Hall of Fame.
    I hope you get enough customers to get you own plane like Rush.
    Tell potential customers they need Victor Davis Hanson until “Stupidly Vaccine” is available.

  2. Thank you, Victor and Sami. Current events are hard to swallow, but your thoughts make it less likely I’ll choke on them. Reason and logic are good medicine.

  3. Well I’m going to bed now. And when I awaken in the morning, the Deep State will be deeper and broader. Sweet dreams.

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