VDH UltraHistorian’s Corner: Ten Easy Ways to Unwind a Nation in Just a Few Months

Part Two: Steps 4-5

IV. Ruin the Currency

The work of Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of economists, and the pragmatic tough policies of Paul Volker broke modern American inflation 40 years ago. We know what causes it and why—printing money in lieu of commensurate increases in population, productivity and national wealth for short-term political gains at the expense of long-term security and prosperity.

Yet here we are with the largest cascading per month price hikes in 30 years. Only a fool or naïf would keep borrowing trillions of dollars in times of a $30 trillion national debt and multitrillion-dollar annual deficits. Only a nihilist would spike the payouts on unemployment claims to exceed the wages of employment—at the very moment an economy emerging from a year-long lockdown needed increased production and more workers to meet pent-up demand, not funny money and millions idling at home receiving borrowed and newly printed government cash.

Inflation destroys nations, from late Rome to Weimar Germany to current-day Venezuela. It does so either due to the selfishness and political utility of a government eager to pay off cronies and buy constituents or anarchists, or to failing economies that print money without earning it, or to those who feel that even though wrecking a currency pulls down the temple on top of them, it also falls on top of the undeservedly rich.

We talk now of the spiraling wages of a labor-short 2021 market and brag on the Biden recovery. In truth, every cent of wage gains since January 2021 has been wiped out by inflation in prices of everything from cars, appliances, and houses to food, gas, and lumber.

Worse is the infectious mentality of inflation: don’t save but spend, since money will become only more worthless.

Buy at inflated prices now, because to wait means they will only increase.

Don’t worry about actual value, or about your own net worth, or about the ability to pay off debt, since money is fluid and worthless, while things alone have value: the less of the former and the more of the latter, the better off you will be.

Debt is God, Saving Satanic. The man who owes the bank, owns the bank; the banks who are owed by the man, are owned by him. Borrow to buy and buy when broke is always smarter than saving to buy and to buy only when able—the advice of a sucker and fool.

Such an insane creed enriches a society for a moment and ruins it for years, as the living steal the inheritances of both the dead and the unborn. Yet here we are again, idiots in a society without knowledge or memory. And the medicine, high interest and induced recession, will be nearly as dangerous as the disease. I speak as one who once borrowed farm loans in 1982 at 12 percent interest—and felt lucky to obtain such cheap rates.

V. Institutionalize Government Lying.

How can a nation survive institutionalized lies? It cannot, unless they are exposed and the lies refuted.

The Russian collusion hoax was based upon untruth upon untruth.

Earlier, CIA Director John Brennan had lied under oath twice without consequences. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied also under oath to Congress.

James Comey said he didn’t know or couldn’t remember over 240 times while under oath to Congress.

Robert Mueller under oath said he had no idea what the Christopher Steele dossier was or who or what was Fusion GPS—the foundational and fraudulent catalysts of his entire investigations.

We live in a fantasy world in which Anonymous was a “high” government official and Kevin Clinesmith made little more than a minor clerical error on an FBI affidavit. Was there one CIA or FBI head who has not recently lied under oath.

In lie-land the US military is under siege by white supremacists and so need not worry whether its military is ready to deter China from territorial aggression. The Wuhan lab had nothing to do with COVIDs origins. And Dr. Fauci never funded gain-in-function coronavirus research in Wuhan. Joe Biden is cognitively just fine.

What does the media and Biden mean by a January 6th “armed insurrection” where “five” were killed, in the “worst” Capitol violence since the Civil War? Were such motley rioters really armed insurrectionists intent on destroying or taking over the government, a violent event not seen in Washington since the Civil War?

Which rioters were arrested using, or in possession of, arms? How many of the jailed faced conspiracy or racketeering charges, or will be brought up on treason indictments? How many planes, 9/11-like, crashed into Washington’s government buildings? How many nationalist assassins, in the fashion of Puerto-Rican terrorists, shot it out inside the House of Representatives Chamber in the Capitol–given Biden’s charge the riot was the worst violence since… fill in the blanks?

Who actually died violently, and why and how? What were the detailed plans of a take-over? Who or what “murdered” officer Sicknick?

Was his stroke a day later the work of an insurrectionist? Was Ashlii Babbitt armed when she trespassed into the Capitol and then refused commands to halt from the officer who, supposedly to save others, shot her fatally? Is the officer identified? Is his inquest into the shooting now public? Are videos of the incursion released? If not, why not?

Such questions are not meant to excuse any sort of rioting, but simply to lay out evidence and facts and let the American people adjudicate the truth.

For that matter, were 14,000 protestors who were arrested during 120 days of riot, arson, looting and protest indicted, sentenced, convicted or incarcerated? Do we even mention a federal courthouse attacked and burned, a municipal police precinct surrounded and under siege, an iconic Washington DC Church nearly burned down?

No nation can long survive if its government simply refuses to tell the truth or to correct its lies.

When is not wearing a mask, not getting tested when sick, violating social distancing, or remaining unvaccinated either understandable or a veritable crime? When 1,200 health-care professionals decide it is okay and healthy for BLM protestors to violate quarantines? When it is humane to let 200,000 unvaccinated foreigners storm the border in a month to mingle with Americans?

Biden, Secretary of Defense Austin, and the media deplore anti-Asian violence. But with a wink and nod they attribute it either to Trump for saying “China virus” in the fashion of Spanish Flu, Valley Fever, Lyme Disease, Ebola, or West Nile Virus—or to white supremacy.

But why then do data in our large cities reveal that African-American males are disproportionally responsible for such attacks, and, in general commit interracial hate crimes in numbers disproportionate to their percentages in the population, while whites commit hate crimes in numbers proportionally less than in the general population? What is so hard about telling the truth?

Why is the 14-year military veteran, the deceased Ashlii Babbitt, vilified and demonized after being fatally shot by an officer, for her likely misdemeanor of trespassing or perhaps a felony of illegally breaking and entering? Were her ideology and conspiracist bent reasons for her to be shot while unarmed?

Why in comparison, in such media adjudication of culpability and crime, is George Floyd then deified? Who when encountering the police was experiencing a critical health crisis due to serial drug use and had allegedly just committed a felony of passing counterfeit money? Who had prior arrests and convictions for violent crime? And who resisted physically the efforts of police officers first to subdue the suspect? In terms of a threat to police, who was male, over six feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds, and who was female and tiny? Why did the race of the killer and who was killed matter or not matter in the two cases?

The point is not to paper over Babbitt’s criminal illegal entry or to hone in on Floyd’s criminality to mask his unlawful death, but to ask why not truthful and accurate reporting on each of the deceased, without the weaponization and editorialization?

If the government cannot tell the truth, or won’t tell the truth, the people then say why should anyone? Cynicism, skepticism, and alienation lead to a lethargic public that loses confidence in its nation.

Next up, Steps 6-8 to Civilizational Implosion.

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2 thoughts on “<span class="ultra-flag"><i class="fas fa-lock"></i>VDH Ultra</span>Historian’s Corner: Ten Easy Ways to Unwind a Nation in Just a Few Months”

  1. So well written and poignant. The political class, media, and our so called higher ups in government and elsewhere seem to be only guided by public relation types. Honesty, decency, and real problem solving dissolve in the mist of hype.

    The meaning of words lose all meaning when usurped for gain by politicians in government, business, and institutions.

    It is a dangerous moment and if regular people do not take hold and confront the realities upon us than this great nation will be lost.

  2. After a weekend of watching Kabul fall and then hearing Biden and Kirby lie today, I fear for this country.

    I live in a red state and always felt secure, but now I don’t know.

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