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The Fatherless, Drag Queens, and Vaccines

VDH and cohost Jack Fowler explain the policies and ideas behind the curtain of Left leadership: the fatherless, drag queens, vaccines, California’s drought, and failed district attorneys. The exception is Myra Flores of Texas who is now showing that citizens’ eyes are starting to open on the Left’s policies. Share This

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We Are All Californians Now

California Drought — Bad Policy, Poor Infrastructure  By Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online California is in the midst of a crippling four-year-old drought. Yet the state has built almost no major northern or central mountain reservoirs since the New Melones Dam of 1979. That added nearly 3 million acre-feet to the state’s storage reserves – a …

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California: Running On Empty

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media The air in the San Joaquin Valley this late-June is, of course, hot and dry, but also dustier and more full of particulates than usual. This year a strange flu reached epidemic proportions. I say strange, because after the initial viral symptoms subsided, one’s cough still lingered for …

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Goodnight, California

I offer another chronicle, a 14-hour tour of the skeleton I once knew as California. 8:00 AM I finally got around to retrieving the car seat that someone threw out in front of the vineyard near my mailbox. (Don’t try waiting dumpers out — as if it is not your responsibility to clean up California …

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Why California’s Drought Was Completely Preventable

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online The present four-year California drought is not novel — even if President Barack Obama and California governor Jerry Brown have blamed it on man-made climate change. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, California droughts are both age-old and common. Predictable California dry spells — like those …

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A Tale of Four Droughts

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJMedia California is not suffering one drought, but four. Each is a metaphor of what California has become. Nature The first California drought, of course, is natural. We are now in the midst of a fourth year of record low levels of snow and rain. Share This

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The Scorching of California

How Green extremists made a bad drought worse by Victor Davis Hanson // City Journal  In mid-December, the first large storms in three years drenched California. No one knows whether the rain and snow will continue—only that it must last for weeks if a record three-year drought, both natural and man-made, is to end. In …

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