The Fatherless, Drag Queens, and Vaccines

VDH and cohost Jack Fowler explain the policies and ideas behind the curtain of Left leadership: the fatherless, drag queens, vaccines, California’s drought, and failed district attorneys. The exception is Myra Flores of Texas who is now showing that citizens’ eyes are starting to open on the Left’s policies.

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9 thoughts on “The Fatherless, Drag Queens, and Vaccines”

  1. Who is it that has convinced Victor of the efficacy of covid vaccines against hospitalization or severe illness? Fauci? The now ghost-like or illusory Dr. Birx? Lies. The vaccine does nothing. Well, nothing good. Be careful in choosing truths from the mouths of proven liars.

    1. Robert Stewart

      WW, I have the same concern regarding Victor’s understanding of the vaccine fiasco. The CDC data is very clear. A year ago, in June of 2021, cases of C19-alpha amongst those who had been vaccinated (totaliing about 87 million) were running at about 5,000 cases a week. The non-vaccinated, numbering about 85 million, had about 40,000 cases per week. Deaths, as Victor often points out, were running much lower for the vaccinated (about 100 per week, versus 600 per week for the nonvaccinated.) By September, with the advent of the Delta variant, the case numbers still favored the vaccinated, but not by as much, 140,00 versus 500,000. Normalized by the number vaccinated (about 100 million) and non-vaccinated (about 70 million,) the the ratio favoring the vaccinated improves. The number of deaths for the vaccinated/unvaccinated also changed, 1,500 versus 7,000, so their was still a benefit for the vaccinated, but clearly the numbers were changing dramatically. In December, with Omicron, the benefit of the vaccine had greatly diminished. Case numbers for both vaccinated and unvaccinated were running at a bit over 500,000 per week. Deaths were running at about 1,500 per week (vaccinated,) and 5,000 (unvaccinated,) similar to the September data. The data has a lot of problems, but the trends are clear. The vaccine may be of use for the elderly, but given the growing evidence of adverse outcomes, young and healthy people should exercise their right of informed consent.

    2. Dr’s. Malone and McCullough are the trusted names in the area. Their imprimatur counts until proven otherwise.

  2. Robert Stewart

    The focus on the need for more water for the urbanized, heavily developed cities in Southern California is clear. Not so obvious, but also of great importance is the need to ensure that flood prevention facilities are maintained and improved as required the the growing population. The near catastrophe of the Oreville Dam spillway failure five years ago is a recent reminder of this problem. California has endured at least three major flooding periods in the last two centuries. Sacramento was underwater when Stanford was sworn in as Governor in 1862. The Tulare area was immersed and land was surveyed and claimed from wagons that also served as boats about the same time. In the early 1800’s a massive storm rerouted the Santa Ann River from Seal Beach into Newport Harbor. More recently, the Newport Beach area was swept by a massive floods in February and March of 1938, and flooding was a problem all along the foothills of the Sierra Madre Moutains. Following the 1938 floods, cache-basin dams were erected throughout the foothills. These fill with gravel over time, and, given the ideology of “climate change” that commands California politicians, I wonder if those dams have been properly maintained? A repeat of the 1938 flood would destroy bridges and freeways, cut electicity and municipal water, and disrupt virtually every aspect of normal life. And let us not forget the ever present danger of earthquakes. Southern California needs adult supervision more today than ever before.

  3. PJ Puterbaugh

    I agree there will be more people voting the Republican ticket with the dismal performance of this administration, but will those votes actually get counted? Georgia did not do recounts as they said they did(I have a DC friend in Georgia that was there) or signature matching, nothing has changed. How do we go forward to secure our elections?

  4. Robert Cherba

    I can’t load the video. Tried several times over several days. Did Victor say something offensive to the powers that be?


      What platform/device/browser are you using? I had an issue on Wednesday, I think it was, with Firefox on a Win10 device. From the main website page, I clicked to play a video (not this one), and it failed to load. The page showed a blank area where the video playback would normally show. I had to close the browser and start a new session, and then I was able to load it successfully.
      I’ve had similar issues in YouTube for about a week, maybe two weeks now, with Firefox. I watch a video, then all of a sudden, YT tells me I have no Internet connection. I have to close the browser and start again. I think it’s a Firefox issue, how the browser interacts with various websites.


    Fauci a tragic figure? Well, maybe, in the classic sense of tragedy. But here’s hoping he gets everything he deserves. I think of the scene in “The Shawshank Redemption”, in which the warden realizes what is about to happen to him, and he glances at the sampler hanging on his office wall: “His Judgement Cometh, and That Right Soon”. And then he shoots himself.

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