Why California’s Drought Was Completely Preventable

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online
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9 thoughts on “Why California’s Drought Was Completely Preventable”

  1. Well. the problem was in fact “man made”. It was the man made stupidity of the vision of the anointed (the self-proclaimed intellectuals) that created and sustained the problem.

    The ancients knew that weather runs in cycles. Go back to the accounts of Joseph in Genesis. There are many other accounts in history. Why scientists refuse to believe in global cycles amazes me.

    The mere fact that there are vast oil reserves beneath deserts is evidence that the earth has tilted on its axis and that seas covered much or what is now northern africa and arabia ought to be some proof to climatologists, but no.

  2. To quote an old song by the Kingston Trio, “What nature doesn’t do to us will be done by our fellow man….”

  3. I am a native Californian and have never been more embarrassed and sad at the state of my state than I am today.

  4. Yeah we can all point our fingers at our predecessors failure to prepare us our failure to prepare or the immigrants or the environmentalists, but what are we going to do about it? At this point we just need to cut water usage, and no one is willing to do that. So what’s it going to be? It doesn’t matter who uses the water, we’re all paying for it. If we cut food production so we have cheaper water in the city, we’ll pay more for our food, if we keep prices low for farmers, we’ll pay more for our water. There’s lots of people and less water, we just need to sack up and use less and pay more. Our use of water is hugely inefficient. If I wanted to I could take only 5 min showers. I could turn off my water softener. I could get a more efficient dish washer… if farmers wanted to save watery they could grow different crops, use more greenhouses, maybe even do some hydroponic stuff. If anything good comes out of this it will be that some efficiency improvements will have been forced, and sure maybe we can build some new dams and stuff for next time.

  5. Aluminum Oxides used in Chemtrails holds water in cloud formations until the clouds are SUPER SATURATED then dumps our would-be California rain out past the Rocky Mountains. HAARP has been US patent protected to show various atmospheric heating techniques that create high pressure heat zones that manage jet stream latitudes, again running what would have been our California rain up North through Oregon and Washington where it’s not even noticed. But we don’t talk about any of that.

    Nature is responding with a bypass to our secret and not-so-secret acts of atmospheric management stupidity and producing the fabled “El Niño”. 48-hours ago it rained so hard my California parking lot had a coating of 2-inches of rain water (37.678445, -121.770422) held in place by the down pour. And we’re the experts that started all this right here in our National Lab at LLNL. We thought we had a good weapon we could use in undeclared wars to push western global Banking Hegemony and overthrow governments and hide it under the cover story of atmospheric shielding to mitigate global warming. We even have the global warming meme taught to our kids at the earliest date. So by the time they get to college age, they’re manageable and believe at a deep level that global warming is all man-made. Few if any actually read the atmospheric scientific research. And we don’t fund our researchers to publish papers showing the entire solar system is heating up, that takes away from our “man made mantra”.

    But everything is falling apart on our carefully laid plans here in Black Ops. Who knew the people would find out and revolt ….. this time against us? Sheesz, so much for our NWO; nature seems to have it’s own plan….again…… I think we may need more Fluoride in the drinking water; people seem to be waking up.

  6. Only a quibble: according to the State Water Resources Board California’s cities are responsible for only 8.9% of water consumption. 50% is consumed by environmental special interests such as restoring fisheries and wetlands not to mention keeping the delta from reverting to a salt marsh. We should not let our lawns die to advance the Sierra Club and NRDC’s ideological agendas.

    For some interesting reading see the Memoirs of Congressman Bernie Sisk.

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  8. Much as I would like to think more reservoirs would solve California’s water woes as is implied in your article I simply don’t believe it. The real solution(s), which would solve a lot of California’s other major problems, is to live within our means. Stop building new houses, stop building new freeways and instead maintain what we have.

    If water is so precious, stop giving it away, particularly to agriculture. It is not California’s obligation to feed the world. De-commoditize water and charge appropriately for it. Is it worth what a gallon of gas is? Then charge the same price for it and let the free market determine what CA farmers plant. Imagine all our water came from desalinization only and base the price charged on the costs of that. Or don’t- there are enough agencies throughout the world (Israel for one) who can tell us what each gallon created this way costs. Just charge accordingly. I we had done that decades ago, I doubt the San Joaquin portion of I-5 would be surrounded by all the trees that were planted along that stretch.

    Remember what happened when the people in the Sacramento valley rallied against the rice growers. Stop using major quantities of water to grow a crop that is 90%+ exported and often is subsidized. Stop burning the rice fields and polluting the for days in the valley. The growers said we must burn to prevent disease….. until the legislature gave them 10 years to stop. And they did. And miraculously continue to grow rice as they were forced to be creative and find other more environmentally friendly ways to address the disease issue.

    But addressing the CA water issues will be a long hard road considering the tens of millions of dollars poured into political coffers by people like the Westlands Water District and others whose livelihood is at stake. Would that they could bribe the water gods who seem untouched by their machinations.

    But we can, and should, start by legislating a halt to the influx of people who still seem to flock here. We’re still (and now even more) the golden state.

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