Scholars and Sense: Colonial Pipeline, Israel, etc….

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4 thoughts on “Scholars and Sense: Colonial Pipeline, Israel, etc....”

  1. I think Conrad Black is completely deranged if he thinks Joe Biden is “ patriotic” . Biden rips America every chance he gets saying what a horrible racist country it is . I have never liked Black. I doubt his honesty . I have read several of his books and was not impressed . He uses the Thesaurus to come across as an intellectual

  2. Is this guy serious that Trump is not in charge of the party ? Poll numbers show over 70% of Republicans support Trump . I am hearing a bunch of out of touch “intellectuals “ who never really understood Trump or his supporters ( Victor excluded of course)

  3. Out of all your podcasts, this is the only one I don’t enjoy. Your feedback is spot on as usual, so I can’t fault you for my lack of enjoyment. Bill Bennett was one of those people who didn’t see anything was wrong until our country was too far gone. I had to laugh at him saying that we don’t want Trump again – we don’t want to go through that again. I’m sorry, but from here on out every single Republican President will be vilified daily. They will have to take a beating that no one imagine till it happens. I can count on my fingers the number of comments Trump said that I wish he hadn’t. And yes, I would probably have to use all of my fingers. I could fill a book with the comments the “respected” media attributed to him that were out & out lies. He was thinking Tim Scott could win??? What does he think this is, the Democrat party where we will elect anyone because they are Black? Nothing against Scott, but he hasn’t proven he is what we need. It’s an idiot statement born from a closeted feeling of being a never Trumper. I am sure he doesn’t flat out say that because he wants a career. Definately DeSantos & Cotton are probably our best options. But if idiots like Bennett think there will be peace again in the land, he should hang up his opinions & spend his afternoons on the porch swing. He is wrong about Trump’s popularity. He knows nothing about the population. People want a fighter & the biggest fight is yet to come. If his sensibilities are offended, I sugget the porch (again).

  4. Lorna Wilkerson

    Thank you for posting the audio.
    I cannot get RSS and want to hear these podcasts.
    Is there any way this can be placed in apple podcasts!

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