The Vince Coglianese Show – Dr. Victor Davis Hanson – 06.03.21

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2 thoughts on “The Vince Coglianese Show - Dr. Victor Davis Hanson - 06.03.21”

  1. Ralph Rountree

    We can now choose that we are other another sex ,than our physical body.
    Then we can then choose another skin pigmentation, then our physical bodies reality?
    Then we may choose another ethnicity, than our genealogy reality.
    In these obsurd decorations, are they a choice of a lifetime, or can these choices be, only for this afternoon, or maybe just for today!

  2. Yes, everything in that paper, starting with never watching ABC news in the 90s after I realized they were translating foreign speakers incorrectly in two languages I knew – French and Spanish. My public cultural life is one of constant elimination of sources, along with an ever shrinking group of friends, some of whom simply died. After you scrape away the false, truth remains. It is a place of ultimate comfort. And I strengthen that which remains.

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