The Classicist: Memories for Memorial Day

Victor Davis Hanson // Art19 // Private Papers

Victor Davis Hanson and Jack Fowler discuss the firebombing of Japan, Battlefield Monuments Commission, and favorite war movies.

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3 thoughts on “The Classicist: Memories for Memorial Day”

  1. When my father, enmeshed in the European theater, heard that the bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima, he said, “Maybe now I will live to see my grandchildren.”

    Drop it again, knowing what I now know? In a heartbeat.


    One War Movie that touched me was The Eagle and the Hawk (1933), hard to find, but Fredric March and Cary Grant make it worth looking for.

  3. Dr Hanson, After listening to your Memorial Day talk. My wife and I visited the American Cemetery in Luxembourg on Veterans day in 2013. I did not know that you were on the Monuments Committee. While there I took pictures of course but there are a couple of them that I would like to share with you if you think you would enjoy them.

    I have read your book The Second World Wars. Both of my Grandfathers fought in WW2. My maternal was with General Patton in Europe. My paternal was an officer on the Destroyer Tender USS Piedmont. My Navy Grandfather was an avid photographer and I now have his photo album of the cruise. It is unusual in that there are more pictures of the life beyond the battles than about the battles themselves.

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