Not-At-All-Angry Reader Jacob

Dear Professor Hanson,

As all good and bad things from the US eventually wash over my small country, Denmark, I just wanted to thank you deeply for your efforts.

Please understand that the disasters facing the US at present from identity politics, an almost overtly lying media, leadership that basically uses fiction to steer by, The Imaginarium, to the border crisis and climate scare also impacts European politics. Our answers might be different, but we are caught with the US in the same madhouse. Except we can’t fix the problem ourselves – the US has the keys to the exit since you are the leader of the free world.

So, you are also doing your work for Europe. And I just wanted to let you know and express deep gratitude. 

I have read a few of your books and will continue with The Second World Wars. And I understand a new version of “Mexifornia” will be out soon. Happy to hear!

Vh (kind regards)


Dear Not At All Angry Reader Jacob,

You are right that our woke Revolution will determine European wokeness as well, although the pathology of Western narcissism, self-loathing, and nihilism cross-fertilize all of the West, perhaps because it is so adept at creating so much affluence, freedom, and leisure for so many through free-market capitalism and consensual government—a menu that requires the suppression of the appetites, reverence for the sacrifices of the past, the transcendence of religion, and a little humility about the thin veneer of civilization and the flawed nature of human kind. Good things to remember on Easter Sunday. 

An irony is that for the last fifty years we suffered the importation of the French postmodernists, like Derrida, Foucault, Lacan and earlier the Frankfurt School, which had an enormously mesmerizing effect on American academics now in positions of real power in the academy, and who introduced these relativist ideas into the general culture, whose bitter harvests are everywhere. Of course, we the people are to blame for allowing these racialists and nihilists to rewrite our past, control the present, and plan our future. 

Thank you for your note. European moderates, traditionalists, and conservatives are among the most important people in our effort to preserve the Western tradition. Don’t you think that millions on both sides of the Atlantic are seeing that silence only empowers the Jacobins, who even in their arrogance do not represent a majority of the population but seek to destroy our very collective heritage—history’s unique tradition that was inclusive, self-reflective and gave humanity the greatest prosperity, security and freedom? Thank you for your intercontinental solidarity!


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13 thoughts on “Not-At-All-Angry Reader Jacob”

  1. Thank you for the warm, cogent exchange made in an excellent spirit of solidarity from true world citizens who genuinely love humanity, in spite of our flaws.

  2. Ulrich Krauskopf

    A quote from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn fits perfectly here:

    “I am not a critic of the West. I am a critic of the weakness of the West.
    I am a critic of a fact which we can’t comprehend: how one can lose one’s spiritual strength, one’s will power and, possessing freedom, not value it, not be willing to make sacrifices for it.”

  3. Benno Niehaus

    Dear Professor Hansen,

    I wanted to write the same as the fellow from Denmark. You’re writings are so important for me since a lot of years. Thank you so much!

    Wish you all the best deep of my heart,

    Benno Niehaus from Berlin, Germany

  4. I’m not Republican. But I wonder why the GOP doesn’t fight boycott fire with boycott fire? I mean, Coke must need many tens of thousands of GOP dollars? When will the GOP learn from the tactics of the Left?

  5. Professor Hanson, Whenever I hear one of your comments or read a tweet I find myself thinking that if every person could hear your wise words there would have to be a change in the way many Americans think and act these days . You are very thought provoking in your analyses and you convey so much deep thought that I can only wish we could hear you on every station and all platforms. The world needs your wisdom.
    Please keep sharing your ideas.

    A very grateful listener.
    Elfie Adam

  6. Catherine Moye

    Speaking as both a proud Brit and a Londoner, I wholeheartedly endorse what Jacob has to say, The Woke stranglehold on our National discourse, institutions and the Arts here in the UK is tightening day by day. I consider myself not just an admirer of Professor Hanson, but an ally in the fight against postmodernism and for Western Enlightenment values.
    Happy Easter

  7. Dear Mr. VDH,
    As I looked back after the election,The Deep State, Hollywood, NBA, Liberal Media and Never Trumpers failed to destroy President Trump. He won the election but it was stolen from him. The office of the President is temporarily vacated and the current fake administration is camping out in the White House.
    United States Constitution blocked every effort of the Deep State to subvert our democratic institution. Our Fore-Fathers had forethought every counter move to their every subversive move. However, what our Fore-Fathers failed to realize that a Pandemic can be weaponized. This gave the Deep State an opening to blatantly steal an election. Do you agree that last election result can be reversed and re-install the rightful President?

  8. J. Charles Wade COL USA (Ret.)

    Dr. Hanson; I believe you are correct in your observations about Field Grade military officers. When they reach O6 (Full Colonel) and above, many change their political perspective to the liberal (now WOKE) viewpoint. I agree with your reasoning as to why this is so.


  9. 1) Foucault accused of sex with children in The Times.

    2) In 1977, a petition was addressed to the French parliament calling for the abrogation of several articles of the age of consent law and the decriminalization of all consensual relations between adults and minors below the age of fifteen (the age of consent in France). A number of French intellectuals – including such prominent names as Louis Aragon, Michel Foucault, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Derrida…

  10. This is why revolutions from time to time are necessary. The Democratic ballot box (in America) is broken, smashed by the Democrat party (Include all corrupt-career politicians.). It is time for 1776 Redux, along with a second Constitutional Congress, and perhaps before that a bit of 1861 Redux. America cannot stand divided (A house divided ….) and it is divided having a European-American culture majority of only 61%, and moving fast in the wrong direction. All we need is a leader. Trump was close.

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