Donald J. Trump: Joe Biden’s Best Friend

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness

The Pavlovian “Trump did it!” sums up Joe Biden’s fallback excuse when faced with any embarrassment.  

His own completely optional, self-created, illegal immigration disaster? Trump somehow caused it, despite leaving office with a stable and secure border.  

Vaccination rates soaring? There would be even more if not for Trump’s mere 1-million-a-day vaccination rate, mere weeks after the rollout of the “experimental” vaccinations that supposedly would take “years” to develop. 

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3 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump: Joe Biden's Best Friend”

  1. Dear Mr. Hanson, there must be some way to stop overwhelming “ad” harassment ! There were no less than 10 plus “ADS” intersecting and bordering your entire newsletter this morning. I realize that at this juncture we may not be able to stop this insanity but I must admit seeing your well reasoned article literally framed by pelosi support ads was disturbing at best.
    This so-called “big tech” is nothing more than anti-American propaganda and intruding on every aspect of our internet.
    What can we as conservatives do? Do you know if there are those who’re trying to shut these propaganda spewers down? This is no longer “free speech”. It’s like finding threatening notes pinned to your front door.
    All that aside thank you for being one of the few reasoned and truthful voices left in our rapidly diminishing Republic.

  2. About the only time Establishment Republicans emerge from their near-permanent state of
    suspended animation is when they are called to duty (by neocons and big defense contractors)
    to gin up a currently in vogue war of choice.

    With Donald Trump gone and no longer an easy cheap shot target, Republicans are deeply bored and seem even more redundant than usual. They have been deafeningly mute through the early months of Biden’s radical transformation of America. But enough is enough. The hour has come. The grave threats to our republic can no longer be ignored. Hence our intrepid representatives have heroically shaken off their torpor to express strong disapproval of (wait for it) … corporate tax hikes.

    “They are risen” [paraphrase of Matthew 28:5-6]

  3. Mr. Hanson as always well done,
    No one is speaking the “I” word, inflation.
    Prices for a number of consumer goods have been soaring and it is being blamed on covid.
    I have not seen much of evidence to back that. Goods are still being produced and sent to market.
    Yes restaurants, movie theaters, state fairs ect are shut down, the economy is still moving.
    Companies see the opportunity and are seizing it.
    The Trump agenda knew what real success should be.

    Dan White

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