Nation on Fire or Does the West Ever Snap? Part Two

Victor Davis Hanson

Are violent immigrants who sparked a crime wave in Sweden, or the riotous in France, or those furious in Florida that Ron DeSantis dared to enforce immigration laws on the books, so aggressive because their hosts were expected to be so passive?

They now fear that a DeSantis is a dangerous man and for two reasons: one, he is acting lawfully, they are acting unlawfully. Two, he has no desire to move to Mexico, they are in Florida by choice. And additionally, they fear and know privately that illegal immigration is an absurdity, a construct that is unsustainable and will either end or end the country.

Ultimately, there is no nation anywhere without borders. And those who enforce them are on the side of civilization; those who violate them in Goth- or Vandal-like fashion are precivilizational.

Illegal aliens are thusly named, because they are illegally in the United States, and they are aliens and not U.S. citizens. Behind all the blusters, the victimization, the demands upon the host, beyond all the cover they demand and expect from the Left, academia, the media, the Chamber of Commerce, and the bureaucracies, illegal aliens know they are on the wrong side of the law and the majority opinion of their hosts. And they know that their own country would never allow to happen to their homeland what they are doing to another’s. (Indeed, if today’s illegal aliens from Mexico were to return home, they would oppose any impoverished Guatemalans crashing their sacred borders to head to Mexico City for expected entitlements.)

Those here without legal permission sense they are so far exempt because they can pose as victims when they know they are no such things, but rather are tragic implements of the identity-politics Left. The latter needs constituents and future voters given the unpopularity of its current bankrupt agendas.

Ditto the corporate business Right that wants cheap labor on the premise that too many million American gang-bangers, youthful criminals, and flabby and idle video-pampered and addicted youth will never hammer shingles or make beds or cook hamburgers when they can be subsidized by the government or their indulgent families.

A final thought on the violence of the immigrant in Europe.

He knows or suspects that at some point he is going to prod even the somnolent Frenchman or the comatose Swede too much. Europe will eventually awaken and conclude that further appeasement is civilizational suicide. Yes, even the European will not commit death by his own hand. And if he were to put on a plane tomorrow all the felons who are rioting in France, most Frenchmen, most Westerners, and indeed most in the world, would likely shrug, “Hail to that.”

Such is the absurdity of the anti-European immigrant, risking death to enter Europe illegally, arriving with the claims against his host, and trashing the country he must at all costs stay in while romanticizing the culture and civilization he so willfully abandoned.

All that is not a sustainable proposition—and the world, not just the blinkered Westerner knows it. And when the Westerner knows that all know that he is being made a fool, beware of his temper.

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23 thoughts on “Nation on Fire or Does the West Ever Snap? Part Two”

  1. How many illegals has Florida deported back to their country of origin? Oh, none. Typical political theatrics. I’m sure the Never Back Down PAC really appreciates the herculean effort, but DeSantis is DOA for 2024, and perhaps beyond. The real question is: will DeSantis supporters take their ball and go home, even though they’ve been told repeatedly by MAGA that this was a mistake and that it was always going to end this way? Seems to me DeSantis depends on Trump croaking or being locked up/removed, and that’s not a strategy. When your entire platform is “I’m like Trump but nicer and beholden to east coast mega-donors like Rupert Murdoch!”, then you really don’t have a platform.

    1. Trump ran on the wall, had a GOP advantage in Congress, but could not get it done. Promised us all to build that wall.
      I voted for him twice.
      When your entire platform is vengeance, I will vote elsewhere for a GOP candidate that can actually swing independent votes, and win the WH back.
      Trump lost in 2018, 2020, lost both Georgia Senate seats in January of 2021, and many of his most favored “smart” people lost in 2022.
      A lot can happen in the next 15 months. Trump can step in it plenty. His lack of good people skills alone will get his polished shoes real muddy.
      Maybe his daughter, or husband/his son in law, and his two sons can help him campaign.
      Me, I want younger and smarter leadership that leaves their kids out of governing.

      1. Evidently you seem to suppose Trump had no opposition and failed to complete the wall because he changed his mind, lost interest or really didn’t care. You say vengeance. I believe it’s righteous indignation and a desire to see justice. It is for me. When did a lack of good people skills fill venues with tens of thousands? I haven’t even begun on his accomplishments. How are gas prices in your home town? MAGA 2024!

    2. Mike Corcoran

      Don’t believe that any State has the authority to deport individuals out of the country – only the Federal Gov’t has that authority. You can hate Desantis if you like but not for that issue.

    3. Richard Bassett

      The State of Florida, like every other State, doesn’t have the legal right or power to deport people.

      DeSantis’s campaign is focused on his track record and accomplishments. The most obvious of these was during Covid, he excelled while Trump floundered.

    4. Unless I am mistaken, state governors lack any legal authority to deport individuals. That is the role of the Federal government, so it is not an accurate criticism of DeSantis. If in fact Gov. DeSantis cannot prevail over an unfettered Triump, then one assumes the President will engage in the upcoming debates. If he will not, I would suggest he might be concerned about DeSantis prevailing.

  2. On your podcast today with Sammy, the pagnolin
    joke is so hilarious. I had to go back and watch John Stewart again June 15, 2021. That is the day that John Stewart dared Stephen Colbert to jump the shark. I think that is the day that Stephen Colbert‘s credibility and career ended.

  3. Being an old white Eropean man I strongly reject the notion that Eropeans, should they ever lose their temper, would stand up. Decades of feminization and the ridicule of male virtues such as strength, competition, aggressivity, striving for power fueled and protracted by a self-declared elite of white old males(!) will lead to a complete surrender of Europe to the invasion of young savages, who have not been domesticized and who are literally slaying Europen males (and females) in the hundreds as if they were swines dispised by their peadophile prophet. Now, good thing is, those who voted for these politcs, and these are to a greater degree women, will experience the effects of these politics on their bodies; and the domesticized European male wont be able to fight back. Well done.

  4. thevoiceofkebap

    The French riots flared up in other countries as well. Brussel/BE as the home of the Molenbeek islamists was to be expected. But what can we make of riots in Lausanne/CH? Switzerland is not open to EU immigrants let alone the free movement within the Schengen/LU-treaty member states. Swiss borders are closed and the country is protected by 4000m high mountains to the south and southeast. On top of that Lausanne is situated on Lake Leman in the picturesque Alpes. Quite a privileged place in a privileded and pretty country. Almost the exact opposite of a Paris suburb. For those who have never been to Lausanne search for pictures online. Who and why would someone riot in a place like that?

  5. Brad Wilkinson

    As usual, Mr. Hanson either misses or, more sadly, chooses to avoid the real issue; this isn’t individuals from poor countries deciding to be illegal immigrants in order to destroy a country, this is the global totalitarian capitalists enabling mass migration of immigrants to destroy a country. Their targets are the successful western countries, specifically the US, as the success of the citizens of those countries to maintain their sovereignty is the biggest single threat to the New World Order of a world government controlled by the totalitarian capitalists. I seriously wish Mr. Hanson would stop dancing around this obvious situation, but the fact that he does so leads me to fear he is just another tool of the Establishment.

  6. We are about to discover snapable Americans are too few to make a difference. Those staunch, brave and willing folks are few and old.

  7. John C. Gibbs

    Although I’m anti-appeasement (very pro-Ukraine), otherwise I’m hoping the leader from the island of sanity (precisely along the lines of your argument) gains the Republican nomination.

  8. Dr. Hanson, your analysis is fine – up to a point. Drop the other shoe, as the saying goes.

    In nations like France, “immigrants” are running wild, committing acts of assault, rape, murder and arson in dozens of cities across France. Although no one is permitted to say so frankly, it is common knowledge that Muslims are responsible for these acts of jihad. Yet President Macron and his globalist pals at the European Union wring their hands and utter banalities in response, all the while green-lighting yet more “immigrants” and “refugees” be admitted to La Belle France.

    Thus, it can plainly be seen that the ordinary Frenchman has not one but two adversaries with which to deal: The newcomers from the Middle East and Africa who worship down at the local mosque, and his own government, which insists that there is nothing wrong with letting these de facto invaders into the country in the first place.

    Remember, too, that in Islam, migration is considered a weapon of conquest. They call it the hegira, a method which dates back to Mohammed himself some 1,400 years ago. If these are truly Islamic “refugees,” why must France take them in when dozens of Muslim nations around the Middle East and Africa could do so? The answer is that they are not “refugees” but invaders…. soldiers of Allah on a great mission of jihad in the name of their faith.

    In short, then, what we are seeing in Europe may be labeled as a “humanitarian crisis,” but it is actually war by another name.

  9. Thomas O'Brien

    All these leaders of illegal immigrant besieged nations (President Macron are you reading this?) each need to grow a pair for the very reasons Hanson states.

    Let’s call them “Trump Testes”.

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    I was a past subscriber until April. My subscription has run out as I no longer use PayPal nor do I have a subscription to
    I would like to subscribe again.
    Can you offer another online payment method?
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