Victor Davis Hanson Show

The Western Paradox

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler examine Ben & Jerry’s founder’s “stolen land” comment, French riots and the illogical of illegal immigration, the Dutch government dissolved, and the court case forbidding Biden administration to collude with social media outlets.

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11 thoughts on “The Western Paradox”


    Hello, Victor
    I always enjoy your writings and podcasts. I just listened to “The Western Paradox” regarding the French riots and immigration problem. As an American expatriate living in France I appreciate your thoughts. After vacationing in France for several years, in 2016 I was resolved to make the south of France my home.
    In order to obtain a visa to stay in France I was required present proof of a residence, one year of medical insurance and income or funds sufficient for my first year. Each following year I must show the same proofs to obtain a new visa although after three years I was able to quailfy for the Assurance Malade. I thought then and still believe that this is a much more sane system than we hand in the USA. Of course, American “immigration” is totally out of control now and I am am sure that the current immigrants to France do not have the same requirements. I am hoping to get a 10 year residence card next year.
    Luckily, all is quiet in my small village in Provence and I stay away from the banlieues of Paris and Marseille. Although my French is not good, I am accepted by my fellow villagers because I am a full time resident.
    If you ever travel to France, it would be a pleasure to see you.
    Bien cordialement,
    Gary Owen

    (Thank you for playing my song)

  2. I appreciate your insight into the human game and how it’s playing out. I learn a lot from you and agree with your views thanks

  3. I have a comment, and I HAVE an MD – McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Class of ’78. I’m beginning my 44th. year of practicing medicine – and I agree with COMPLETELY regarding Covid-19.

    A little background – I never stopped seeing patients throughout the pandemic – in person. I had two vaccines and three boosters – then caught Covid in February, 2023. Was sick for 27 days. Luckily didn’t get pneumonia or long Covid. Thanks, Dr. Fauci!

    One disagreement – American leaders should not bow to Chinese or Saudis, but I think they should bow to the Emperor of Japan. Japan is a stanch ally of the US, firmly democratic, and doesn’t lie, torture, or murder. The Emperor is a figurehead, but also regarded as a God. My esteem for him increased tremendously after the Tohoku earthquake. He’d had heart bypass surgery one month before it happened. His doctors told him he had to stay in Tokyo and rest, but he said “They’re my people” and headed north to the disaster area. Several US presidents would have done well to follow his example!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience in having five injections and still getting Covid and on top of that for 27 days.

      Do you suspect that your immune system was harmed by the injections and that explains the lengthiness of your illness?

      What are those in the medical community saying about all the failed mandates directed at containing the spread of the virus?

      The physician that I see required me to wear a mask for a yearly check-up as of March of this year. Do doctors object to the mask policy? Do they still recommend the injections?

  4. Prof. Hanson,

    What is your favorite of the books that you have written and published?

    Thank you, sir.

    Boryana Emery

  5. When America is weak, everything goes to hell everywhere. Bring back Trump, he will solve all of our problems. He really can. The question is, do people with power want our problems to be solved? I think not! The title of this talk should be the Western Suicide.

  6. In the final analysis, when the sh*t hits the fan, all immigrants will be blamed equally like the illegal who hold the Mexican flag to protest in the USA. What an idiot!

  7. Best breakdown of the insane suicide path western countries are heading down and the contempt the illegal aliens have for us. Give us your services, keep your culture away from us. Finally , Jack’s use of the word “ciuccio “ was priceless. Have not heard that since growing up on the south side of Chicago back in the 70’s.

  8. A bow in Asia is not a sign of weakness. It is more a sign of respect and greeting.
    Although, in the manner comically performed by Obama and now Yellen, it was that.
    Supposedly, they were/are informed citizens of the World, that is what they deliberately try to project, except, of course, they are not.

  9. As to the logic of citizens in some countries criticizing the US while many from the same country want to immigrate here by any means, it is helpful to remember that many of those trying to get in to the US are the ‘losers’ within their country’s system. The ones connected & prosperous in their home country will be less likely to leave. It is quite possible that the 2 groups have different views of the US.

  10. Maynard Beck Sr

    The overturning of Roe vs Wade has created quite an uproar over abortion in the political arena. However, some things supersede political ambition. For instance the opinion of the most admired person of the 20th Century – Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

    Please revisit Saint Mother Teresa’s speech to the National Prayer Breakfast (Sponsored by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives) February 3, 1994:
    Notice that the Clintons are the only 2 people not applauding…
    Was Joe Bidden standing up?
    Jesus said that anyone who harms “one of these little ones would be better off to have a millstone tied around their neck and dropped to the depths of the ocean.”
    As the news recently reported 4 people in a submarine lost looking for the Titanic in the “depths of the ocean”, consider the fate of those who rejoice over the 60 million “little ones” murdered by the MANUFACTURED “right to abortion” (Roe vs Wade)

    With the battle between the old school Catholics and Bidden’s liberal group, remembering Mother Teresa would be a big help to pro-life candidates.

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