Investigations and Foreign Visits

Listen in as Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc talk about Christopher Wray‘s testimony, the Select Sub-committee on Corona Virus Pandemic’s conclusions, and Biden’s visit to Britain.

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6 thoughts on “Investigations and Foreign Visits”

  1. Robert Stewart

    Victor has often softened his criticism of the COVID vaccine(s) by mentioning that they may have reduced the number of deaths. I followed the CDC weekly death tolls for about 2 years and there was some indication that the unvaccinated were suffering more deaths that the vaccinated in the year 2021 following the rollout of the vaccine in Dec. 2020. However, hospitals were given reimbursement incentives ranging from $13K to $39K to list COVID as a contributing cause of death. This always concerned me as someone who died “with” COVID would very likely be categorized as dying “of” COVID given the financial incentives. By Dec. of 2021 I became convinced that the vaccine was of no use given the rapid mutation of the virus. By that time, over 1 million vaccinated people were coming down with COVID every week. It is now almost certain that the spike that was used as the basis for the mRNA experimental injection is toxic in any number of ways, including micro-clotting which can affect virtually every organ. It is also the case that the denial of effective therapeutics was certainly the cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths in the first nine months of the pandemic. Given everything we now know, I can see no reason to assume that there was any benefit to the mRNA vaccines, just as there is no reason to credit masks and lockdowns with any benefit.

    1. Well stated rememberance for the inept and unscientific response to Covid. To this day, people are still wearing masks in the grocery store, driving their car by themself, and walking their dog outside. Generations of Americans have been scarred and many have not learned the truth about what they have been told. As a country, we must address the falsities and the deceptions in order to recover.

  2. Jules Torontonesis

    Speaking of Biden snubs of the British (among other close allies), how much notice did the UK receive before the sudden US departure from Afghanistan? After all, many of their soldiers fought and died there, in support of the US. And a succession of British governments had to defend their country’s decision to take part in that long, American-led war.

    And as for John Kerry’s sympathy for his country’s rivals, didn’t he first find fame by publicly throwing away his military medals?

  3. Odd how the left loves to insult our closest friend in foreign skirmishes. Probably we have not yet heard the last of that insult performed by Biden, Austin, Milley. More than a few of those chickens have not yet come home to roost.

    As for Mr. Kerry, the dude who regularly perused the wealthiest widows, how ironic one of his “medals” was actually for a grain of rice imbedded in his …. That award for valor was utterly unworthy and should not have been gifted; a steel-toed boot there would have been more appropriate.

  4. Victor – Thanks for sharing your parents’ advice. They were caring and interested in developing you. As a baby, you were probably thinking about a lot of things so you were not smiling. My nephew was like that when someone would read to him as he sat on their lap. He would focus his eyes and scrunch his eye brows as if he was trying to read the words himself and could sit there for a half hour while his brother at the same age could only sit for two minutes before getting fussy. God has made each one gifted in his own way and sometimes you can see that at an early age.

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