Is Biden Malicious, Incompetent, or Conniving?

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

What Excites Biden?

Things are becoming so strange, so surreal, so nihilistic in contemporary America that the chaos can only be deliberate. Chance, incompetence, and accident could not alone explain the series of disasters we now daily witness that are nearly destroying the country.

When the ailing and non-compos-mentis president now speaks, he rarely becomes excited about Iranian or terrorist provocations. Biden seems restrained even at Russia’s outlawry in Ukraine. The atrocities of Hamas now earn only measured objections from Biden. He does not seem too angered by the collapse of the border. Nor do the deaths of 100,000 Americans to imported fentanyl earn a loud trademark Biden scream.

No, what earns his unchecked ire, often expressed in shouts and hysterical tones, are Donald Trump and his supporters. Most recently, out of nowhere, Biden resurrected the old and proven falsehood that Trump had libeled the Normandy dead as losers and suckers. He then compounded that libel by claiming Trump’s supposed dismissal of the heroic dead was a grievous family insult to his own late son, who did not die either in combat or while in uniform but in 2015, tragically, from brain cancer.

During these anti-Trump fits, Biden wakes up and his face tightens up. He begins screaming, in uncharacteristic, animated fashion, anytime he can smear half the nation’s voters as “semi-fascists” and “ultra-MAGA” extremists. In private, he swears that Trump is a “f—ing asshole” and “sick f—k.” If only Biden substituted “cartel” or “Iran” or “Hamas” for “Trump” or “MAGA.” we might see an animate president.

A Borderless Nation

Meanwhile, a mob of illegal aliens recently tried to kick and stomp sprawled New York peace officers into senselessness—felonies that would earn any such violent citizen a decade or more on Rikers Island.

Yet somehow, only a few were arrested. Stranger still, all of them were immediately let go without bail—as if freeing wolves to prey further upon sheep.

Upon release, a few smirked and flipped their middle fingers to bystanders. Apparently, they wished to show Americans that they are violent, crude, unrepentant, and exempt. And thus they tell us that their newfound hosts are fools for letting the likes of themselves in.

And why not, given the attackers bussed with impunity to California—the land of free everything if only one qualifies as illegally residing in the U.S.

These grotesque bullies are part of the eight-million illegal aliens who pranced across the southern border without background checks—all taking Biden up on his 2019 encouragement to “surge” the border with impunity.

Many brandish their cartel affiliations. Some pay for their transit by smuggling cartel fentanyl, which contributes to 100,000 American overdose deaths per year. Others sport lengthy criminal records. All seemed to have been welcomed out of their countries by conniving Latin American governments and mysteriously invited into our country by our derelict president.

The Death of the Law

There is a continuing pattern here. Sometime around late 2020, Americans woke up in a country they no longer recognized. That summer, tens of thousands of rioters had looted, burned, killed, maimed, and assaulted for four months with veritable impunity. Leftwing mayors and governors dubbed the violence as “largely peaceful” demonstrations or a “summer of love.”

The 2020 legacy of defunding the police and exempting criminals on the basis of their race or ideology is that each week now videos circulate of massive looting, smash-and-grab epidemics, and deadly car-jackings in our major cities. No one cares much about the small business owners who are ruined.

Who laments for the poor who lose their last shopping outlet? Does the Biden administration worry over the terrified employees who are ordered to stand back or the occasional security officer totem instructed to stand down?

Instead, we are to empathize with the thief, the assaulter, the rapist, and the carjacker—at least in the sense that he does not deserve punishment for the mayhem he caused, given we, not he, are supposedly the true guilty parties. A lot of innocent and defenseless people have been assaulted and killed since 2020 as the wage of that toxic theory.

So the subtext of all these violent acts is exemption based on perceived correct race, ideology, or membership in the supposed victim/oppressed binary. The perpetrators are either not arrested, let out the same day as arrested, never charged, or never convicted. And the result is a growing distrust of the law and a cynicism that there is little law anymore, just statutes used against political undesirables.

If, for just one month, the Biden justice department used the same resources and budget it has spent the last three years rounding up bystanders at the January 6 riot and instead prosecuted, convicted, and jailed these big-city violent assailants, then the crime epidemic could be solved.

The Implosion of the University

As a general rule, in 2024, the more “prestigious” our universities, and the more they prided themselves as elite or Ivy-League, the more likely there were racially segregated dorms and graduations, a virtual anti-Semitic hounding of Jewish students, grade inflation, watered-down courses, and pro-Hamas terrorist demonstrations.

For nearly a hundred years, universities told us that the SAT or ACT admittance exam was critical in determining their admissions. It was sold as a way to confirm the potential and preparation necessary to perform at a level demanded by these elite schools. The tests were praised as a meritocratic tool to determine talent by honing grade point averages and allowing opportunity to those without money and contacts. Then suddenly, in 2021, these tests were mostly junked.

That dismissal of standardized tests was a de facto admission that:

1) Universities had been admittedly wrong for a century that standardized admissions tests had any value in determining the degree of student preparation needed to complete a rigorous Ivy League class load.

or 2) in the interest of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the university would now be free to admit students who could not meet their prior unrealistic or unnecessary standards and instead would accommodate new students by suddenly inflating grades, introducing easier classes, or diminishing required course work.

Of course, the university admits to neither of these realities. It compounds the deception and fraud by claiming new generations of students are more competitive and gifted than ever and will leave with degrees that guarantee employers rigorously trained graduates. Time will soon tell.

The End of Deterrence

The same nihilism characterizes our foreign policy.

Our worst enemies could not have planned a more disastrous and humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan than the Biden administration’s August 2021 scamper. We simply, without an afterthought, abandoned billions of dollars of sophisticated weapons to Taliban terrorists.

We left behind a $1 billion new embassy and a remodeled Air Force base. We bragged about taking out terrorists with a “righteous strike” that wiped out an entire friendly Afghan family, while 13 American service personnel were blown up trying to secure a non-securable escape route.

Then followed the mysterious laxity as a Chinese spy balloon lazily traversed the U.S. with impunity. Next was the radical drop-off in military recruitment. If one wished to ensure that the one group that serves—and dies—in combat units at twice its demographics would exit the military en masse, prompting an enlistment crisis, the Pentagon could not have done a better job.

The top brass all but accused its white male recruits of being prone to toxic white supremacy, only to form a task force to root it out—and then discover such rage and hatred never existed in the first place.

It nonetheless drummed out 8,400 veterans for not receiving the mRNA vaccinations, many of whom had naturally acquired immunity and real doubts about the efficacy or safety of the inoculations. And, finally, the Pentagon made it known that prior standards of recruitment, promotion, and evaluation had apparently weakened the military. Therefore, new race- and gender-based criteria would ensure fewer and now unneeded white males in positions of rank and influence.

Abroad, China serially threatens to annex Taiwan. A hungry and perennially restless Vladimir Putin once upon a time thought he was restrained from invading his neighbors by fear of more costs incurred than the likelihood of benefits to be gained. But like an earlier reaction to a weakened U.S. in 2008 and 2014, Putin assumed that the 2022 Biden administration would likely do little if he annexed greater swaths of Ukraine. And so he invaded.

National security advisor Jack Sullivan, on the eve of the October 7 Hamas massacres of Jewish citizens, claimed the Middle East was at last calm. Now it is on the verge of a theater-wide war, once Iran sensed that the Biden team would appease and beg it to behave.

So the Biden administration was eager to end oil sanctions, plead with Iran to reenter the Iran Deal, remove the Houthis from terrorist designations, route billions of dollars to Tehran for hostages, junk the Abrams accords, and restore millions of dollars in please-be-nice bribe money to the Palestinians.

Biden’s abject misreading of human nature has ensured that a thuggish theocracy that slaughters abroad and tortures at home would interpret that reproachment as either naiveté or stupidity. And thus it would respond with contempt and escalating aggression. And so it has.

Somehow, over just three years, the Biden administration did to the Middle East what it did to the southern border: blew it up in the same exact manner of mindlessly undoing any policy that had previously worked with Trump’s finger prints on them.

What Is Going On?

What is the common denominator, what is the rationale behind the anarchy, and what is the reason why a president would so willingly rend the fabric of America?

Why would the government privilege the illegal alien over the law-abiding citizen? The violent pro-Hamas, anti-Semitic foreign-born protestor over the peaceful pro-Israel, U.S. citizen? The smash-and-grabber over the dutiful security guard?

We are nearing a French Revolution, reign-of-terror moment. The law seems to be what a cabal of hardcore leftists who control the Oval Office say it is.

Joe Biden’s administration offers no better confirmation of warnings from Thucydides to Thomas Hobbes that the veneer of civilization is precious, hard-won, quite thin, and beneath it churns innate human savagery and chaos roaring to be released.

So why did Biden unleash the hounds of anti-civilization? Did he despise the supposedly boring middle-class citizen who follows the law, pays all his taxes, and never gets arrested? Does he hate the idea of meritocracy? In Biden’s puppeteers’ dangerous calculus, is all this savagery and chaos a deliberate mechanism to ensure parity? Equity? Inclusion?

So is the deliberate nihilism—economic, social, cultural, social, and political—a way of leveling the field? Making life difficult for the more successful? Making those who cherish the traditions and protocols of America pay?

Is that the plan to take the country to near collapse, and then only at the abyss itself to force revolutionary change—or else?

How else can anyone explain the descent of our city downtowns into dank medieval cesspits, our notion of male and female transformed into the sexual circus right out of Petronius’s Satyricon, our race relations into a mixture of Rwanda and Yugoslavia, and our universities into Soviet-like “People’s Universities of Correct Thought?”

None of this was by accident. It is the dividend of a philosophy that says, “We have to blow up your America before we can reboot it for us.”


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115 thoughts on “Is Biden Malicious, Incompetent, or Conniving?”

    1. Never forget who is behind this INSANITY: the couple who hates the United States and vowed to change it. The person behind the puppet Biden. This is Obuma’s 3rd term and he will do ANYTHING for a 4th and final term so he can be the DICTATOR in Chief.

    2. I am convinced that this is no accident. All of this is directly out of the Communist playbook. The dissolution of the nuclear family, the annihilation of our borders with zero control or knowledge as to who comes in., the eradication of our churches and moral compass, the complete disregard for law enforcement and no consequences for the most heinous of crimes….this cannot continue. No country can sustain this indefinitely. How and where does it end?

  1. Biden has clearly made a “deal with the devil” in exchange for the reigns of power. The only lever the law abiding, tax paying citizens have is their vote! Use it wisely

    1. I really think it’s too late to save our country. The Left controls all the levers of power and the young people who will take over are mostly hard core leftists. If by some chance Trump should win (which I highly doubt) the Left is going to burn this country down. Dark days ahead for sure.

      1. I feel remorse having to say you are very likely correct in your assessment. I’m almost 76 years old and I used to think I wouldn’t be alive for implosion of this country. I’m now thinking I will be.

    2. Amen. It is The Great Reset being enacted. I think Biden is clueless and an empty puppet. Very sad. How does anyone become that wrongfully ambitious that they would allow themselves to be used to the destruction of others. He is off-kilter. He has lost his humanity. Sad.

    3. That is one of my biggest gripes. These people who are so “learned” that they can tell us what is going on and why are apparently either unwilling or too stupid to be able to come up with any solutions. It’s like someone telling you that it’s raining and people are getting wet, but failing to offer any suggestions on how to stay dry. We need guidance so that we can (hopefully) peacefully make the needed changes.


    “Is Biden Malicious, Incompetent, or Conniving?”

    Can’t he be all three at once?

    We mustn’t forget mendacious and racist.

    1. He is all those things but now is so clearly demented – in the clinical sense of the word – that for the world to pretend otherwise is its own very dark high strangeness.

      1. You are correct, he has vascular dementia, likely due to a series of strokes. I only know the specifics because my husband is a neuropsychologist and can recognize the signs.

  3. Biden is the same as he always has been, a nasty man, a servant of his puppeteers. We cannot forget that he is not running the show. The Democrat party has become the party of Obama/WEF/Soros. You are correct, Dr. Hanson, none of this is accidental. As to motivations, they are the same as they have been for men of ill will throughout the ages: power, domination, and money.

    1. I believe that Obama was/is the Manchurian candidate…..and Biden his willing third term puppet.

      Our country has crossed the Rubicon.

      Past generations of Americans have paid in blood….I fear we will too.

    2. Robert VanBuhler

      Obama IS the Manchurian Candidate. Biden is his mentally declined lackey. How different could Obama’s true history be if ne did not fit that description.

  4. I agree with Victor’s logic. Democrats seek to blow up everything, then demand more concessions to permanently change our nation, which places a premium on personal liberties. They rule from the top down with their dictates & mandates. It’s all about gaining & retaining power.

    1. It’s not just Democrats. While they are the rabid, all in ever present evil, the bulk of the Republicans in power are their hand-maidens, willing to give the Democrats victory after victory in failure theater. They bloviate about one thing or another as if they actually mean to correct it. But when they get to the brink of a victory, they find a way nearly every time to kick the victory to the curb. That is the hallmark of the Republican party.
      So if we come to the determination the Democrats are doing this intentionally, what then does that say about the Republicans? Failure is not only an option for them, it is the preferred outcome. So which is worse, the enemy that confronts you with their evil, or the party supposedly on our side that betrays their constituents, and their country nearly every time.
      Prime example is the garbage border bill. McConnell and Lankford “negotiated” this piece of garbage and said it was a great bill – until they got slapped by the backlash.

      Dark winter days ahead for sure.

  5. Anyone paying attention sees and feels the “march to the abyss.” The question that follows is what can we do to stop that march.

  6. Is Biden Malicious, Incompetent, or Conniving? The answer is of course YES, to all three. Examples are on display every day in major media and in the alternative media.

  7. Victor, you are correct in your assessment. As I speak with my fellow Americans, I encounter one of two reactions: 1) they are mad as hell and their anger is simmering near the boiling point or 2) they are choosing a “fetal position”…purposely avoiding the current news and just hoping that somehow, someway it will all “just work out”. Count me in the #1 group!
    History will look back on the past 3-year debacle (and the OMG scenario for the next several months leading up to 1/20/25) as the absolute worst time in our history, led by the absolute worst (HIDDEN behind the curtain) diabolical people. Biden is just the figurehead for this cabal.
    Perhaps this is just how bad it has to get before the populace wakes up…

  8. Well said, VDH, as usual. Thank you for your keen tearing down of the Biden cabal and its methods and goals. Would that all American voters see this and vote for Republicans in November….

  9. Elections have consequences, specially ones that have been Stolen,and nothing done about it. Wake Up America!!! Time is running out, or has it already? I hope not but fear the worse.

  10. For some time now, my gut has told me the demise I am witnessing can’t be by accident. But no public figures were making that claim. I am very glad that you, Victor are now saying the unthinkable aloud.

    If this is not treason, What is?

  11. The. Masonic motto comes to mind: Out of chaos, order.
    That can be understood as THEY create the chaos; THEY impose the order — the NWO. This is an evil plan. Thank you, dear VDH, for showing us the wizard-tyrant behind the curtain. We’d best pray against deceit and push back with ordinary, extraordinary, acts of generosity, loving kindness, and all the corporeal and spiritual works of mercy in our daily lives. Our humanity depends upon it.

  12. Dr. Hansen,
    I wish your statement below were correct, but it seems Biden’s claim is not a falsehood.
    “Most recently, out of nowhere, Biden resurrected the old and proven falsehood that Trump had libeled the Normandy dead as losers and suckers.”
    Please see this 10/3/2023 report from Jake Tapper of CNN.
    Exclusive: John Kelly goes on the record to confirm several disturbing stories about Trump | CNN Politics
    John Kelly, the longest-serving White House chief of staff for Donald Trump, offered his harshest criticism yet of the former president in an exclusive statement to CNN.
    “What can I add that has not already been said?” Kelly said, when asked if he wanted to weigh in on his former boss in light of recent comments made by other former Trump officials. “A person that thinks those who defend their country in uniform, or are shot down or seriously wounded in combat, or spend years being tortured as POWs are all ‘suckers’ because ‘there is nothing in it for them.’ A person that did not want to be seen in the presence of military amputees because ‘it doesn’t look good for me.’ A person who ….rants that our most precious heroes who gave their lives in America’s defense are ‘losers’ and wouldn’t visit visit their graves in France….God help us.”
    If you believe Mr. Tapper or General Kelly are not truthful, I urge you to check with them.

    1. Tapper has a long history of distortion and fabrications. He is not credible.
      Kelly violated the UCMJ and should have been punished and had his fat pension reduced to a E5 that of an enlisted 20-yearer.

    2. Murray,

      Do yourself a favor and stop watching CNN. They have a long record of making anti-Trump slurs. Remember the Russian Collusion hoax that was promoted incessantly and with such aplomb?

      CNN is not a disinterested news organization; CNN is anti-Trump propaganda.

    3. I appreciate that you provided the link to the story. I suggest you read it again with a more open mind.
      Not once does Kelly state he heard Trump say those comments.
      “What can I add that has not already been said?”
      Kelly then goes on to repeat what other may have said, but not once does he state he heard those words come out of Trump. That makes Kelly’s statement pure hearsay and purely Kelly’s opinion.
      Trump did say, about John McCain, that he prefered those who were not captured. I have heard that taken out of context so I will believe VDH’s assertion it was a reference to Patton’s comment about war. John McCain was a military hero but that does not grant him immunity from criticism as a Senator.
      Trump did make a comment about ONE Gold Star family, one that called him out before hand.

      I was not impressed with those comments from Trump but from day one as POTUS the left did all they could to take Trump down. He was not about to lie down as he is a fighter. That is why a many voters in this nation want him back.

  13. Victor, I love your writings and watching you on TV.

    In my view, Biden is not malicious, Incompetent, or conniving. He’s simply compromised. He’s bought off by dozens of entities (country/people) that he can’t even call the shots anymore. He simply does what the cabal that works for him tells him to do and they are instructed by the global elites.

    What if Biden objects? They’ll either assassinate him, put him in jail or humiliate him and his family to no end. He’ll certainly go down in history as the worst President of the United States. He deserves it.
    All the best,
    John Roland


    “Is Biden Malicious, Incompetent, or Conniving?”

    How about ALL OF THE ABOVE? The tragedy is, that has been obvious for 50 years, and somehow he ended up in the White House, swinging a wrecking ball at everything that ever made this country what it used to be.

    The existential question now is whether the votes of Americans who are disgusted with this horror show will be sufficient to overcome the hundreds of thousands of Biden ballots that once again mysteriously appear in swing states after midnight on election night.

  15. If men were angles we wouldn’t need government but we aren’t and we do. The Texas Rangers during that period after the end of the civil war were often charged with bringing the local outlaws to justice and so often saw the local citizen juries vote not guilty. The usual practice for a Ranger was that the third time that same outlaw had to be arrested he was killed on sight and the cause was “shot while attempting to escape”. We like to believe that such past behavior is uncivilized but yet given the current state of “civilization” I wonder if we aren’t the ones who are uncivilized for letting criminals go unpunished and the worst among them to continue to live.

    1. Start using the Rangers method and this violence would soon end.
      I advocate standing them against the wall at the scene!
      Harsh, but there is no reason to stop the mayhem when there is no punishment.

    1. Given the current situation it seems quite difficult to see a better future or too late to make some changes. Will there be hope

  16. Thank you…if I won the lottery, I would pamphleteer your article and air drop it over the US. It needs a greater readership than my little email forwarding list.

  17. We can always trust VDH to come up with a thoughtful article.

    Is it Trump that raises Biden’s hackles or the threat Trump poses to his reelection. I’d postulate that Biden is an incompetent that believes he is great. Being so gifted, everything he does is brilliant. It’s not his fault if things don’t turn out right. It’s always the fault of someone or something else. Afghanistan was Trump’s fault, never mind that it was Biden’s plan and timetable. The border crisis is Trump’s fault somehow or congress’s fault at Trump’s direction. Never mind that Biden encourages illegals. One of the least liked presidential candidates in US history is ahead of him in the polls and that is like America saying it’s Biden’s fault, that Biden isn’t as great as he thinks.

    (I don’t blame the defund police movement on Biden. That was the woke leaders at state, county, and city level where the police work. Can the DOJ insert itself in what is a local matter? I’ve long believed the FBI became involved when crime crosses state lines or breaks federal laws. Consider 18 USC Part I (Crimes) Chapter 103 (Robbery and burglary) 2119 (Motor Vehicles): Whoever, with the intent to cause death or serious bodily harm takes a motor vehicle that has been transported, shipped, or received in interstate or foreign commerce from the person or presence of another by force and violence or by intimidation, or attempts to do so, shall… Notice the theft of the car becomes a federal crime if it is interstate. Assault i

  18. I’d say (with abundant evidence) that Biden isn’t running anything. He says what they tell him to, signs what they tell him to. Biden admits it when he says he can’t talk about something or else he “will get in trouble”.

  19. Michael B. Roche

    Given the Biden policies, and the WH Staff, I still suspect it is Obama’s 3rd term, with him pulling the strings.

  20. The answer to all the above is that this charade is in reality the Third Obama Administration and the disdain for America and the values that made us a great nation overrides everything. To add to our demise, Michelle will soon be selected to replace the Pretend President currently renting the White House on weekdays.

  21. Another treasure summary.
    Thank you, Professor and Mr. Jack.

    To the question of ‘is he malicious, incompetent, or conniving?’; well, all three apply; plus, let us count a few more: he’s sociopathic and a narcissist and he excels at malfeasance, misfeasance, deceitfulness, misrepresentation, grifting, legerdemain, crime, and evil with an odd attraction to little girls, and he has a serious mean streak. Thank goodness his recent angry outbursts are so obviously tied to mental issues, otherwise, in addition to these personality traits, he would also be dangerous.

  22. Why did VDH write so many correct observations (except, oddly, his misjudgement of Putin) only to fizzle out in the end, failing to attribute the absurdities of our times to a cynical campaign by globalist billionaires to accomplish something like the dystopias of many well-know novels? Biden, once corrupt and now just demented, would never have “won” the presidency if not for the corruption of all major institutions by what must be seen as malicious figures who buy and coerce millions of minions – the optimistically named “fourth estate” crucial to the enterprise.

  23. Malicious? Maybe, but not capable of rational execution of a plan. Conniving? Not smart enough-never has been. Incompetent? YES!!! Completely a hollowed out excuse of a man. A puppet for the malevolent controllers. It is so depressing to think that any living soul respects him and will vote for him. Can you please define his controllers beyond the far left? Is he being blackmailed? Is he being bribed? Does he have a brain implant? (It’s not working well). How does his wife stand for this?

    1. Norman, thank you. An important, fascinating, intriguing conversation. Too bad some of us do not form a research group to research and attempt traces of certain funding, call it, The Hobby. An acquaintance did that for Navy Intell. Might be time to sign up for a Mandarin class.

  24. Re-tooled for the 21st century, Hanlon’s razor cuts clean: “Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice.” Coveting Western wealth and resources and resenting the Anglo race surely fuel much malice. It’s worth considering that hatred for our remnants of Christian culture may be an even deeper root of the present evil.

  25. As with any revolution, it is led by anarchists whose plans don’t extend beyond the destruction of the current system. In this case the progressives work on those who are so busy virtue signalling that, as with a frog placed in a pan of cold water which is then heated, by the time they realize that they are going to die they lack the ability to alter that outcome. Once again demonstrating that the least common human attribute is common sense. But, in this case, Dr. Hansen properly recognizes that those who do not study history are destined to repeat it. And once again, we demonstrate that you can’t fix stupid.

  26. I love not only Victor’s intelligence and knowledge but mostly his personal courage and integrity. He is one of the few voices out there telling like it is and un afraid of the woke mob. A great American voice and role model in a time of dire need. Please never stop! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  27. VDH has, once again, so eloquently stated the bizarre, but hard truth that the Biden regime promotes for all of the chaos it has unleashed. The good news is that the day of reckoning will be here in 9 months. So, until then, buckle up my friends, for it’s going to be a very bumpy ride.

  28. Brilliant. Thank-you. But “normies” have neither the time nor the intellect to read something like this. It is way beyond them . . .

  29. VDH details the “fundamental transformation of America”.

    “Is that the plan to take the country to near collapse, and then only at the abyss itself to force revolutionary change—or else?”

    It is from a Leninist model.

  30. Tim Grennan, MD

    As to Joe Biden and his (lack of) mental health: “The deterioration of intellectual faculties (in a person with dementia) implies that sufferers become progressively less
    able to retain new information, and so to absorb it. They become gradually cut off from
    their environment. The term ‘conation’ (the mental faulty of purpose, desire, or will to perform an action; volition (Oxford Dictionary)) refers to a person’s will and directed activity, and
    the loss of conation means that the person with dementia becomes unable to behave
    autonomously. The deterioration of emotional faculties becomes evident in behavioral
    disturbance, emotional lability, passivity and inappropriate reactions” (Spicker, P. Dementia and Social Death. Self Agency and Society 2(2) 88-104 2000….sure sounds like Joe.


    All three in their way.

    In his prime Biden* was conniving.
    In his current state he is most certainly incompetent
    And he is being used by others for malice.

  32. Power-mongers use big-government to effect their planned destruction of individual freedom, as they always do. This is not new. The battle is between control versus the inalienable rights of the individual, not Republican or Democrat, not Left, Right or Independent. You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you, and they are. We individuals can prevail if we recognize the real enemy and unite in understanding the power of our Republic.

  33. Richard James Borlik

    Biden made one big mistake which guarantees his failure. This is the same mistake made by many of his “cafeteria Catholic” cohorts in congress, all people of some fame and influence in their districts; like Pelosi, Schumer, and scores of congresspersons: their swear to God daily to defend the US constitution, and pass the remainder of the day destroying it. God remembers.

  34. Dennis Mcnerney

    Brilliant. Vdh is always right on the mark. Biden is the Manchurian candidate. A dedicated saboteur could not have done as much damage to this country as Biden and his lunatic left. I’m a 73 year old veteran and very worried about this country. Please vote republican. The biggest threat to our democracy is the democrats.

  35. Biden is doing this on purpose. He sold out to our enemies. He is a traitorous son of a bitch. He is allowing our enemies to invade by the border to turn lose on us sometime this year. I’m sure Biden will supply them with weapons too. It’s population replacement and he thinks we don’t no it. We got a war coming. Biden has made sure of that. We best win it once it starts. If not they will 86 us all. Voting will fix nothing. It’s over. This is the beginning of the end for America. Sucks, sucks we got noplace to run too. The whole damn world has gone insane.

  36. noman (in the tradtion of Odysseus)

    Hanson is brilliant and is mostly always on target. Sadly, I think he may be right. Whatever this county is on the verge of, is not good. We have already had a taste of Joes demented brain. Whether Joe is, the master of it, or he is just what he has always been, a baboon, a puppet, a cartoon character of an incompetent and corrupt politician, maybe a Manchurian candidate – who knows? Whatever it is, there may be Hell to pay before we get back to the ideals of this country. We are a ship in a hurricane, without a captain, without a rudder and the lunatics are in control. The man is deeply corrupt. I shudder to think what will be left in his wake.

  37. So why do the American people put up with this chaos?

    What do democrat voters get out of this mess?

    Democrat voters gain government recognized homosexual couples, the destruction of innocent human beings in their mother’s womb, a perverted sense of magnanimous virtue in accepting and fostering transvestites, illegal aliens, criminals, and remedial racism.

    But why? These things make no sense. What is the underlying motivation? What drives people to be so lawless and unreasonable?

    And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what out not to be done. They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanders, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them. Romans 1:28-32

    1. I am in agreement with your comment. I have such cognitive dissonance with the state of our upside down country, where evil is tolerated, rewarded, and encouraged, while fighting the good fight sometimes seems ever more bleak and futile.

      1. Thanks for sharing. It is amazing how fast society has changed. Be encouraged that God is Lord of all. He is working his good will in all our circumstances. I am praying to trust in him more. Blessings to you!

  38. Great summation of 3 years of Joe Biden’s administration. We now know the striking consequences the left has caused. Elections have consequences don’t they! President Trump said the 2020 election was rigged. The left asks, “show us the evidence “. Digging out the coordination of the FBI’s collusion with Twitter and others to stifle free speech, lies told by the MSM as well as simply ignoring honest reporting by omission. Videos of ballot box stuffing and uncounted republican ballots were found well after November 2020. Rigged election? What a profound loss we have since the prosperity during the Trump years. God help us if the people that prop up Biden can do it again. I fear assignation of President Trump is the last resort the democrats and never Thumpers have as they see the Polls decidedly for Trump 2024.

  39. Always wondered how America would fall since not referred to in end time prophecies in Revelation…more clear now..collapsing within thanks to Biden…can then offer no help to anyone including Israel, rapture of church takes place, America left with no Christians and Holy Spirit…world in chaos, enters the Antichrist, tribulation begins. Famines, pestilence and death!!!! We are there!

    1. Finn Dalcassian

      America IS referred to in end-time prophecy.
      Despite what most may believe, America is end-time Israel. You will scoff and doubt that.
      Israel in the Bible is not referred to as a “state” but God’s chosen people = Christians.
      America is the most Christian nation on earth.
      This is why, when reading Deuteronomy in Chapter 28, it makes more sense and you understand how it applies to America.
      And, if you read God’s word with this new perspective in mind, it makes much more sense in its application.
      When the armies from the North (Gog and Magog – North of America) invade “Israel” it will explain why China and Russia are such a threat to America, and we see it with the invasion of China right now.
      The party’s just begun.
      Scoff if you like, but its the answer to your question.
      And, here’s another shocker for you – there is no such thing as a ‘rapture’, and you ARE in the tribulation as we speak.

      1. Finn –

        1. What is the basis of your statements?

        2. Are you using the Bible to define your terms and arrive at your conclusions?

        3. How do you interpret Scripture? Is the Bible to be understood based upon a historical, grammatical, and literary context?

        4. Are you seeking the author’s intended meaning to the Bible and employing a literal approach in seeking that meaning?

        5. Are you considering the genre of the Bible and properly interpreting prose, poetry, and figures of speech?

        6. What evidence can you provide for your viewpoint?

  40. When Joe Biden is asked a question that questions his honesty or ethics, he merely laughs. That one action, which he does often, explains everything.

  41. Mr. Hanson, I don’t think you answered this ultimate question: “So why did Biden unleash the hounds of anti-civilization?”

    You described his actions but not his motives.

    I’d argue they come from listening to the wrong daimon.

    Being a classicist you’d know that it was a daimon, a guiding spirit, that Socrates relied upon to his very end. (Indeed, if he’d had no such daimon, he probably wouldn’t have died and we wouldn’t know about and have accepted his method of rational, truth seeking questioning as a cornerstone, along with, “Jerusalem,” of Western Civilization. His death truly was a good death, as he proclaimed) He believed, KNEW, his daimon to be, “eu,” that is, good. (there’s a lot of interest lately in, “eudaimonia,” the thriving, fulfilling, good life that comes by following the Good and practicing the virtues it commands). But there are other daimon: cacodaimon, bad guiding spirits. They lurk in the shadow and whisper in the ears of us all. I’m thinking Biden and those tearing down Western Civilization have these daimon on their shoulders (and largely unbeknownst to them, hence the self righteousness and lack of willingness to debate the truth).

    As I’m sure you know also, the term, “daimon,” morphed into, via the Roman Catholic focus on them, “demon(s).” “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” See The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis for an expose on cacodaimon …

  42. It is clearly by design and it started with Obama. He said on many occasions, “Help me fundamentally change the greatest nation on earth.” He didn’t say “fix it, rebuild it., strengthen it, etc.” He specifically said ‘fundamentally’ change it. When you fundamentally change something, you first have to tear it down to its core. This is a well orchestrated, intentional agenda.

  43. I’ve been posting for over a decade that the democrats intend on creating chaos to seize power. Pff, who am I to be predicting the future… anyways, it’s here!

  44. The Fourth Turning is here, and its name is chaos. We must have very strong and patriotic leaders and supporters to lead us through this dark period into a refreshed and vibrant Republic.

  45. I think you have to go more into deep psychology, and Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged explicated it beautifully. There’s one scene where a character who, in the midst of Biden/WEF-like destruction exclaims ‘But…they do want to live, don’t they?’ Deep self-hatred, belief in their own worthlessness and projected anger over it is the root of all of these people. They loathe happiness and productivity and self-esteem because they’re extremely jealous of it. They want to destroy it, never realizing that it’s really themselves they want to destroy (think mass shooter writ large). Every time they destroy something, particularly if it’s accomplished or beautiful , they laugh, because it makes them feel better about themselves—their evil superior to weak good.
    The irony is that often they engage in extraordinarily complex and difficult machinations in their destructiveness, which if applied to achievement would show that they are not worthless and loathsome.
    There’s a great South Park episode where Cartman goes through tremendous scientific analysis and physical training in order to pass as retarded so he can win the Special Olympics. It’s similar irony.

  46. Brad Whittlesey

    Excellent summation of our current plight. It was easy to see that Biden was declining visibility when he was getting into the race, but the DNC and the MSM deliberately hid the knowledge from the voters. I think Biden was a “Hail Mary” by the DNC who were banking on his name recognition, Trump fatigue to get them back into the white house. Not surprising. But Biden had the add benefit of being completely owned by the radical left. Everyone worries about what China or Russia, or even Ukraine has on Biden, but what about blackmail by Soros and gang? They seem to be a modern day “Tammany Hall” bent on the annellation of everything Americans hold dear and to up-end civilization. What these creatures intend to replace our ideals with should cause every free man concern.
    Btw: While everything you say about Afghanistan is true, everyone seems to forget the outrage caused by our withdrawal from Bagram Airbase in the middle of the night without the courtesy of informing our friends we were pulling out. If my memory serves me, wasn’t Biden the first American President censured by Parliament?

  47. Biden is the prototypical brainchild of Obama, and perfectly timed to carry out his dastardly deeds to “transform” America as we knew it. Biden is void of any rational thinking, because there’s no brain function to support it. Instead, he parrots what he’s told and unwittingly rages against his opposition (Trump) that brought peace, security, and prosperity to the common man, plus a hand-up to the “forgotten”. Jealousy fills Bidens collapsing veins, as his dutiful spouse watches the carnage. He can’t help himself, nor change course since his altered reality and psychosis are untreatable. His passing one day will confirm that “he did his best for the country” ad nauseum. Sadly, Biden is unphased by the sinking ship we all commiserate with as passengers.

  48. Finn Dalcassian

    While the goings-on are both malicious and intentional, they are not the ingenuity or cunning deceit of incompetent and brain dead Joe Biden. He has neither the ability, capability or intelligence and mental acuity to craft anything worthy of recognition of such magnitude aside from his blundering blather.
    This is nothing less than the continuation of an agenda began at least over a century ago by men no longer above ground, but nevertheless whose agenda is alive and well.
    It’s more devilish than most are aware of or could imagine.
    And if more of the people in charge don’t wake up and recognize it lickety split, we might as well just slide our heads up between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye.

  49. In my opinion he has been compromised by the monies he and his family have received from foreign governments and companies so much that he tries to favor their rather than ours.

  50. David D Cannady

    Undoing the American Revolution, stamping out the last vestiges of Classical Liberalism and putting us back into our place as peasants. This has been to goal from the beginning and they are succeeding because their only viable opposition, Conservatism, doesn’t really believe in individual liberty. So, they will rule over a fractured nation until all memory of freedom is gone.

  51. From Bella Dodd’s, “School of Darkness.”
    “ Plans were already on foot for a string of Marxist Adult Education schools which would have a patriotic look. The patriots of the American Revolution and of the Civil War were to be given a new sort of honor — a Marxist status.
    These schools were to play a part in the “third revolution” that was to destroy the nation.
    Trachtenberg once said to me that when communism came to America it would come under the label of “Progressive democracy.” “It will come,” he added, “in labels acceptable to the American people.”

    Note: The Communists, with their Progressive plan to destroy America, never wavered – the rest of America was seduced by their rebranding and promise of “equity/social justice.”

  52. We are lucky that he is senile and muddled. With his evil intention on America, if he is sharp and clear-thinking, he’d be doing much greater damage.

  53. The second commentator has it right. Obama is dedicated to making USA into a third world country, as shown in Dinesh D’Sousa’s book. It is all planed.

  54. After 31 years of military service, the choice to retire in 2017 was not a difficult one. At that time, it had become obvious the pivotal promotion hurdle to reach the next rank was NOT a record of success or a proven ability to succeed at the next rank up….but…a demonstrated willingness to conform to the “senior leader” narrative/ directives, most of which had NOTHING to do with combat capability. That was 2017. If there’s any credence in my take on this, a logical conclusion is those that have been promoted to senior billets over the past decade or so, are largely conformists…not leaders. How has that worked out for our armed forces and our nation? As I departed service, my final meeting with a much admired four-star general (and proven warfighter), I decried that our service needed to return to promoting leaders…not conformists. My heart sank when his response was “…you just don’t get it…blah..blah…blah”. Hint to those reading this…if someone in a leadership position in your organization dismisses your input with a “you just don’t get it” response….you are being directed to conform. Conformity is not leadership. Blindly demanding conformity from subordinates is a gross dereliction of leader’s duty. Return to meritocracy is the only roadmap back to sanity.

  55. Sadly, I am in complete agreement with Dr. Hanson and am very disturbed by the tone of his article. Previously having always ended his warnings with a positive and hopeful message of how things could still be turned around and always offering at least a glimmer of hope, now he also seems to feel an impending sense of doom. Biden isn’t intelligent enough to have orchestrated any of this – I believe it’s the doing of Obama and his cohorts. They are dangerously close to having all the dominoes in place. If the Democrats win the next election, all they will have to do is tap one. Indeed, the election results could in and of themselves be the tipping point. I am very afraid of how powerful and prevalent the evil is.

  56. All of this is true…except you forgot to mention the Republicans who are complicit in all of this! The Rhinos who hate Trump more than they love our country. The knives him in the back during his Presidency and it continues to this very day. The Republicans lack of leadership and their in-fighting is also responsible for where we are today. And, there is no relief in-sight.

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