Lackluster Left: Iran, Bombings, and a Border Bill

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler as they discuss Biden strikes back at Iran, Justice Sotomayor pressed to retire, Ayanna Pressley cries racism, Center of the American Experiment bombed, and the McConnell-Schumer bill.

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20 thoughts on “Lackluster Left: Iran, Bombings, and a Border Bill”

  1. Seems the Founders had a horrid blind spot. They could not foresee a total boob like biden, who’s used the presidency to destroy the country.
    But the greater truth is that the American people as a voting group have shown the inadequacy of a population that was insane enough to elect this boob president.

      1. Bruno Rocky Seppi

        Yes, Joe didn’t win anything! Voting for a month and counting votes over and over! I hope these people are happy with their decision to cheat! But, Joes just a puppet, it’s the administrative state that has become corrupt! Honest people in power would have been nice too. But it seems that old adage of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!! I’m going to pray for balance and the return to the rule of law! God bless this country!

        1. Appreciate your sharing. There is innate corruption in the soul of man and his position allows him to express it in according to the power that he wields. The long-term solution is a change in man’s inner being.


      The founders understood human nature, and built a system that would minimize its worst aspects in governance. They thought we could live virtuously, as they understood it.

      But they gambled and lost.

      Franklin foresaw it, though. That’s what underlies his reply to Mrs. Powel as he left the State House after the Constitution was drafted: “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

      If you can keep it.

      1. The weak link in the system are the people. The republic is only as good as the character of the people who live in it. Lasting improvement in government will only come from an improved people.

  2. John T. Conyack

    Listen and read most of your great works. 70yrs old. I hit 70 yesterday 2/5. Grateful to be alive with small health issues. Sad to see our great country coming apart . Navy 73/77 I was in Athens Greece during the military overthrow. Watching tanks rolling down the streets from our hotel window. The carrier CV-62 Independence was at anchored in the harbor. Where you still in Greece? I pray you become a Trump advisor. You have insight into our issues.

    God Bless

  3. Iran doesn’t care about its citizens in the same way that an American President is supposed to. This makes Biden’s retribution a waste of time and resources. 👍🇺🇸

  4. I agree with your wisdom, VDH. We need to rescue the country.

    I urge you to contact Donald Trump and offer your services as an advisor to his campaign. Your calm and sane manner could aid Mr. Trump, I am sure.

  5. Mark Whiteley Cares

    Hey VDH, as always a pleasure. Now that you are nearing retirement age. Who do you see as picking up your mantle? What is reading list for us students?

  6. about the citizenry . It seems mind boggling that once a Democrat in power whether Mayor Governor Senate wherever has proven incapable of governing then those who voted him in would vote him out. I would. but it seems to me from engaging with those who vote Democrat will tolerate poor governing and even excuse corruption, lying , stealing before they will reevaluate their own ideology . They are well committed to being anti Republican or conservative and toleration of such corrupt conduct is the price paid gladly. looking away, .ignoring the violation and assaults , denial of mafia style governing is not as bad as voting Republican .

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