Eyes Wide Open for 2022

To ring in the New Year, Victor Davis Hanson and his cohost Sami Winc discuss 2021 courts cases, Russian hoaxes, Transgendered athletes, China, military unpreparedness, academic excellence — what the Left would have us believe and what the facts reveal.

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3 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open for 2022”

  1. I have been reading Victor since the late 90’s when “Soul of Battle” came out. I own all his books, have read three quarters of them. I listen and watch to most of what he does.

    As a great admirer with immense gratitude for how much I’ve learned from him, he has become so excessively repetitive that I am starting to tune out. I start listening, and realize I have heard these argument from him a dozen times already.

    It’s one thing when he’s doing other media – he should go with his big, main developed arguments. But for these podcasts, I’m not sure why he thinks listeners need to keep hearing the same thing over and over again. He has done this in his essays, but somehow that always seemed more understandable. His new penchant for doing imitations and mimicry has grown odd and distracting as well, and I think it’s indicative of the natural desire to freshen up a repetitive point.

    Again, I admire him immensely. I would like to hear him talk more on historical matters, foreign policy, military matters, and farming. The Litany Against The Left has been done enough unless some new event or issue comes up.

    Free, unasked for advice from an admiring friend.

  2. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds -Emerson

    Did Zarathustra say that yesterday, Zarathustra says this today -Nietzshe

    The emerging Progressive ideology has been a long time in coming. It’s one particular branch of the “western tradition”. The latest iteration seems to be driven by elite contact with the CCP and a resulting envy of the power elites wield in China (similar the the elite envy of the CCCP 100 years ago). Witness that staunch support for the CCP remains strong among elites who don’t hold office. This is the hidden dynamic behind current U.S. Progressivism that needs to be outed and challenged.

    Btw. Great dynamic between Victor and Sami this podcast. You guys are finding your groove!

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