From Biden Diary to College Censors

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc discuss “privileged material” in the Okeefe Project Veritas case, Zuckerberg’s millions and walls, the Manchin vote, and university censorship or not for those with the right political views.

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6 thoughts on “From Biden Diary to College Censors”

  1. Loved the blend of topics on this one, particularly the idea of ending with reflections on Victor’s books. Sami always puts a good format together and Victor always fills it with content to keep me pondering long after the next podcast drops. Mind fodder like this is essential for those of us who are largely shut in for various reasons!

  2. Compares the pre-globalist and globalist worlds for us—-grasps our sense of loss but helps us think about dealing with where we are

    1. “Voter Integrity,” i.e. honesty, safety, stability and ability to audit legaLLY ANY AND ALL elections from top to bottom, is foundational to the administration and survival of our Constitutional Republic. Messing around, rigging, cheating and outright bribery within our election systems throughout our Nation are social cancers in our Republic, as well as democratic procedures. Without Voter Integrity corruption, anarchy and chaos infect the body politic of our nation–and the Soul of America and Americans. Voter Integrity is the golden thread that is woven within our Constitution. Period.

  3. Michael Bradley

    I appreciate the reference to the “Ox-Bow Incident” as I just read it last week. It has been reprinted in a collection called “The Western: Four Classic Novels of the 1940s and 1950s.” I highly recommend it.

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