VDH Interview by Breitbart News Daily

This special Breitbart News Daily podcast is a one-on-one interview with Alex and renowned historian Victor Davis Hanson. It was recorded on Hanson’s California ranch and the discussion covers the current state of affairs in America with Hanson’s new book, ‘The Dying Citizen’ as the overarching guide to this in-depth conversation.

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2 thoughts on “VDH Interview by Breitbart News Daily”

  1. Excellent balance of respect and informality and conversational style and linearity. Informative and proving but laid back and enjoyable. Good job by both parties.

  2. William Shannon

    Another great podcast. I like the trucks and traffic in the background, it adds texture, recording in the real world and not in a studio. A wide range of topics covered well worth the time to listen to.

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