Elon, Immigration, and the Uncivil

In this news roundup, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc analyze the Dominion case against Fox, Elon Musk‘s thoughts, border solutions, and insidious violence and the callous Left response.

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6 thoughts on “Elon, Immigration, and the Uncivil”

  1. As always a pleasure to listen to VDH. Good point on Mccarthy having a slim majority. But what gets me VDH always fails point out Mccarthy incompetence. During the late summer of last year VDH kept saying the Mccarthy and McConnell needed to release a short list of things they would do. All Mccarthy could do was talk about of diverse his candidates were. While he was funding primary challenges against his conservatives. The. Mccarthy finally releases his 150 point plan the day early voting began. And instead of talking about his plan he kept talking about how diverse his candidates were.

  2. Victor and Sami,
    I agree with the comments at the end of your podcast. We all want to thank you, Victor, for being that voice that represents the regular person. Years ago when I first saw you on TV, there was something about you that came across as being different from the rest of the media personalities. Thank you for being a champion for us all.

  3. I not a fan of AI – except in one case! Victor, you cannot leave us here. We, the world, needs your knowledge & perspective. Therefore, please clone yourself.

  4. @Mark Cares The Republican Party has been so poorly run for such a long time, it won’t turn around in a few months. McCarthy, although not Newt Gingrich, is trying to pull what’s left of conservatism, up a steep hill, using everything he can.Remember Boehner & Ryan? The Democrat communists are on the way to give the country away.

    1. Ha. That’s right Anonymous, if that’s your real name. I said Ha. The only reason we were subject to Ryan is because Mccarthy in his lame attempt to attack Hillary Clinton shot himself in the foot and channeling his inner Harry Reid managed to then shove it in his mouth.
      Mccarthy didn’t complain when republican members broke ranks to impeach Trump and vote for the democrats budget boondoggle a year later. But when some gop members chose not to vote for him as speaker he went on Maria Bartiromo show to complain and whip the supposed right wing media against them.
      Right now as we speak Mccarthy is trying to figure out how to surrender and hand Biden a victory on the budget!!!

  5. On Race: Irish and African-Americans should know by now that our elites have reverted to the old colonialist tactic of “divide and rule”. Democratics are offering the same deal to African-Americans right now that the British offered the Punjabis: accepted our hand-outs, and we’ll make you a privileged minority with status over others in our empire -but don’t you dare think you can rule on your own merits (see Clarence Thomas).

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