VDH on The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

Victor Davis Hanson addresses many of the problems and challenges inundating America today and has a few ideas of how we can save the nation before it’s too late.

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5 thoughts on “VDH on The Eric Metaxas Radio Show”

  1. Thomas O'Brien

    There are three things that I want to raise about the great immigration from the mismanaged Blue cities that we are now experiencing:

    1. It would be self-instructive for them if these cities suffered the natural consequences of their actions. (Just as responsible parents allow their minor children to experience when they make bad decisions.) But this does not happen when the Dems control the presidency and congress. Much of the trillions of dollars of debt that Biden foisted upon us went to the failing Blue cities and the teachers union.

    2. Great that responsible tax payers are fleeing the terribly managed, crime ridden, democratically run cities, but have they learned anything in the process? Or are they going to be bringing their leftist values with them? Are they still in denial that these are the same voting values that allowed for the failures of the former cities in which they have now fled? I fear they are in denial. I pray that time will prove me wrong.

    3. Is all this total urban mismanagement by Democratic leftist leaders by intelligent design. Do they actually want this urban flee from them of the middle class? After does this pending collapses of the Blue cities not accelerate the destruction of the society that marxists wish to replace? Will not accelerate the crises that they will need to put their utopian plan for the masses firmly in place?

    1. I think point 2 will really depend on what you mean by ” Leftist values”. I’ve met too many people down here who call me a Marxist because I don’t want to abolish welfare and the graduated income tax.

  2. Metaxas’ overwhelming ads seem to be saying, “Leave America, go to Israel.”

    Thomas, it’s not the Dems who are “in control” any longer. It’s some weird, global coalition of zombie elites.

  3. Suffer the consequences? Yes, it’s a great phrase which is never put into practice. For example, do the super rich ever pay the consequences of off shoring our jobs? I know Trump- much to his credit- had that idea initially with a symbolic demonstration with an Indiana factory, but alas no support from his own party. None from the democrats. So today, neither party cares about reindustrializing the USA.

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