Independence Day Goes Woke

Join Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler as they discuss PACs pushing back against Donald Trump in the 2024 election, Michigan wanting to give China money to build factories in the state, injecting ideology into the criminal justice system and the America’s Semiquincentennial (250th anniversary) is going to be very different than its Bicentennial.

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13 thoughts on “Independence Day Goes Woke”

    1. Add to that that you have to be disabled by your dyslexia to receive benefits: you can’t read, tell right from left at all, maintain focus on a task for any length of time. The people who fall under this class are not severe dyslexics (like myself) whose condition was diagnosed early and have received years of training in how to deal with it (all paid for as part of the cost of public education), but those who were not identified until they were adults and correcting the problem became nigh impossible. There’s no “free money” being handed out as an entitlement for simply having a severe learning disability.

  1. The democrats know that every time they do something to persecute Trump, he gets a boost. The plan is to make sure he’s the candidate because they know they can win against him. I for one have lost faith in Trump, but I don’t know that it matters anymore.

  2. Victor and Jack,
    It is very troubling that China and other foreign entities can so easily locate factories and buy farms here in the US. We are compromising our internal supply chain and the ability to feed and support ourselves. And for Michigan to entice the enemy with incentives to do so should be outlawed. Excellent podcast as always. Thank you

  3. I learn about RINO (republican in name only) recently.

    Is there something similar to “Christian in name only” in terms of ideology? Is religion an ideology or a theology or both?

    I posted a question in a Christian public forum, “Are you a Christian or a Leftist?” It was met with hostility and they said the question was divisive, meaning Christianity is inclusive, it accepts conservative, leftist, gay, trans, etc.

    I thought Leftism is anti-Christ (God). I think Victor said the current Pope Francis is a Leftist. Can someone be both a Christian and a Leftist? I mean can that be rational and intelligentually honest?

    I am not suggesting Buddhism is anti-Christ. It is definitely not. But just want to use it to clarify my point. You cannot be a Christian and a Buddhist, right? You can only be one or the other.

  4. Stanley Krauter

    Would you please consider a simple idea for celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

    To prepare for the celebration, every newspaper and news media outlet should publish every year on the 4th of July ten to twenty questions about American History. And to make the questions and answers more enjoyable, they should also publish newspaper articles from 250 years ago. So in 2023, everyone will publish newspaper articles from 1773. And in 2024, newspaper articles from 1774. In 2025, newspaper articles from 1775. And that pattern will be continued through 2026 and every year after that.

    Then to increase the educational value of the day, they should publish a one page or a two page flowchart of American History. And by taking some or all of the ten to twenty questions from the flowchart, the information in the flowchart will quickly become the minimum amount of information that everyone should know. Even children will realize that they will be expected to learn the information in the flowchart before they graduate from high school.

    The enthusiasm for becoming better educated Americans could be further increased by newspapers and news media outlets also publishing advertisements for ten or more of the best American History books published in the previous year. But no one in the news media seems to be interested in teaching American History.

    1. I like this idea, but I’m not sure how to implement it when there are so many media choices out there. Still, even if you could just convince a number of top periodicals to do it -or make it a part of K-12 American History curriculum, it might actually start moving that literacy dial just a little bit. Everyone like to be able to say “actuaaaalllllly” to their fellow American!

      1. Stanley Krauter

        I wrote to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal because if either one of them decided to publish an American History Day every year on the 4th of July, other newspapers might pay enough to reprint the NYT or WSJ version to make it profitable for everyone. But both the NYT and WSJ never responded to my emails. So I assume that they rejected it but I don’t know why. My next attempt will be the talk radio stations in Washington, D.C. If one of them likes them the idea, they may be able to convince Congress to pass a resolution asking the news media to make a profit by promoting patriotism.

  5. debilitating inflation punishing working Americans at the gas pump & on the dinner table ..

    the result of feckless arrogance from elected officials .. occupying the Beltway brothel

    squandering prosperity enjoyed just three short years ago .. ineptitude & hubris

    America’s reputation tarnished & sullied globally by incompetence & indifference born of illegitimacy .. the laughing stock of freedom-loving peoples everywhere

    our military reduced to social engineering Petri dishes pursuant to grooming agendas ..
    as our avowed enemies chuckle quietly in comic astonishment

    therapeutic cleansing of the body politic ..

    fourth down & a bunch .. deep in our own territory with no timeouts ..

    everybody go long

  6. from our season tickets firmly ensconced in steerage ..

    it’s apparent we’ve lost any semblance of moral compass in favor of ceding our brains to the cloud ..

    for every innocent exposure to life’s fentanyl there exists a narcan swab ..
    chemical dependence the newest virtue signal displayed as a badge of honor

    morally bankrupt media provides an endless parade of shiny objects to divert our eyes from reality of the moment ..

    roadmaps give way to phone apps leading to a de-platforming of common sense ..

    MLB owners contrive new schemes to ‘speed up the game’ ..

    text me in the top of the ninth ..
    I’ll be in a safe place with my hula hoop & pet rock

    1. Ok, but now that you’ve written all that out, you have to set it to a GCD progression in 4/4. Then smoke three packs of Spirits, down a bottle of Wild Turkey and sing this puppy strong into your phone!

  7. genuinely entertaining to observe sports writers captivated by a MLB hurler’s alleged ‘sticky substance’ ..

    while owners grapple with rule changes to sustain their attention-deficit fan base distracted by endless Jumbotron hysteria …

    perhaps an equivalent level of energy might be brought to bear upon the terminal ‘sleazy substance’ ..

    poisoning D.C. in a total absence of candor regarding real corruption in government

    let’s install state of the art centerfield cameras ..

    focused upon the rotation of cutters & four-seamers launched by the mainstream media information oligarchs ..

    at long last shedding the light of truth upon the heretofore cleverly disguised strike zone

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