Confounded by the Left

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc in this news roundup: Hunter’s plea deal gone sour, Kamala’s rant against history in Florida, and Democrats censoring RFK Jr.

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9 thoughts on “Confounded by the Left”

  1. VDH, I live in Tulare, but am from Exeter. I first heard you speak at the political rally (attended by 300) at the fairgrounds in Tulare. I have followed you ever since. I want you to know that it gives me great pride to be from the same location as you and Devin. Keep it up.

  2. Oh wow…I listened to a few of Tucker’s recent speech/interview/shows after he got fired from Fox. They were super helpful and clarifying. Most of you already know, but I am a slow learner.

    Some stuff I learn from Tucker:

    It’s not us (GOP, conservative) against (the DEM, leftist). It’s more like us (the middle class — household making $50-$250k/year) against the GOP, DEM, leftist, conservative, all the elites and institutions from all persuasion. hahaha. Someone mention, maybe Victor. the MC hasn’t been the majority since 2015.

    Victor keeps mentioning the McCain or the Romney GOP party. I was so damn confused. Their party has ALWAYS been the party. hahahaha Even today!

    The VP (Pence) said the American people’s problem is NOT his CONCERN. It wasn’t taken out of context. I watch and listen to the whole interview. I thought he was a good guy. I was so darn confused until I realized he’s not one of us, the MC. hahahahaha. I thought Pompeo was, Haley was. But it turns out they are the anti MC. hahaha

    Sorry folks. I got carried away. I learn politics is not for me!

    Did you folks get confused why the GOP was so damn mad at Tucker for airing January 6th tape? Well, hopefully now you understand!!!!! You’ll have to ask them. But at the minimum you now know they are not one of us, the middle class!! And, they don’t give a rat’s ass about us. Follow the evidence.

  3. Biden got 81 million votes, MORE than Obama. But NO fraud was committed.

    Dictators around the world get elected with 99% of the votes. But NO fraud was committed. hahaha

  4. Hey kids, you don’t catch a cold from the cold weather.

    You catch a cold from the germ.

    Then, why do I always catch a cold during Winter?

    You shut up, and repeat after me. hahaha

  5. I hope this starts moving in the other direction soon, if The Right SNAPS it will Historic. In 2023 3% is 10,000,000.

  6. Stormy Weatherbee

    Kamala said that she wanted to be the one holding the gate or the door open for protesters. She said this before the George Floyd tragedy. I think that she seems sypathetic to radicalism. I heard her say this in an interview perhaps just before or at the beginning of her run for president.

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